Fox News Obsesses Over Biden Press Conferences – That They Refuse to Air

For four years Fox News covered virtually every public utterance by Donald Trump live and uninterrupted. They aired his cult rallies, his Coronavirus Task Force briefings, his staged, photo-op bill signings, his random and rancid rants, his lie-riddled “chopper talks,” and more. The network could have been re-branded as a 24/7 Trump Channel.

Donald Trump Fox News

Now that Joe Biden is residing in the White House, Fox News has adopted an entirely different editorial approach to covering the President of the United States. And it isn’t just the blatantly negative bias against Biden that Fox’s CEO recently admitted is the core of their mission. That bias is remarkably strained because Fox has so little of substance to complain about. Consequently they focus on absurd and irrelevant distractions like Biden’s dog, Neanderthals, Mr. Potato Head, and Dr. Seuss. That’s emblematic of Fox’s editorial priorities.

Meanwhile, there has been a flurry of verbal venom aimed at Biden for his alleged reluctance to face questions from the press. However, while he hasn’t held a formal news conference, he has taken questions on numerous occasions addressing such critical and diverse subjects as containing the COVID-19 pandemic, and providing relief and stimulus; racial equity; climate change; healthcare; and immigration.

Clearly Biden has a lot on his plate following the calamitous tenure of Trump. These are matters of profound importance that need to be tackled with an appropriate sense of urgency. There will be plenty of time for press conferences once the nation’s stability and security have been restored. Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, has indicated that a press conference will be scheduled before the end of March. But that hasn’t calmed the dread that is consuming Fox News. For the past few days they have demonstrated just how obsessed they are with this non-scandal as seen in these headlines:

  • Hidin’ Biden – still no presidential press conference but Dems like basement strategy
  • White House ‘protecting’ Biden by not scheduling press conferences: Karl Rove
  • Biden team ‘has zero confidence’ that ‘absentee president’ can handle press conference
  • Biden still hasn’t held a press conference after 43 days in office
  • Psaki says Biden will hold press conference ‘before the end of the month’
  • Kayleigh McEnany: Biden vowed ‘transparency’ but has still not held a solo press conference

How many times do they have to do the same story? McEnany, Trump’s fourth and final press secretary who has already been hired by Fox News, “bragged” about Trump’s availability to the press saying that “He was always willing to take questions, always willing to go to the podium, always willing to stop on his way to the helicopter.” What she left out was that Trump spent most of that time lying and insulting the reporters.

On another segment McEnany wondered “Where’s Joe? It’s been 41 days.” Her new Fox colleague, Sean Hannity, similarly asked “Where is our commander-in-chief? You know, that new guy?” But what has the pungent stench of hypocrisy is that Fox News wouldn’t cover Biden’s press conferences if they were being held.

To date Fox News has not aired a single White House press briefing, which the Biden team has returned to doing daily. Nor have they aired a single press conference by the White House COVID-19 Response Team. Recall that Fox News aired every similar event during the Trump administration. Fox didn’t even air the congressional hearings on the January 6th Trump Insurrection.

Given their disinterest in what President Biden has to say – unless they can distort it to make him look bad – the complaints by Fox News about press conferences are irrelevant and should be ignored. We know that when Biden does hold a press conference, Fox will be covering the “canceling” of a Muppet, or a shady pillow huckster, or some other ridiculous, politically partisan, culture war demagoguery. It’s what they do.

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