WHUT? After Losing 50+ Times, Trump Whines He Was ‘Never Even Given Our Day in Court’

[NOTE: the number of lost lawsuits is now over 60]

This is what the final stages of a psychotic meltdown looks like. Donald Trump has come face to face with the fact that he’s a loser who was decisively beaten by Joe Biden, a man he characterized as “sleepy” and “unfit to serve.” Trump is now confronting the reality that the majority of the American people are repulsed by him and his agenda of self-serving hate and division. For a malignant narcissist that’s a fate worse than death. And Trump’s response was to incite his glassy-eyed cult followers to violence.

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Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against Trump’s last best hope to overturn the will of the people, he is hunkering down in his bunker, depressed and afraid to show his face in public. Friday night, at the last minute, Trump sent word to his guests at a White House Christmas party that he would not be attending. He probably spent the rest of the evening in bed, watching Fox News and gumming his hamberders.

However, today is a new day, and Trump awoke invigorated with the confidence of a rat at a cat convention. Seated on his “throne,” Trump grabbed his Twitter machine and began pounding out incoherent rants that only affirmed his cognitive decline. “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!” Trump tweeted in all caps. As if he has been holding his fire for the past five weeks. And the rest of his Saturday morning tweetstorm was even more deranged. For instance…

Trump is lashing out at the Supreme Court, including the conservative justices and his own appointees. And he asserts that he was “Never even given our day in Court!” He must have slept trough the 50+ cases that he already lost in the most humiliating fashion.

Remember… Trump only thinks in terms of votes for him as being legal. All other voters are fake or frauds. The miracle is that his people listen to this nonsense despite his failure to provide even a sliver of proof.

Trump keeps showing that he will attack anyone – even his own party – if they fail to have unqualified devotion. But let’s appreciate his opposition to reelecting GOP governors.

“IF Biden gets in???” While continuing to disparage democracy, Trump’ rhetoric devolves into the hostile lingo of mob bosses.

When Trump resorts to accusing his own Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr, of being part of the “Deep State” conspiracy against him, you know he’s gone over the edge.

The Supreme Court actually demonstrated – unanimously – that they did have an interest in “the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America.” which is why they declined to hear a case that lacked standing, as well as evidence or legal reasoning.

Trump and his screwball attorneys have had dozens of opportunities to plead their case in court, but have failed to do so every time. All he has left is his fear and wrath, which he’s aiming at anyone he regards as disloyal. That includes some of his most fervent supporters and administration staff. Nobody is safe in the path of his hysterical rage.

Meanwhile, the nation – and the world – is watching as Trump decomposes like an overripe banana. And the rot is producing a toxic substance that threatens America’s tradition of peaceful transfers of power. With just a little more than a moth until Biden is inaugurated, we can only hope that Trump is constrained by either his incompetence or his Republican confederates who, so far, have exhibited nothing but spineless cowardice and sycophantic bootlicking. Hang tight, America.

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15 thoughts on “WHUT? After Losing 50+ Times, Trump Whines He Was ‘Never Even Given Our Day in Court’

  1. Hello Biden! Byedon and good riddance! Lol

  2. trump projecting like crazy now.
    Accusing Biden of a coup!
    The “illegitimate” president was trump.
    And the trump-GOPers likely did rig the election so trump could win but Americans voted in enormous numbers and trump really lost when trump was thinking he was going to win.
    This is why trump is furious.

    • Ah…the unintended consequences of surrounding oneself with only people who tell you what you want to hear & not reality, for fear of being fired id they did.
      Did it to your own damn self, Trump-a-chump!

      Of course, losing re-election is JUST 1 LOSS. Eventually, could learn to live with it — every election, in every race, better men than he have dealt with the loss “like a big boy” does. But, not Trumpty-Dumpty.!
      He handles it worse than screaming 2yr old at another child’s B’day party, when can’t understand why HE isn’t getting any presents. Understandable with a 2yr old child ~ NOT with a grown man. It is, however, proof that majority of voters were correct in their choice!

      Poor handling of 1 LOSS. Funny then, that Trump chooses to multiply “LOSER” by 50 times more!
      ….Shit Trump! ~ Now you’re a 50x LOSER on top of the original one!!!

      Here’s what 50x A LOSER looks like:
      vs. 1 =!

  3. Trumpelstiltskin is using this as a money raising prop to meet his own ends. The more he howls the more potential for money to be sent for his defense and diverted to his campaign chest. Just follow the money.

  4. Trump is an illegitimate president from the 2016 election as he lost the popular vote by 2.5 million votes, only won the electoral vote by 66,000 votes from states that was bombarded by Russian misinformation mainly on facebook. I know of many people that get their news, on face book and believe it to be the truth. What a shame that Trump thinks that so many people love him and his way of treating all those that don’t agree with him. As for his great tax cut, which he benefits from, I got a raise in my taxes , and I live on a meager pension. What a liar he is, and always has been He MUST Go.

    • Most of us common Americans did indeed, get INCREASED TAXES!

      That includes vast majority of those Trumper-fluffers…but, guess they didn’t notice that.

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