SO WHAT? The Dumbest Man on Fox News Isn’t ‘Inspired’ By Biden’s Schedule

Viewers of Fox News have always been suckered into an alternative reality that advances the interests of ultra-rightists and conspiracy crackpots. And that mission is still being pursued by Fox News as they attempt to construct a world in which President Joe Biden doesn’t even exist. it’s a fantasy that feeds the yearnings of Fox’s most avid followers.

In the six weeks since Biden’s inauguration, Fox News has struggled to come up with legitimate, or even plausible, criticisms. Biden’s nascent presidency has already succeeded in profound ways that the American people are solidly in favor of. Consequently, Fox’s hysterical efforts to malign Biden have produced nothing but ludicrous faux outrages and well deserved mockery. How else to respond to relentless and utterly false contrivances about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head?

Into this torrent of turpitude comes Jesse Watters, widely recognized as “The Dumbest Man on Fox News.” And that’s not an easy dishonor to achieve. On the Saturday evening episode of his program, Watters sought to belittle Biden’s work ethic:

“The President hasn’t been working up a sweat. He calls lids early. He goes to bed early. He takes weekends off. I see his schedule. It’s not inspiring.”

Really? First of all, who cares if Watters is “inspired” by Biden’s productivity? It is a foregone conclusion that he – and the rest of his Fox confederates – are going to be dismissive of everything that Biden and the Democrats do. But more to the point, Watters is so wildly off base it’s laughable. Every point in his mini-rant is patently false. Leaving out his his infantile reference to presidential perspiration, let’s look at each of Watters’ assertions:

  • Watters apparently doesn’t know what a “lid” is. For the record, it’s a term used by the White House communications office to indicate that there won’t be any public statements or events for the remainder of the day. It isn’t invoked by the President, and it doesn’t mean he/she isn’t working.
  • Watters has no idea what time Biden goes to bed, and it isn’t something that is reported on the White House schedule. Although sufficient sleep is critical for good health. Trump’s team brags about his long hours, but sleep deprivation diminishes mental acuity, produces hallucinations, and causes anxiety and psychoses. There’s a reason it’s used as a form of torture.
  • This weekend Biden was working on his COVID relief and stimulus plan, which passed in the Senate late Saturday. He also signed an executive order on expanding access to voting. He also presided over vaccine production and administration. And, by the way, he spent some quality time with his family.

If Watters wants to take a president to task for hardly working, he missed his chance while Trump was occupying the White House. Watters never once complained that Trump played golf at least 298 times (an average of once every five days) at a cost of $145 million taxpayer dollars (paid to his own golf resorts). Nor was Watters bothered by Trump’s “executive time,” which consisted primarily of tweeting and watching hour after hour of Fox News. And who can count the wasted hours Trump spent performing his psycho-comedy routine for the cultish followers at campaign rallies that Watters effusively praised?

While Watters claims to have seen Biden’s schedule, his vision must have been severely impaired during Trump’s term. In fact, Watters was perfectly satisfied with Trump’s schedule when it said only that “President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.” And not a peep about how much he sweats. Meanwhile, on Fox News…

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3 thoughts on “SO WHAT? The Dumbest Man on Fox News Isn’t ‘Inspired’ By Biden’s Schedule

  1. Ahem … dumbest man or dumbest person on Fox? While I tend to believe that women have much better brains than men, some of the females on Fox have caused me to doubt that hypothesis. Judge Jannine springs idiotically to mind.
    I’m not brave enough to actually watch Fox, I depend on brief clips which are nauseating enough thank you, but perhaps someone would research this issue: who is actually the dumbest of all beings on Fox?

    • Usually, I love doing research, on all kinds of things! Usually. But to research this 1 would require watching far more hours of FauxSpews than my stomach & brain could ever stand! I’d surely be found alternating ~ vomiting & screaming, while pulling my hair out & clawing at my eyes, trying to get to my brain, to make the “bad – very bad – things” get out of my head!! Burly men in white coats would come to strap me in a backwards jacket & toss me in a padded room; still screaming. That would be the last anyone would see of me, outside the asylum. (Shudders at the thought!)
      Not how I want to go out. LOL
      Maybe they just take turns being dumbest pox on Fox??

  2. Jesse makes me want to puke!

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