In Deranged Tweets Trump Says that All California Votes ‘Must Not Count’

The evidence of Donald Trump’s mental infirmity continues to pile up. On a daily basis he openly exhibits an unbridled rage at those he fears. He proclaims that he has the “total authority” of the tyrants he admires. With paranoid fervor he regards every critic as a “hater” who is out to get him. He ignores the suffering and death caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus) while focusing furiously on his abysmal polling. And he refuses to accept responsibility for any of his actions, while vainly shifting blame to others.

Donald Trump, Constitution

The psychoses of Trump could fill a textbook on sociopaths and narcissists. The latest example of the severity of his psychological degradation was displayed in another Twitter outburst on Saturday morning. This one was boiling over with fear and desperation as he lashed out incoherently at Americans who happen to live in California.

Seriously, what on Earth is he ranting about? Californians have had access to mail-in voting for years. The only new twist is that Gov. Gavin Newsom just signed an executive order sending ballots to all registered voters in the state. They are not obligated to use them, but they have the choice. And that freedom, that makes voting easier for everyone, is what Trump believes is a “SCAM!” Consequently, in his diseased mind, all the votes of American citizens in California “must not count.” What sort of madness produces this disgustingly undemocratic – and un-American – idiocy?

Trump’s tweet also makes the bizarre assertion that a voting booth was just opened “in the most Democrat area in the State.” Does anyone know what he’s even talking about anymore? There are voting booths in every district. Does he think that predominantly Democratic districts shouldn’t have them? Is the prospect of Democrats voting the basis for his complaint that “It’s all rigged out there”?

UPDATE: In another tweet, Trump elaborated on his curious remarks about new voting booths. Apparently he thinks that voting in California is “supposed to be mail in ballots only.” He is wrong, of course. And he’s demonstrating how pitiful he is at comprehending what’s going on around him.

Trump continued to address the matter of mail-in voting in his very next tweet, which promoted a Republican candidate. Except in that tweet Trump completely reversed himself himself noting that in this special election there is mail-in voting and offering this reminder to his cult followers: “Mail in ballots, & check that they are counted!” Really? So for Republicans mail-in voting isn’t a scam and those votes should be counted? And a couple of tweets later Trump declares that the whole “CA25 is a Rigged Election.”

The question of mail-in voting is a touchy subject for Trump and all Republicans. They have always had a mortal fear of expanding the electorate. Trump recently said the quiet part out loud with a rant about mail-in voting wherein he whined that “They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” Trump is afraid because he knows that the more people who vote, the less likely it is that he will be reelected. Republicans at large have the same fear.

This fear is what is driving Trump’s assault on the U.S. Postal Service. His hostility to this agency, that is explicitly authorized by the Constitution, is rooted in his jealousy of and contempt for Jeff Bezos, a real billionaire and the owner of Amazon and the Washington Post. In a rancid screed last month Trump called the Postal Service “a joke,” and threatened to withhold funding if they didn’t quadruple their rates. That, of course, would put an enormous burden on every business, as well as every American wanting to wish their grandmas a happy birthday.

Trump’s nauseating attack on democracy must not be ignored or normalized. He needs to be called out for this obvious grasping of totalitarian rule. This week Trump appointed a new postmaster general who just happens to be a major Trump ally and donor. That confirms that he is serious about sabotaging the Post Office for his own nefarious political advantage. And we, the people, must not allow him to get away with it.

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11 thoughts on “In Deranged Tweets Trump Says that All California Votes ‘Must Not Count’

  1. I live in CA & have NO IDEA WHAT he’s talking about with “…just opened a voting booth in the most Democrat… ” We aren’t voting right now for anything, so he must be mistaken, or his very disturbed mind is just making shit up.
    As far as being most Democratic area of CA…? Hard to pick just one. And if he keeps talking, more & more CA citizens will be voting Dem than ever B4! Cuz’ he is insane! Like, Certifiable!
    And yes, we have had mail-in voting as an option here for years. It’s how I vote ever since working the polls on Election Days. Now I simply prefer it all the way ’round & as of recent primary, CA pays postage, o no hunting for stamps!
    It is now the PERFECT WAY to cast your vote! And it is LEAST LIKELY to have any fraud going on when they’re mailed in. Unless Post Office “loses” a load of ballots? Difficulty cheating to win is EXACTLY WHY Rethugs are so dead set against mail-in ballots! Can’t cheat those (yet) & they’d likely lose many races if had fair elections & no using “remote vote changing software” in some voting machines + no intimidation of voters if NOT AT POLLS + no removing voting equipment to create 7hr. long lines so voters give up, or have to go back to work w/o voting!
    Poor little Rethuglicans! Spent so much time & money getting ‘cheats’ in place, but “oops!’…forgot about mail-in! Darn, huh!?!

  2. Everything Trumpler does is designed to destroy American democracy, because he & his corrupt regime cannot survive in a democratic environment, where the people vote freely in honest elections. His moronic supporters amongst the general populace have no idea what he’s doing to them, thanks to the fake news & blatant lies fed to them by the likes of Fox & rightwing radio. His cynical supporters amongst the self-styled elite, ie the wealthy, don’t like democracy anyway, because it threatens their priviliged status & empowers that Great Unwashed they so despise.
    The defenders of democracy are apparently silent & powerless in the face of Trump’s onslaught, driven by the traitors McConnell & Barr, aided & abetted by the gutless sycophants of the Republican Senate. America needs some true leaders to step up & speak out, now & until 3 November. Where the hell is Joe Biden when such leadership is so badly lacking?

    • You said it & oh so well! Can smell Rethuglican fear & what a stench that is!!
      BTW ~ Biden is “staying home” due to virus lockdown. What a good boy, eh? While he is doing nothing, the country burns & people cannot even recall who is running against Trump…cuz’ e is at home, “being a good boy”.
      Best thing he can do for the American People is to step down & personally, hand the reins to Bernie!
      Bernie has gumption, ideas to knock their socks off enthusiastic supporters base & willing to be heard & to piss off the way-too-rich 0.01% without giving in to them!
      In short, he is the filthy, greedy, rich corporate elite & tycoon’s worst nightmare! ….and Champion for the underdogs (the 99%) which is all the rest of us out here suffering, or getting close to losing whatever we have! Thanks to who? We all know the answer to that one!

  3. In this time of extreme circumstances, the one thing to remember is that Trumpf (R) is the choice of all Republicans. The Republicans will now attempt to appear as if they like our Nation, even though they did take $50 Million from the Russians in 2016 to put Trumpf (R) in the US White House. Since Republicans did turn to the Enemy of the United States, and he has Nuclear weapons aimed at Family Values Republican babies. Sounds far fetched yet it is a fact. The Republicans love to throw Tax dollars at the Foreign Corporations, Trumpf (R) did give them the largest Tax break in History just a couple of years back. that do take American Jobs to the low wage Nations that compete with our Country’s workers. Willard ‘Mittens’ Romney (R) and Bain Capitol are the best examples of Firing American workers for his personal profit. Trusting any Republican is an idiotic thought, given their choice to treat Americans with contempt as they feel “superior”, and will again willingly accept more cash from Vladimir Putin to keep Trumpf (R) the traitor in the US White House. Just look at the total failure of Trumpf (R) to protect our Nation from his “Trumpf 45 Virus (R)” back in December, when he was first informed of the impending Deaths by his Virus. He bull shitted on all of the ones who did vote for him, and 78,000 Americans have died as of today, due to his Failures to protect an serve. He is only the ugly face of all Republicans, and never forget that fact. If forgotten by voters, 4 more years of climbing Death counts will be all we have. The “Trumpf 45 Virus” is killing Republicans too!

    • Oh, is that what the imbecile was trying to say?! Thanks Mark NC, for wading thru that heap of steaming bullshit for sake of clarity!
      I reached down there to pick up his thinking, but the ground got in the way!

      • My reply is in reference to “gofukyuself” comment, but that isn’t where mine is showing up. Just wanted that clear…

  4. I know what Tyrant Donnie is talking about, and Eugene Gu corrected the record, proving yet again that Tyrant Donnie is an idiot….

    Replying to @realDonaldTrump
    Trump is a liar and a false accuser as usual. The “voting booth system” is a polling location at a soccer field in Lancaster and was actually requested by the Mayor of Lancaster, Rex Parris, who is…

    *checks notes*

    …a member of the Republican Party, dumbass.

  5. The name of your sad bullshit site says it all.
    Fake News is dead!

    TRUMP 2Q2Q


    • Thanks for this excellent example of the ignorance of QAnon cultists who are completely incapable of forming coherent arguments.

    • Gofuk Yuself indeed, what a devastating wit! But we all know Fake News ain’t dead, it’s alive & well in Trumpland, spewing from the White House & Fux News. The deluded folks who listen to it & buy into it need deprogramming but, sadly, they’re too dumb to know how dumb they are (the Dunning-Kruger Effect).

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