Trump’s Desperate Supreme Court Pleas to Steal the Election Only Humiliate Him Further

No one with any measurable judgment is ever going to mistake Donald Trump for an intellectual. His grasp of even the most simplistic concepts is tenuous. After all, Trump is the “stable genius” who believes that windmills cause cancer; that stealth fighters are really invisible; that hurricanes can be nuked; and that he won the election by getting seven million fewer votes than Joe Biden.

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Donald Trump

In his desperate attempts to overturn the will of the American people by invalidating their votes, Trump has racked up a win/loss record in the courts of 1 in 52 (at best). His arguments are pathetically weak and utterly devoid of supporting evidence. And his lawyers are crackpots who regurgitate conspiracy theories collected from fringe Internet trolls.

Nevertheless, Trump is hanging his hopes on the Supreme Court that he stacked with radical right-wingers. But, to date, even that hasn’t worked for him. The result is that he’s becoming ever more deranged and removed from anything resembling reality. He’s even resorting to thinly veiled calls for a violent upheaval to retain power. Trump’s latest entreaty to the high court is a sad example of this:

Let’s break down this pile of rhetorical manure, shall we? To begin with, Trump is referencing a recent report that President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is under investigation for unspecified tax issues. This report was made public, not by some intrepid journalist, but by Hunter Biden, who maintains that his taxes were all filed appropriately and with the aid of professional tax preparers. He has not been found guilty of anything and he is cooperating fully with the authorities. As opposed to Trump who is still fighting to hide his tax returns even as his presidency is screeching to an ignoble halt.

Note that this matter does not concern Joe Biden in any way, much less suggest that his nascent presidency is “scandal plagued.” So Trump’s assertion that there is a presidential scandal brewing is a product of his warped imagination. More to the point, Trump is drawing a bizarre conclusion that a narrow tax dispute involving Biden’s son somehow affects the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Trump’s bogus election fraud whining. Why Hunter’s taxes would “make it easier” for the Supreme Court to act on Trump’s electoral complaints is a mystery that could only be solved by a skilled psychotherapist who specializes in malignant narcissists.

Trump obviously has no idea what the Supreme Court does or how it works. He clearly isn’t interested in following the Constitution because first he’d have to read and understand it. And if Trump really wants the Court to “do what everybody knows has to be done,” then they would refuse to hear his preposterous case. That wouldn’t even take much of the courage and/or wisdom that Trump is pleading for, but of which he has none of either.

To no one’s surprise, Trump is closing out his one-term in Washington as a bellowing, bull-headed, blowhard who can’t believe that he is the biggest loser. He even lost Time’s “Person of the Year” to Biden and Kamala Harris. So expect him to shortly announce his demand for a recount or his lawsuit to overturn the “RIGGED” decision.

UPDATE: The Supreme Court rejects Texas’ and Trump’s bid to overturn election. This case represented Trump’s last chance to pitch his election fraud nonsense and it was denied unanimously by the highest court in the land. Trump called it “The Big One!” Will he finally STFU? Not if he thinks he can scam more money off his glassy-eyed cult followers.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Desperate Supreme Court Pleas to Steal the Election Only Humiliate Him Further

  1. ‘ rhetorical manure’ ! Fabulous turn of phrase, that’s indeed what it is. He can’t believe he lost because he was so certain he was ‘better than’ ‘sleepy Joe’. Typical malignant narcissism. He can’t believe his cult aren’t throwing double handfuls of money at him. He can’t believe that the Supreme Court isn’t doing exactly as he expects and wants. And there’s just been another disappointment in THAT particular direction. And I wish LF he would stop using words like ‘wisdom’ and ‘courage’. He has neither. And just to underline the brainwashing bit…hope other News Corpsers find this as interesting as I did – I know you did run a very good piece on it as well.

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