Newsmax Loses Half Its Addled Audience as Prophecies of Trump’s Resurrection Wane

As the thrill of sedition passes from the glazed-over eyes of Trump’s Insurrectionist Brigades, the appeal of ultra-rightist, Trump-fluffing “news” sources fades significantly. Newsmax had a brief dalliance in the sunlight of Trump’s ego-driven plugs, but the sun has now set and Newsmax retreated to the darkness of its wingnut lair.

Donald Trump Messiah

Not only have the hopes of the QAnon crackpots dwindled as every one of their loopy prophecies failed to materialize, but their Patron Saint of Mar-a-Lago can’t even promote the network on the social media platforms from which he’s been banished. Consequently, the fortunes of Newsmax have declined precipitously:

“In the weeks following the election, Newsmax saw ratings highs as viewers, disappointed by Donald Trump’s loss to President Joe Biden, turned to Newsmax for comfort, as the network continued to perpetuate baseless claims of voter fraud. […] But in the last week of February, Newsmax had lost 51% of its audience in total day [55% in primetime] since its viewership peaked the week of November 16, 2020.”

That’s right. With the crumbling of the QAnon-sense yearnings for Trump to be inaugurated for a second term blown away by the harsh winds of reality, the network that was most prominently propagating the Big Lie that Trump won the 2020 election (and is being sued for defamation) and that he would soon return victorious to the White House, has seen its viewers scamper away to their dens of idiocy.

In the last days of Trump’s Twitter tirades, he spent an inordinate amount of time and energy bashing Fox News. As an alternative, Trump offered up Newsmax and One America News Network (OANN) where the crazy was still in abundant supply. But now those days are gone. The conspiracy theories have all been exhausted, not that they ever had any credibility – or sanity.

Meanwhile, Trump is still hiding out in his Mar-a-Lago bunker. And due to his banishment from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, he can no longer prop up the screwball networks that championed his messianic mission. It’s a pathetic tale of woe that would surely tear at the heartstrings of the Trumpian cultists, if they had hearts.

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8 thoughts on “Newsmax Loses Half Its Addled Audience as Prophecies of Trump’s Resurrection Wane

  1. Awe, poor Newsmax, may they rot in hell!

  2. “… If they had hearts.” More to the point, if they had brains, we’d never have had this idiotic BS in the first place. But I doubt donnie is really too despondent. After all, he has raised a cool 300+ million bucks from these gullible simpletons.

  3. Newsmax and One America News are disloyal, FULL of s*it, and must NOT exist anymore. They are lying crocks of s*it and must be BANNED from all cable companies that carry their LIES.

    • Freedom of speech and press guarantee Newsmax, OAN and Republican politician’s right to lie. There didn’t used to be such a market for lies though.

  4. That lawsuit pending against NewsMax just might be the fitting end to its rotten existence. Now, is there another suit with OAN in its crosshairs? These purveyors of lies deserve to be held accountable and destroyed.

  5. Glad to hear at least 1 of the noxious offshoots is dying off. Hopefully, OANN will be right behind it. Of course, plenty of far-right wing-nut radio stations & anti-social media sites where they can go get their “fix”. Now would be a good time to flood them with truthful, fact-based news.

    But, like any truly noxious weed, if don’t get ALL the roots of the parent plant out & kill it, they will just grow back. FauxNews is that main noxious root growth that sends out off-shoots. It too, must be completely removed & killed off, to prevent regrowth & God Forbid, further spreading!

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