Trump Embarks on a Desperate Campaign to Frighten Suburban White Women

The prospects for Donald Trump’s reelection continue to sink into an abyss of his hostility, division, and lies. His mounting anxiety is threatening to submerge him into a deep and depressive self-delusional state as he retreats to his bunker, unable to comprehend the magnitude of hatred that America has for him.

Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

Every recent poll shows that Trump is significantly trailing Joe Biden nationally, as well as in the crucial swing states. And he’s even losing support from groups that he once regarded as reliable, such as evangelical voters. His own Republican party members are increasingly repulsed by his angry and childish outbursts. And now he’s worried about a demographic group from which he had support in 2016: Suburban women. Trump tweeted this plaintive yearning on Friday morning:

There’s a lot of wrong in that brief query. First of all, Trump is exacerbating the racist overtones of his candidacy (and his life) by overtly addressing a segment of the electorate that he believes is sympathetic toward him: white women. He’s blatantly fear mongering in order to scare people into voting for him. Secondly, Trump is clinging to the racial anxieties of white voters generally by referring to “defunding the police” without putting that phrase into context. Every Democrat in public life has affirmed their support for reforming police departments – not abolishing them – in a way that refocuses their duties and their budgets on crime and safety, leaving other more personal matters to the social workers, drug counselors, and mental health professionals who are better prepared to handle them.

Finally, Trump is ignoring the reality that the suburban women he relied on four years ago have long since left his camp. A recent poll by CNN found that among these voters Joe Biden is crushing Trump 63 to 34%. And for those who aren’t convinced that CNN’s pollsters are fair, the results were nearly identical in a Fox News poll, giving Biden a 57% edge over Trump’s 29%. In both polls Biden has a nearly 30 point advantage.

It’s difficult to see how Trump can overcome this deficit of support. Particularly when he is bleeding support from so many other critical voter groups. So he’s resorting to the sort of filthy campaign tactics that are familiar components of his diseased persona.

Trump is pretending to be the tough guy (while cowering in his bunker) by deploying the military against peaceful American citizens engaged in constitutionally protected demonstrations. He’s slandering Biden and other Democrats with infantile insults. He’s advancing bizarre conspiracy theories from the Internet’s most abhorrent cretins occupying its outer fringes. And this is how Trump thinks he’s going to appeal to a broad swath of the electorate in order to prevail in November? Yeah, right!

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3 thoughts on “Trump Embarks on a Desperate Campaign to Frighten Suburban White Women

  1. Police are quite capable of earning their own income. It is not necessary to fund them with public/tax dollars, hence the term “defund”. Force them to work smarter. Let’s face it, it did not require four well paid officers to kill George Floyd, one was sufficient. Since that wasn’t even in their job description they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Trump himself, with help from Barbie, can hurt all the Black people just fine, no funding needed.

  2. So how will these WASP women vote this time? They did give him their votes the last time, when they were infatuated with his ‘good looks’. He was able to con their husbands, since he hates women who challenge his low IQ. He paid his way into 3 failed marriages, spawning his brats with all of them. Such great Family Values Republicans! He is going to play charming to to base, since they still have not realized how he plays them. He did say he likes dumb voters who vote for him, since he is so much smarter then all of them! They admit that fact by voting for him.

  3. Shhhh….don’t give away the store here. The less 45 knows about anything the better for the nation and the election. Let him think he’s winning. If he relaxes and sits back expecting to win, his non participation in the campaigning should give Dems a nice edge. If you want to break him entirely, start praising him. Give him enough praise and he’ll stroke out from the contradiction. Or he’ll do something so stupid it will be a slam dunk getting him out of our house.

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