PATHETIC: Attack Dog Trump Snarls at Dr. Birx for Daring to Tell the Truth

You have to wonder how anyone can lower themselves to working for Donald Trump. The rancid patterns of his perverse and egomaniacal behavior are so reliably steeped in punishing vengeance that it’s impossible to ignore the certainty that eventually you will become his victim. What measure of denial prevents people from seeing that?

Donald Trump Angry

On Monday morning Trump provided yet another example of his steaming wrath, this time directed at an otherwise loyal member of his sycophantic Coronavirus Task Force. In a tweet that began by insult House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Trump stumbled into a bitterly insulting stab at Dr. Deborah Birx:

First of all, Trump’s sniveling whinery about Pelosi is ramped up to at least eleven. What he describes as “horrible” was actually pretty tame. Pelosi was asked if she had confidence in Dr.Birx. To which she calmly replied “I don’t have confidence in anyone who stands there while the President says ‘swallow Lysol and it’s going to cure your virus.'” No rational person could argue with that.

Secondly, Trump indicates that his anger is rooted in criticism of Dr. Birx being “too positive on the very good job we are doing” on combating the TrumpVirus. But that’s precisely why she has lost the confidence of Pelosi and every other knowledgeable person. Only the most heartless and uncaring cretins could celebrate 157,000 dead Americans and nearly five million sickened as a “positive” outcome.

Finally, Trump got to the point by making the accusation that Birx “took the bait & hit us.” He then called her “pathetic.” And what was so pathetic about Birx’s remarks? She simply said that “What we are seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinarily widespread. It’s into the rural as equal urban areas.”

Birx was absolutely correct. Despite her generally embarrassing performances as Trump’s dancing puppet, Birx had a rare moment of honesty that corresponded to the facts. And Trump wasn’t having it. So while Pelosi gently conveyed that she lacked confidence in Birx, Trump viciously disparaged her as pathetic. And then he accused Pelosi of saying “horrible things.”

What’s more, Trump’s White House Director of Strategic Communications, Alyssa Farah, went even further saying that “It is deeply irresponsible of Speaker Pelosi to repeatedly try to undermine & create public distrust in Dr Birx.” What does Farah think that Trump is doing when he castigates Birx, Dr. Fauci, and other members of his task force whenever they have the audacity to place their expertise above his flabby gut feelings?

No one has done more to undermine his own team than Trump. He doesn’t even allow them to attend the briefings anymore. Which may be for the best since they are usually just photo-ops for his reelection campaign.

In addition to his tweet attack on Birx, Trump also praised himself for his tragic mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic, lied again about cases being created by testing, ranted about the “fake” news, indulged in his obsession with TV ratings, and bragged about the puny crowds who attended his event in “Frorida.” In other words, business as usual in the Dark Circus of Trump’s Dystopian World.

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4 thoughts on “PATHETIC: Attack Dog Trump Snarls at Dr. Birx for Daring to Tell the Truth

  1. “attack dog trump”?????? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! My toothless, undersized, neutered Chihuahua, who sadly passed at age 18, is laughing from doggie heaven, knowing he would have only needed to give “attack dog trump” a sideways glance, not even a snarl, to send the orange menace running with his tail between his legs! RIP, Jake, Mom still loves you and knows you were smarter and more noble than trumpty ever could be.

  2. If Trump considers 157,000 dead Americans & nearly 5 million infected with the TrumpVirus as doing a “very good job”, I’d hate to see what he considers doing a terrible job!
    Oh wait, his idea of a “terrible job” is limited to whatever Obama did, right?
    That Trump would consider what Dr. Birx said as a “hit” (it so wasn’t), is strange. Unless, somewhere in subconscious part of his pathetically deranged mind, he knows that he screwed up – bad! – & is responsible for the huge # of suffering & dead, the devastated economy & fact that the virus is STILL raging here in USA. He is unable to feel anything like remorse, but in his attacks one can sometimes spot a fleeting glimpse of what we’d call a conscience…if he had one.

  3. Okay, so let’s see how (or if) Dr Birx reacts. Will she grow some spine & say that she tried to retain her integrity in order to be a sane voice within the Trump asylum, but he made that impossible? Will she admit that she under-estimated the level of debasement she’d have to endure in order to keep her job? Will she announce that Dr Fauci’s been right all along & that she’s leaving Trumpland to join the good guys at last? Or will she say nothing, swallow the humiliation & blush all the way to the bank? Stay tuned folks.

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