Senior Fox News Scold, Tucker Carlson, Comes to the Rescue of QAnon Crackpot Greene

The most gratingly annoying presence on the Fox News Channel is, without contest, the host of the network’s “White Nationalist Hour,” Tucker Carlson. And he’s dangerous too, as his fomenting of civil war last week attests. He has recently surpassed Trump-fluffer Sean Hannity in the ratings, although Fox’s entire primetime lineup is losing these days to both MSNBC and CNN.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson, QAnon

On Monday’s episode of Carlson’s nightly tirade (video below), he featured a segment that focused on defending the Republican Party’s newest star, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She has carved out a name for herself as the wingnuttiest Republican in a party that is crawling with wingnuts. It took Carlson a while to get around to the subject of his rant because he’s just got way too much idiocy to stuff into a single hour program.

Consequently, Carlson led off by taking a swipe at Washington, D.C. and their aspirations for statehood:

“The other day, for example, we learned that the Biden administration plans to make the tiny District of Columbia our 51st state, a more corrupt, English-speaking version of Monaco. As if lobbyists in Washington didn’t have enough control over your life, now they’ll be U.S. senators.”

Isn’t it quaint that Carlson regards the seat of America’s democracy as a third-world bastion of corrupt lobbyists. His ignorance is obvious since he has no idea who the residents of the District actually are. Nor does he know that its population is larger than that of Vermont and Wyoming. On the other hand, Carlson might know exactly who lives in the Distract and he’s just affirming his brazenly racist views and is scared that people of color might get representation in Congress for the first time.

However, Carlson only brought it up to twist the truth about the recent Trump Insurrection wherein hundreds of Trump cult disciples stormed the Capitol at his direction. And in the process he maligned our National Guard troops and completely distorted what actually took place:

“The troops came last month, tens of thousands of them. We were told they were going to protect the capital from the inevitable right-wing violence that would accompany Joe Biden’s inauguration. Then Joe Biden was inaugurated and there wasn’t any violence. Donald Trump didn’t chain himself to the North Portico. Trump voters didn’t rush the stage.”

The reason there wasn’t any violence is because the troops were there to prevent it. And because that worked so well, Carlson thinks there was no cause for concern to begin with. He would have been much happier if the troops were not there and he could have made up some nonsense about how Biden was responsible for more rioting in D.C.

Carlson eventually got to the point of his bonehead blathering, which was to defend the QAnon Congresswoman Greene, whose views he heartily shares. He was appalled that people were calling for her to resign or be expelled from Congress merely due to her heinous commentaries that ranged from saying that 9/11 was an inside job, to asserting that mass shootings of children were staged, to advocacy of assassinating Democratic leaders.

Carlson’s outraged stemmed from the fact that Greene’s election wasn’t being respected by her colleagues and/or the media. Which is peculiar since Carlson didn’t show much respect for Joe Biden’s election by a decisive majority of the American people. Carlson wholeheartedly supported Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was stolen, despite the absence of any shred of evidence.

In a state of deranged incoherence, Carlson asserted that it was CNN who “gets the veto” of Greene’s congressional service. He whined that “CNN says she has bad opinions. Therefore, she’s the greatest threat we face.” But CNN never said any of that. Nor is there any truth to his claim that CNN was “trying to get [his show] pulled off the air by force.” And Carlson managed to ignore the fact that even the GOP leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, regarded Greene as a kook saying that “Loony lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican Party and our country.”

Finally, Carlson condemned all Democrats as a party that “can only hang together by collectively throwing rocks at whomever happens to be at the center of the hate circle on a particular day.” Has he ever watched his own show? Or any other show on Fox News? Or listened to his Dear Leader Trump? “Throwing rocks at those you hate” is the network’s motto. It’s engraved in the cornerstone of the Fox News headquarters. And it’s what Carlson did throughout this televised harangue. As usual.

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4 thoughts on “Senior Fox News Scold, Tucker Carlson, Comes to the Rescue of QAnon Crackpot Greene

  1. As always the Rethugs & far-right fanatics, such as *ucker Carlson are always “projecting” their shit onto the other guy. Hatred & throwing rocks & the hated is totally a right-wing thing, as you said in your piece. And FauxNews does it morning & night, 24/7/365.25 days a yr! Funny, how its viewers never seem to notice such things, instead believing those nastiest of hosts are as self-righteous, truthful & innocent as the liars present themselves to be.
    If it’s true that “ignorance is bliss”, FauxNews viewers must be the happiest dang fools on the whole planet!

    Saw a bumper sticker at online shop yesterday, said:
    “Is that true, or did you see it on Fox News?” (Almost bought it, but wanted too much for it; not worth it.)

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