WTF? Trump Whines that His Impeachment was ‘Unfair’ Because He Refused to Cooperate

The impeachment of Donald Trump is now a part of history. It is a permanent stain on his legacy that will also include caging babies, sabotaging healthcare, abandoning terrorist-fighting allies, exploding the deficit, embracing brutal dictators, humiliating the nation, telling more than 15,000 lies, empowering white supremacists, enriching the already wealthy (including himself) at the expense of everyone else, and ignoring the lethal planetary climate crisis.

Donald Trump WTF

In the midst of the impeachment process, Trump is continuing to demonstrate that his greatest personal skill is his Olympic-grade ability to whine. It’s astonishing how the alleged leader of the free world can be so mired in victimhood. Trump has been in a state of perpetual whimpering for weeks (well, decades really, but let’s stay focused on the present). His Twitter feed is dripping with the piss and moan of a professional crybaby. He recently broke his own record with 123 self-serving panic tweets in a single day.

One of his most frequent complaints that is getting extra attention lately is his assertion that the impeachment process has been unfair to him. But the logic that he employs to make that case is built on a foundation of whipped cream. On Friday morning Trump posted a tweet that perfectly expresses both his frustration and his confusion:

Let’s break down this fetid bouquet of BS. Trump is essentially complaining that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “demanding fairness” from the Republican majority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, that she didn’t provide in the House. This is a repeat of a previous tweet from a couple of days ago in which he asked why Pelosi is “allowed to impeach the President” at all.

Someone should inform Trump that Pelosi’s power to impeach is because of this thing we call the Constitution. Trump further asserted that Pelosi “is demanding everything the Republicans weren’t allowed to have in the House.” Clearly Trump has no idea what he’s talking about.

So what is Pelosi demanding of the Senate? She is merely seeking to have the hearings in the Senate include witness testimony and document production. As it happens, these are exactly the same things that she sought for the hearings in the House. But an obstinate and fearful Trump refused. So Trump’s assertion that Pelosi is asking for something that Republicans were denied previously is patently false. There is literally no difference in what she’s asking for.

Now Trump is pretending to be upset that he wasn’t provided “Due Process, proper representation, or witnesses.” However, he was offered all of those things, he just declined to accept the offers. And now he is continuing to refuse to participate, in precisely the same way, in the upcoming Senate hearings.

So if there is any unfairness in the impeachment, it is entirely the fault of Donald Trump, who has refused to participate, and now is declaring that his refusal is the cause of the alleged unfairness. It’s not unlike the murder defendant who killed his parents and asks the court for mercy because he’s an orphan. Had Trump agreed to testify – or to allow his staff to do so, or delivered the documents that were subpoenaed – he could not now whine about unfairness. And yet, he’s still refusing to cooperate with the Senate, even though it is controlled by a Republican majority.

The only plausible reason for this persistent obstruction is that Trump knows he’s guilty and that additional testimony and documents will prove it. He’s behaving like a man consumed by fear and the consciousness of guilt. If he really believed that any of his staff could exonerate him, he would drive them to the hearings himself. One thing is certain: This is not the behavior of an innocent man. The only thing Trump has left is obstruction, lies, deflection, and, as always, whining.

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10 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Whines that His Impeachment was ‘Unfair’ Because He Refused to Cooperate

  1. Well, too d**n bad, dump. Tough fcking s*it, you un-American a*swipe. Suck it up, buttercup and get OVER it.

    • BTW — I filled out his stupid little “poll”…LOL… Not the way he expects to see.
      I guess now he can cite his own stupid polling to get the numbers he keeps claiming he has?

  2. Trumpelstiltskin’s perpetual whining is there to keep his base consolidated. When, hopefully, the 45th dotard is voted out of office we know he will be whining about that.

  3. Ever get the feeling that he doesn’t understand how the law works? One article of impeachment was his refusal to answer subpoenas. That doesn’t make you innocent, it makes you guilty. He should get better lawyers and actually listen to them.

  4. Don’t know if you saw this but the Baby Tyrant actually posted this on HIS website (not the Reich House Propaganda site)….

    Donald Trump vs Democrats 2020 Poll

    Yes, this is real!! Holy crap!! Definitely shows how terrified the Tyrant clearly is. What an incredibly tiny ego he’s got, and what monumental narcissism that controls his every move….

      • HAHAHA. Thanks. I needed a laugh this morning.

      • OMG! Is he kidding or just that full of shit?!!
        Shows how hateful & undemocratic the bastard really is!
        That should be an SNL satire, not a real poll by 1 who wants to lead the Country (to hell) for 4 more years!
        Seriously ~ has anyone told that SOB that being President means president for ALL Americans…both Parties…all colors & all religions?
        Rethugs love him more than they love the USA, so he should run for head of the Retrumplican Party ~ it’s ‘perfect’ fit.

  5. “Consciousness of guilt” — Trump is the poster brat for that, indeed! Everything he has whined & done from Mueller Report on, screams, “guilty as charged!”
    And he knows that he’s guilty of so much more! That’s why he is so afraid of anyone talking, any documents being read, etc. — & He should be! If the truth about that lying fraud of a man came out, his whole house of cards would come crashing down around his ears. No telling where-all it would lead.
    His worst fear is TRUTH; being found out. That’s what’s supposed to happen to lifelong liar & cheat, a snivelling con of a man. But, there are others with the same fear who won’t let the truth get out, for fear it may get them too.

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