Democrats Call Postmaster General to Urgent Hearing on Trump’s USPS Sabotage

Among the most blatant signs of Donald Trump’s aspirations to tyranny is his deliberate assault on the United States Postal Service. It’s an obvious attempt to make it harder for Americans to cast their votes this coming November. And in pursuit of that goal, Trump installed Louis DeJoy, a wealthy campaign donor with no relevant experience, as the executioner of his grossly anti-democratic agenda.

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi

Trump himself admitted his intentions to purposefully dismantle postal operations in order to disrupt the delivery of ballots to and from state election offices. He recently told Fox News that Democrats are requesting funding because they “need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.” And if they don’t get it “that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because they’re not equipped to have it.” This perverse strategy is driven by Trump’s inability to deal with the fact that he’s losing bigly to Joe Biden, someone he regards as a mentally deficient socialist.

As it turns out, sabotaging the Postal Service isn’t particularly popular with the American people. A whopping “70 percent of voters support a mail-in option, including 88 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents and 50 percent of Republicans.” And they have risen up to demand that Trump’s destructive policies be rescinded.

Now the House of Representatives is answering the call. The chair of the House Oversight Committee, Carolyn Maloney just announced that she is scheduling an “urgent hearing” on the matter and has requested DeJoy’s appearance to testify. Her letter to DeJoy charges that…

“Over the past several weeks, there have been startling new revelations about the scope and gravity of operational changes you are implementing at hundreds of postal facilities without consulting adequately with Congress, the Postal Regulatory Commission, or the Board of Governors. Your testimony is particularly urgent given the troubling influx of reports of widespread delays at postal facilities across the country—as well as President Trump’s explicit admission last week that he has been blocking critical coronavirus funding for the Postal Service in order to impair mail-in voting efforts for the upcoming elections in November.”

This is positive development that, at the very least, will keep the issue at the forefront of the media’s attention. It will force the Postmaster General to justify his actions. That is, if he doesn’t chicken out and refuse to show. And it will make clear the connections to White House pressure tactics and the potential illegal interference by the Trump campaign.

As a side benefit, the hearing is scheduled for August 24, which is, coincidentally, the first day of the Republican convention. It was previously reported that Trump is plotting to upstage the Democratic convention by hopping around the country for political appearances on each day of the Democrats’ event. His travel plans culminate in Biden’s home town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on the same say that Biden is delivering his acceptance speech.

So, under the circumstances, the Trump schemers can hardly complain about the scheduling of the Oversight Committee hearing. In fact, Democrats should continue to host events throughout the GOP convention and consider having Barack Obama give an national address in support of Biden on the the final day when Trump bellows out his latest “American Carnage” horror story as he accepts the nomination of his Republican confederates. Give the GOP a dose of their own medicine. This may be one of those rare circumstances where turnabout really is fair play.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats Call Postmaster General to Urgent Hearing on Trump’s USPS Sabotage

  1. If DeJoy does “chicken out and refuse to show”, then the House can send the Sargeant at Arms to arrest him & drag him in to face the music. There’s a legal procedure to do this, albeit unused, I believe, in almost a hundred years.
    It’s way past time for the House to take off its gloves & begin holding these scum responsible for their corruption in the name of Trump.

  2. From the article- “And in pursuit of that goal, Trump installed Louis DeJoy, a wealthy campaign donor with no relevant experience, as the executioner of his grossly anti-democratic agenda.” You mean, “And in pursuit of that goal, that ungrateful, un-American, disloyal, lying, clueless coward, trump, installed ANOTHER ungrateful, un-American, disloyal, lying, clueless coward louis dejoy”, etc, etc, etc. You REALLY NEED to call these sacks of s*it EXACTLY what they are.. NO more being polite. NO more taking the high road. THIS is UGLY and has been for a long time. Sometimes you have to get into the gutter to fight, to make a POINT, to be HEARD.

  3. You idiots understand that nobody with half a brain will take this serious when the first thing they see is a bullshit picture about FOX news and their cherry picking of facts and outright lies. That’s pretty sick considering the alternative news sources which in sure you fine honest and balanced news. Like CNN and MSNBC. Then you spin a story and leave out several facts! The meltdown from The Great Hillary Crash of 2016 is going to pale in comparison to what the Biden Crash of 2020 will be. You people are going to lose your minds completely!

    • Congratulations all us idiots: we’ve just attracted the mis-spelled inarticulate ire of a Trump Bot, probably located somewhere east or north of Crimea.

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