Trump Flunky Propagandist’s Attempt to Take Down CNN is a Flaming Pile of Failure

We haven’t heard from ultra right-wing video mangler and truth distorter, James O’Keefe, for quite a while. There’s a good reason for that. He has been busy slapping together bullshit “exposés” that no one with a functioning brain has had any interest in watching. This ethically-challenged slime merchant has done a pretty darn good job of making himself a laughing stock and an irrelevant never-was.

Fox News, James O'Keefe

That said, O’Keefe just released his latest effort at maligning the media. But all he’s accomplished is to prove just how persistently stupid he is. In this episode O’Keefe purports to have planted a mole inside CNN with the intention of collecting damning video with which to slander the network. Unfortunately for the would-be news stalkers, all they collected was stale opinions of a few malcontents and some fairly routine remarks by Jeff Zucker, Chairman of CNN parent WarnerMedia News and Sports.

In a short clip that was posted on Twitter, O’Keefe discovered the shocking revelation that Zucker wanted his newsroom to “stay very focused on impeachment.” OMG! So Zucker was instructing his team to pay close attention to the biggest political story in years. And O’Keefe thinks that’s scandalous.

O’Keefe also showed video of a couple of low-level CNN employees privately expressing personal anti-Trump views. Which means that they’re aligned with the majority of the American people. They were not giving these views on the air and they had no authority whatsoever to direct news reporting. But O’Keefe wants people to believe that they represent CNN and that there aren’t any pro-Trump staffers at the network. Of course, that’s absurd. O’Keefe just edits out anyone who doesn’t advance his phony narrative.

As evidence of that, a sliver of reality managed to stick to O’Keefe’s video, contradicting his whole premise. He recorded Zucker saying that he knows that the network employs “a lot of people that are friendly with Lindsey Graham.” Exactly! They are some of the pro-Trump staffers that O’Keefe is exicising from his propaganda piece. And all Zucker said about that was that CNN reporters shouldn’t be “friendly” with Graham. Which, of course, is the ethical position for journalists to take with their subjects. So O’Keefe is actually accusing Zucker of being ethical.

The jewel of this clip appears to be a segment wherein O’Keefe’s mole clandestinely recorded Zucker making statements that O’Keefe seems think are controversial. Well, we report, you decide (video below):

Zucker: I think what’s going on in America right now is really fundamentally the result of years of fake news, conspiracy nonsense from Fox News. … The fake conspiracy nonsense that Fox has spread for years is now deeply embedded in American society. And frankly, that is beyond destructive for America, and I do not think we should be scared to say so.

The HORROR! Zucker articulated out loud a truth that every rational, objective American already knows. Fox News is a deceitful, dishonest, biased, purveyor of manufactured propaganda on behalf of Trump and the Republican Nationalist Party. And the lies that Fox disseminates promote ignorance and division. This is what O’Keefe believes constitutes hard-hitting investigative journalism.

O’Keefe pretends to be a “guerilla” journalist who is only interested in media fairness and transparency. However, his own exploits have been heavily weighted to conservative politics and conspiracy theories. He was arrested and convicted of unlawful entry into a U.S. senator’s office. He was also caught trying and failing to “seduce” a CNN reporter. He also lost a $100,000 lawsuit for libel. This is the character of the guy assaulting CNN’s reputation.

And THIS JUST IN: Trump tweeted about O’Keefe’s bogus Veritas project. Because it’s also the character of our Dumbass-in-Chief.

Naturally Trump heard about it from Tucker Carlson of Fox News who cast CNN as “State Media.” Which is weird since they’re asserting that CNN is against the current State of Trump. What’s more, Carlson made the hilariously incredulous comment that “As of Monday night, we have not independently verified the [O’Keefe] tape … But we have no reason to believe any of this is fake.” Really? No reason other than O’Keefe’s many years of being caught lying? Also, Trump’s speculation about suing (for what, exercising First Amendment rights?) follows on his asinine talk of suing Nancy Pelosi for doing her job as House Speaker.

It’s funny though, while O’Keefe, sees himself as a media crusader, he never goes after Fox News where their “reporters” feign objectivity while blatantly sucking up to Trump. Why hasn’t O’Keefe done anything about Trump’s Attorney Genuflector, William Barr, meeting privately with Fox boss Rupert Murdoch? Why hasn’t he reported that Trump himself called Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott to bitch about their coverage of him? Maybe because O’Keefe is a fraud and a failure who is destined to be ridiculed for exposing nothing but his own impotent hackery.

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The full 19 minute video is available for anyone with the stomach to sit through it.


18 thoughts on “Trump Flunky Propagandist’s Attempt to Take Down CNN is a Flaming Pile of Failure

  1. First time this clownstick was arrested he was sentenced to house arrest in his parents home… they both died within two years. Go figure.

    • LOL Go figure.
      I wouldn’t have lasted that long!

  2. O’Creepy should have gone to jail for his actions. The Ayatollah Donnie will need a cellmate….

    • LOL…
      Everybody so funny 2day. Not me. So I’ll pass on this…
      That guy would prob’ly go undercover to expose “drug use in LDS church” & be shocked to find “nothing there”! (Duh!)

      Such a spy guy.
      Not a wise guy,
      He’s 1 fry shy
      of Happy Meal.

  3. Not this asshole again! I thought he was in jail? At the least, he should be.

    • I guess they let him out. Does someone pay him for the silly reality videos or is he just a bored rich kid?

  4. The only “moles” O’Keefe could plant are the moldy, hairy ones on his stupid, smelly arse.

  5. Great article! You made it to the second line until your emotions got the best of you and you started to curse! Good for you! You’re so smart and know so much 🙂

      • Trite is the article, yes. Good Gary.

    • I was almost tricked by the article’s logical presentation of information with supporting evidence as exposing an unscrupulous character and the absurdity of conservative media, but thankfully I noticed this article used SWEARS!!! Naughty! Naughty!

      Glad I can cross all that off my list of worries! Everyone knows the most important measures of any argument are appearances and demeanor. That’s how I know to always vote for the guy who says they support are tropes mostest of all.

      • Exactly. When you don’t like the video, you hide the embedding of it at the end, and focus on calling names. This is not how to get across to people who don’t share an opinion with you. It is only driving both sides further away when we use arguments like ‘anyone with a brain wouldn’t watch this.’ Just because the author of the article is most likely a huge CNN fan from what I can gather.

      • “Everyone knows the most important measures of any argument are appearances and demeanor,”

        Really? I find the most important measures to be a bit deeper than that. For instance, truth & facts that back up the position being taken, or appropriate references that I can look up myself for points being made in the argument.
        If your focus is on appearance & demeanor, rather than truthfulness, relevance & supporting facts, then you’ll miss the point of the argument itself. In which case you may fall for anything you’re told, provided the demeanor suits you & are likely a “Trump-thumper”.
        You’re therefore, unlikely to be able to add much to fact-based, intelligent discussions of current events.
        A sense of humor is also greatly appreciated in this neck of the woods, whereas, snobbish is not. While swearing is not a virtue, it pales in comparison to the TOTAL LACK of integrity, morals & American values that are on display daily ~ courtesy of Trump’s Corrupt Regime of Liars & Thugs!
        You missed the bigger picture; too distracted by the “swear words”, I suppose?
        Rather haughty.
        Naughty, naughty!

        • No. Once again your emotion got the best of you and you start assuming people must be team Trump because they disagree with you. The problem is the lack of substance and dialogue to these articles being overshadowed by cursing and other such antics. It is important to read from both sides and gather your own views instead of finding others who just repeat what you believe. I think you make a good point because obviously there is more to a debate or discussion than just demeanor for sure, but in today’s age we usually see people not able to converse because emotions run too high for some reason. We are all guilty of this to some extent.

  6. The author of this flop of an article is a fool, and his writing is laughable. There have been over five parts released from VERITAS since your post, and they prove that CNN has completely abandoned true, unbiased journalism in favor of spinning stories and generating clicks instead of reporting news. They admit bias towards democratic candidates. They admit rigging debates. They admit that their entire channel is a slanderous anti-trump narrative packaged as “respectable news”. These people don’t care for the truth, or for reporting it. They ignore black shootings and deaths to talk about Trump having two scoops of ice cream, or his hair blowing in the wind. Disgraceful, and disrespectful. Their ratings are disgustingly low in spite of their underhanded tactics and desperate efforts. The moment you mention something like the “Clinton emails” or “wikileaks” on air, they shut you down and “lose you” within seconds. Children are being abused and hurt all over the world, and CNN is complicit. I know you won’t approve this comment for others to see, but I don’t care. It’s for you. Rethink your life. You’re better than this

    • Thanks for your confidence in how much “better” I am.

      I’ve seen all of O’Keefe’s videos in this series, and the others are as empty of anything significant as the first. There’s a reason that none of this is making any waves, even in the right-wing media and Fox News. It’s a pitifully inept effort to make something out of nothing. Like everything he’s done, it’s a joke.

      His sources are nobodies with zero influence at CNN. What they assert is merely their opinion, which contradicts his whole premise – obviously there ARE conservatives working at the network. And no one with a position to know at CNN “admits” to rigging debates or slandering Trump. It’s no better than if you said these things.

      Finally, if you watch CNN you’d know that they cover a variety of subjects and news stories. But like every news enterprise, they spend more time on the big stories. Impeachment is a historic event and it gets, and deserves, more time than a robbery at an Tupelo Walmart.

      • What about the sexual assault allegations people saw first hand?

        • You mean the at least 25 allegations against the Ayatollah Donnie by his female victims?

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