Jared Kushner Tells Fox News that 60,000 Dead ‘Is a Great Success Story’

History will record the total absence of “leadership” provided by Donald Trump and his regime as a catastrophic failure. It is unimaginable how thoroughly negligent Trump has been as a deadly pandemic spread across the nation and the world.

Donald Trump, Jared Kushner

Trump’s first inclination was to ignore the coronavirus entirely. He failed to take heed of at least a dozen warnings in his Daily Presidential Briefings. Then he cavalierly dismissed the threat as trivial, saying that it was “totally under control,” that it would “disappear…like a miracle,” and that “you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.” It is now more than a million. And through it all he refused to take any responsibility for his negligence and incompetence as he wasted crucial months shifting blame to others.

At the same time, Trump hijacked the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings to cast himself as the star of what became an egocentric reality TV show that functioned more as a Trump 2020 reelection campaign infomercial. Instead of focusing on public education, he disseminated lies, insulted reporters, and bragged about the ratings. It got to the point that even his political allies were grimacing at his bizarre behavior. So he announced that he would cease to attend the briefings. That didn’t last but a couple of days.

Which brings us to Wednesday morning when Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, made an appearance on Fox News for his regular propaganda and happy-talk segment (video below). And he didn’t disappoint his hosts, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends. He kept his remarks socially distant from reality by faithfully adhering to pre-established talking points such as his disparagement of health experts as “the eternal lockdown crowd.” Then he elaborated…

“We’re on the other side of the medical aspect of this, and I think that we’ve achieved all the different milestones that are needed. So the federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story.”

Literally every line of that is flagrantly untrue. We are certainly not “on the other side of the medical aspect of this.” To the contrary, the number of infections and fatalities continue to rise. We have not “achieved all the different milestones.” Unless Kushner regards 60,000 deaths an administration milestone. What’s more, we are not even close to the number of Americans tested that experts say are necessary to “flatten the curve.”

Kushner’s assertion that “the federal government rose to the challenge” is not only false considering its tragically poor performance, it contradicts what Trump says is the federal government’s role. Trump has repeatedly insisted that the states have primary responsibility and the feds are are just a backup of last resort.

Finally, Kushner closed by calling the Trump administration’s handling of this crisis “a great success story.” That’s an assessment so preposterous it hardly deserves a response. With tens of thousands of dead Americans, and over a million more suffering, any characterization of this as successful can only come from deranged and callously insensitive mind.

However, Trump is desperate to sell this snake oil story. The American people are not buying his self-serving presentations of an allegedly flawless response to the COVID-19 pandemic, nor his utterly insufficient efforts to bring relief to a nation crippled physically, emotionally, and financially. And he has fallen behind Joe Biden in every national poll, as well as polling in many of the critical swing states. It is in that state of desperation that Trump is frantically struggling to survive politically and psychologically. But with each passing day he seems to be losing both battles.

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6 thoughts on “Jared Kushner Tells Fox News that 60,000 Dead ‘Is a Great Success Story’

  1. The Reich House, in association with the Mar A La Ga Goo Goo East China Company, is now selling commemorative coins praising the Lord God Ayatollah’s “response” to the coronavirus crisis.


    The White House Gift Shop is selling coronavirus commemorative coins.
    “For only $125, you can remember the deaths of friends and family forever.”

    Flip this coin- Heads you die, tails you die…

    How many of these morbid coins will you be ordering today?

    The very idea of this is loathsome, especially with the crisis still ONGOING! If OBAMA had ordered the creation of commemorative merchandise saying “I Beat H1N1,” how long do you think it would be before the ReichLiars demanded he be put in PRISON for this?

    • Those filthy disgusting swine!!!
      Is that for real??! Dam* the asshats!
      Trump chooses to lie & deny, so 10,000’s of people die.
      Then, hijacks virus info hearings to brag on self & lie some more, ending with sharing idea to inject bleach. (If only he’d go 1st!)
      But now, he acts not only like he bears no responsibility, but acts like it never happened!
      “He’s over it.” (WTF?!) Too bad no one else can be due to his refusal to provide States with tests necessary to isolate the sick & get on with day-2-day life.
      NOW…the callousness of those coins being sold from WH store no less!
      How can ANY HUMAN BEING WITH A SOUL even consider a vote for that POS MF??!!

      • Said before, say it again: What must it be like BEING Donald Trump? A man of such tiny ego and monumental narcissism that he MUST have validation and genuflection every second of the day. A man of such revolting principles that he commits his acts with no empathy, no morality, no ethical base. And he does so willingly without any thought or consideration. With full malice and a f*ck you all attitude.

        What must it be like to BE someone like that, so completely devoid of all morality and ethics that he would DO things like this? AND, how is it possible that a) he gets AWAY with this constantly and b) his worshipers excuse everything he DOES? How is it he continues to HAVE such worshipers despite having done NOTHING in his entire lifetime to deserve them?

        Such a person should never be placed in a position of power, ESPECIALLY AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Yet, he is the head of his own Church of the SubMoron, with what seems like millions of worshipers. Sure, Queen Elizabeth is the head of the English Church, but she doesn’t exercise her potential power. Terrorist Donnie DOES!


        • In the words of great musical artist, ahead of their time…(Timbuk 3):
          “Assholes get elected cuz’ assholes get to vote.”

          Ain’t it the truth! They were referring to GW Bush at the time. But same assholes hard at work with current Sphincter-in-chief, Mr. Trump!

    • 60,000 dead is only “a great success story” IF they’re Trumps & Kushners!!

      (Ok, maybe some McConnells, Cheneys & Roves, Pompeos & Stephen Miller Klan folks…)

  2. How indeed?
    Should never happen & prior to now would have been ‘checked’ by his Party leaders at some point (Nixon was & resigned), but we are well past the point & GOP is running him for re-election! So this is uncharted territory, in filthiest, scummiest of swamps! And the fat ugly parasite in the swamp, with ugly orange face & twisted mouth is the 1 in charge?!!
    Trump said he was gonna’ “Drain the swamp” (?) …or maybe he really said he’d “Reign the swamp” — & that he is! Parasites are hard to kill. Kinda’ like coronavirus.
    They must be removed tho, before gets any bigger & fatter & uglier! Then can remove Trump on Nov. 3rd!

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