Trump Goes on Holiday Twitter Tantrum Against Nancy Pelosi – and the Constitution

STOP THE MADNESS! During his campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would work every day in The White House because there was so much that needed to be done. Instead, he has spent more time at his golf resorts, watching Fox News, and tweeting, than anything else. In fact, when it comes to those wasteful, childish diversions, he never takes a day off. Not even for Christmas.

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

Trump’s holiday tweet-o-rama was narrowly focused on matters that have consumed his consciousness for weeks. While he pretends not to be worried about having been impeached, it’s practically the only thing he is paying any attention to. It’s an obsession that is gnawing at him to the exclusion of everything else. And his Twitter tantrum is evidence of just how haunted he is by this permanent stain on his legacy. He began on Christmas day by tweeting that…

There’s a lot to unpack in that brief tirade. On the same day that Trump released an eerily morose Christmas message that called for “deeper understanding and respect,” he’s posting insults to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling her “crazy.” And he is also exhibiting his painfully weak grasp of the Constitution that unambiguously grants the House of Representatives the “sole power to impeach.” What’s more, he doesn’t understand that a majority of any size gives that party parliamentary control. Even so, a 34 seat majority is not “slight.” And he has apparently forgotten that the Republican majority in the Senate is only four seats.

Trump goes on to dismiss the impeachment because no Republicans voted for it. But that only reinforces the fact that the GOP acts as a monolithic and partisan unit that doesn’t care about the truth. Which puts them in alignment with Trump who then proceeds to lie about his allegedly “perfect,” “no pressure” phone call with the president of Ukraine.

From there Trump wanders off into a diatribe about “due process,” which is only relevant in a court of law. Nevertheless, Trump did have the opportunity to appear in his own defense and to have his attorneys plead his case. It was not disallowed. He declined. Now Trump is refusing to allow witnesses and documents in the Senate hearing that he has whined about not having in the House.

Let’s set aside the false assertion that any particular part of this is “supposed” to be in one body or the other. What Trump is complaining about here is that the testimony that he actively obstructed wasn’t made available. Maybe he should stop obstructing it. Maybe he should also stop pretending that Democrats want to slow down the process, as he says in his next tweet. It’s Trump and the GOP who are gumming up the works by refusing to set the terms for the Senate hearing.

Finally, Trump acts out in his typically infantile way with a multi-tweet attack on Pelosi and the district she represents in California. Just like he has done previously with Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and others, he maligns them for problems that exist in all cities. But he blames Pelosi as somehow being responsible.

LATE ADDITION: Trump tweeted…

Trump actually believes that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau personally edited him out of a cameo in Home Alone 2. Never mind that this edit was actually made five years ago, before Trump was even a candidate. The reason Trump believes that Trudeau is responsible is because it’s what he would do in similar circumstances. Trump thinks that national leadership includes the power to exact petty vengeances on your enemies. In fact, he has even exercised that corrupt power by redirecting a federal contract from Amazon (because Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post), to Microsoft. Which is blatantly illegal.

There is simply no denying that Trump is terrified and desperate. The whole of his attention is on the impeachment and what he considers unfair treatment. And it manifests in these furious Twitter rampages that only make him look even more deranged. So it’s not surprising that public support for his impeachment and removal from office has hit a new high. And if he continues on this disastrous course, he should expect it get even worse.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Goes on Holiday Twitter Tantrum Against Nancy Pelosi – and the Constitution

  1. Poor little loser Donnie! All alone at his resort in Florida at Christmas. Where’s your family little man Donnie? They’re having a lovely time without you being there, huh?! Wife & child far away by choice. Daughter you look at in not-fatherly way didn’t invite you to spend it with her & your grandkids? No invites from the FuxNews bunch either? I actually thought you’d be in Russia with your BFF & BOSS-MAN, PUTIN for the holidays.
    That was, until I saw you advertising that you’d be at Mar A Lago for couple weeks & something about “opening the season”? What season is it that’s starting?
    Must be “Emolumental Season”?! Now that people have spent their Christmas with their loved ones & it’s done, maybe some of those who want something from you will come down there, spend a few days & lots of $$$ to see you? Cook up some fun plans with you for 2020… or just oogle the girls with you & make rude, nasty comments. You know -“good times”.

  2. Your Tirade on the President is unwarranted. First, he has every right to be upset, as there aren’t any Impeachable Offences’ listed in the Articles of Impeachment . Second, the House of Representatives is the Investigative Body & they deliver the Impeachment, aka, Indictment to the Senate. The House is to have all of the information before it is sent to the Senate , aka, Court for Trial.
    Third, the Senate,aka , Court receives the Impeachment and hold a Trial on what the House Investigation found. Period ! The Senate Has Sole Athority To Try An Impeachment, the House’s work is done, Pelosi is done, she is out of it.
    To sum it up, the House didn’t list one Impeachable Offense. Obstruction Of Congress ? What was the Obstruction Of Congress , it wasn’t listed. Abuse Of Power ? None was listed. What happened to all of the supposed crimes the President committed they vanished ? Lastly, why won’t Pelosi send the Articles Of Impeachment to the Senate ? Pelosi’s knows there wasn’t an Impeachable Office committed. She is now Obstructing Congress, per her own definition.

    • I don’t have time to reply to each of your assertions individually, so let me just say that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS WRONG! You really have no understanding of how the government works or what the Constitution says. And you clearly haven’t even read the Articles of Impeachment. Other than that . . . . .

  3. Yes Brenda — the Senate is supposed to hold a fair trial on the Articles of Impeachment. But, McConnell & Graham have publicly made it very clear to everyone that they are in NO WAY going to hold a fair trial of the facts. They are not even faking it! Don’t care that the world knows they REFUSE to have an actual trial & have all the R’s lined up to vote as 1, against facts & per loyalty – a clear violation of their Oath & their duty to this Country!
    And yes, Pelosi didn’t do as thorough a job as she could & should have. Lord Knows, there is more than enough evidence to nail Trump to the wall – but then, Pelosi didn’t bother to follow up on Mueller Report, where a ton of evidence & indictments of his close circle, would have been plenty for her to go on. If she had, maybe he wouldn’t have made that ‘perfect (extortion) call’ 1 day after Mueller testified.

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