THE HORROR! Joe Biden is ‘Boring’ and It’s Driving Fox News and Republicans Insane

The rage addicted disciples of Fox News and the Trump Republican Party are undergoing a severe bout of withdrawal in the opening weeks of the Joe Biden presidency. They are no longer being fed massive megadoses of melodrama on a daily (hourly?) basis, and it’s gnawing at them to the point of physical dysfunction.

Fox News, Joe Biden

This is the direct result of exposure to a former reality TV game show host and fake gazillionaire occupying the White House for four years and pumping blind fury into the veins of gullible cultists. The subsequent dependence on a steady supply of contrived outrage has produced a pandemic of psychotic sufferers.

Among the first casualties of this affliction was Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas (or Cancun, depending on the weather). Last week Cruz complained to Sean Hannity of Fox News that Biden’s capacity for stirring up extraneous excitements was insufficient to fuel the nation’s engines of anger:

Hannity: “Boring but radical” kind of sums it up. Explain.
Cruz: You know, you think about the last two months. I think Joe Biden made a political decision – and it was probably a pretty good political decision – to be very boring. The last four years Donald Trump was anything but boring. […] But it is all a subterfuge. It is all a mask designed to hide what is an incredibly radical policy poicy agenda.

So it’s official. “Sleepy” Joe is both boring and a national menace who is masterminding the end of Western civilization. It’s downright diabolical. Never mind that the president isn’t supposed to be “entertaining.” That’s what reality TV drama queens like Trump are for.

What these ultra-rightists consider entertaining is yelling at reporters, insulting women, maligning Democrats (and even Republicans) who disagree, bigoted ranting, Capitol insurrections, and dividing America. What they consider boring is making real progress on the COVID-19 pandemic, racial equity, mitigating climate change, improving healthcare, and reforming immigration. In short, they are bored by competence, compassion, and honesty.

That puts the Trump Confederates at a distinct disadvantage since their criteria for excellence requires the unique characteristics of Trump: Lying pathologically, bragging profusely, whining pathetically, and attacking ponderously. Anything short of that is vilified as the new yawn-inducing opiate of the masses. That point was affirmed on Thursday by Fox’s Senior Rage-aholic, Dan Bongino, who worried that his future in bombastic radio ranting was in jeopardy due to Biden’s troublesome sense of calm:

“It’s just terrible for talk radio. I think Biden is a disaster for the country and his ideas are an atrocity. But he’s boring. He’s just boring. […] I’ll tell you that it’s made me, I believe, a better broadcaster and host because you really had to dig. You’ve had to find interesting angles to stories. And Donald Trump was just a cornucopia of material.”

Exactly! It is totally unacceptable that Biden is forcing these shlock jockeys to “dig” for faux scandals to blame on him. Trump always provided a steady stream of bullpucky to mine for material. Now the poor schnooks on Fox News have to peddle such inanities as Dr. Seuss cancelations, Mr. Potato Head gendering, imaginary immigrant caravans, and Grammy porn. It was even pointed out on Fox by Democratic pundit Chris Hahn, who told the ladies on “Outnumbered” that they would just have to live with the fact that…

United states senators got nothing to complain about Joe Biden because people are so happy with him. They’ve gotta pick a fight over whether John Kerry wore his mask for the entire flight.

What may be worst of all for the Fox News crowd is that Biden’s scheme to give relief to the American people is working. His approval rating just hit 62% and shows no sign of slowing down. If this sort of atrocity continues, Fox may have to abandon their long-held editorial mission of riling up the rank and file (with an emphasis on rank). They may have to concede that being boring is an asset that attests to leadership and competency. After all, no one gets overexcited because everything is going along smoothly.

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11 thoughts on “THE HORROR! Joe Biden is ‘Boring’ and It’s Driving Fox News and Republicans Insane

  1. Why, it’s gotten so bad, it’s driven poor Hannity to drink! Er, I mean, vape.

    • You’re probably right the first time.

  2. Thank you for telling me what’s on the fox channel so I don’t have to watch it (they make me too angry when I watch.) President Joe Biden is not boring; he has made some exciting new decisions on what works for our country and Democracy. The President is making very thoughtful and very calculated choices and decisions. Hey, will someone tell f-x whatever that we are winning the war on the war against COVID and gaining (which we are going too win) in the economy.

  3. Well, remember that the ReichLiars simultaneously believed Barack Obama was the most incompetent fool ever to set foot in the White House AND the overweening intelligence behind every criminal act from the Crucifixion to the present…..

    And they could only justify the Sainted Ronnie’s actions by claiming he was ALREADY suffering from Alzheimer’s during his presidential term. Which never made him worthy of their worship.

    I’m waiting for the Seditionists to reach this stage with Their Beloved God Trumpovah…..

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