Donna Brazile Tells Trump-Fluffing GOP Chair to ‘Go to Hell’ Live on Fox News

The Republican Party’s penchant for hypocrisy is legendary. They profess to advocate family values while supporting Donald Trump, an adulterous president who is on his third wife, all of whom he has cheated on. They disingenuously embrace patriotism while enabling Trump’s treasonous aiding and abetting hostile foreign governments that attack our democracy. They claim to have faith while idolizing an irreligious narcissist who calls himself the Chosen One.”

Donald Trump

On Tuesday morning Republicans were apoplectic over a segment on Fox News where Donna Brazile lashed out at the GOP for interfering in Democratic politics. That’s something that Trump himself has been spending a remarkable amount of time on (mostly advancing the mission of Vladimir Putin). Never mind that no one takes his inane analysis of Democrats seriously. And why should they? His rancid animosity toward fellow Americans who don’t happen to worship him is the core of his moronic commentary.

So on Fox’s America’s Newsroom co-host Sandra Smith prefaced her question for Brazile by playing a clip of Republican National Committee Chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, speculating about how the Democratic primary is progressing. McDaniel said that…

“It’s leading toward a brokered convention which will be rigged against Bernie [Sanders] if those super delegates have their way.”

Following that clip, Smith threw the question to Brazile for her response. And it was a doozy:

“First of all, I want to talk to my Republicans. Stay the hell out of our race. I get sick and tired of listening to Republicans tell me and the Democrats about our process. They don’t even have a process. They are canceling primaries. They have winner take all. They don’t have the kind of democracy that we see on the Democratic side. And for people to use Russian talking points to sow division among Americans, that is stupid.

“So Ronna, go to hell! We are not trying to prevent anyone from becoming the nominee. If you have the delegates to win, you will win. This notion that Democrats are somehow out there trying to put hurdles or road blocks before one candidate, that’s stupid.

“I know what’s going on. They are scared of Democrats coming together to defeat Donald Trump. They need to be focusing on what we’re focusing on in the Democratic Party. And that is preventing foreign interference in our elections. And stop using Russian talking points, Madame Chairwoman.”

OUCH! That is precisely how Democrats should reply to the preposterous analyses that Republicans put out about Democrats. Brazile hit every salient point. The GOP is canceling primaries because they seem to be afraid that some of their cult members will wander off and vote for Bill Weld. Fox News has, to date, refused to even interview Weld. Trump is exposing his weakness. Brazile also noted that McDaniel was parroting Russian talking points. Actually, they are more than talking points. They are part of an orchestrated strategy to create discord and chaos. And Brazile forcefully defended the Democratic Party’s neutrality. The main proponents of the conspiracy theory that the primary is rigged are Trump and Putin.

This attempt by Fox News to ambush Brazile is just another reason why Democrats should never appear on Fox. They have only one objective, and that is to harm Democrats. In this case it backfired on them in a big way. But it is still giving Fox and their Trump-fluffing surrogates the opportunity to condemn Brazile for her alleged incivility. But just to put that hypocrisy in context, see the video below that compiles Trump’s frequent use of profanities that apparently doesn’t bother the pure as virgins GOP or Fox News.

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One thought on “Donna Brazile Tells Trump-Fluffing GOP Chair to ‘Go to Hell’ Live on Fox News

  1. It’s disgustingly amazing that ANYONE finds Trump’s foul mouth & paranoia, his constant lying & bully behaviors, his drug use & off-topic delusional ranting/raving, his TOTAL LACK of social skills in polite society, and his self-worshipping, overblown ego as big as all outdoors — you know, the 1 that makes him think HE knows everything about everything when he doesn’t know shit about SO MANY things, including how & why he should keep knowledgable, experienced people on staff & LISTEN to them, not replace them with more ass-kissing know-nothings, like himself….
    How can anyone with any blood flow to their brain think that THIS FRIGGIN’ BLOWHARD is a great leader to guide our Country, improve our lives & represent the USA around the world??!!!??
    OMG! I wouldn’t even want him at family dinner, or anywhere near the children! He simply cannot be trusted. And the things he says, words he chooses, are THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE things possible for ANY LEADER of any country & far more filthy than any previous US president – any leader of any other nation!
    Our allies are ashamed & have backed away from us. Int’l meetings & summits of world leaders are uncomfortable for everyone else in room, just by Trump’s presence. You can see people rolling their eyes, looking down & away in embarrassment when Trump talks. Leaders that come here to meet with Trump & there’s a “show & tell” after for the press – those poor guys are squirming in their seat & wishing they were anywhere else but there. Shows in their eyes, on their face.

    Hell, even dictators that HE THINKS are his pals & buddies are just playing him for a fool & laughing their asses off behind his back! They don’t like him, but sure know how to play him. No one likes a crass, full of himself liar! No one has respect for, or enjoys spending time with such a person as Trump. They use him. He’s so predictable with his psychosis showing & that massive ego, thinking he’s better than everyone else in the room — opens his mouth & proves he is not of same caliber as other leaders. Embarrassing!
    The only thing that amazes people outside the US is that American People are so blind & stupid (1/2 of them) that they STILL support him & want his re-election!

    Look, Republicans with any cognitive skills left, it’s ok to sit this one out – just don’t vote, or leave that box empty if you can’t bring yourself to vote for the other Party. The few of you not mind numbingly, crazy stupid & bamboozled by Trump’s bullshit are all that’s left of the real Republican Party, to start it over. You can be loyal to America itself & save this Country from a facist dictatorship that’s already begun.
    JUST DON’T VOTE FOR THE PSYCHO. If they give you no alternative, REFUSE TO VOTE AT ALL. Anything is better than being part of the DEATH of the USA & the horrors the Trump Cabal has in store for us all!
    ~ Thank you!

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