SURPRISE! Fox News Dishonestly Slams Biden’s First Presidential Press Conference

For several weeks Fox News has been incessantly complaining that Joe Biden hasn’t held his first press conference as President. Never mind that for most of his two months as President Fox News has failed to air any of Biden’s speeches, or the White House’s daily press briefings, or any other of this administration’s media events, including the COVID-19 Response Team.

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On Thursday afternoon President Biden did hold a press conference (video below). And Fox News predictably covered it with open animosity and a strident negative bias. Immediately following the press conference Fox News got right to work complaining. The first commentary out the mouth of Fox’s John Roberts was that Biden had referred to notes a couple of times. That was so he could be certain he was giving accurate data on statistics.

So Fox News was, in effect, criticizing Biden for being too prepared. Donald Trump never had to worry about that since he was lying more often than not. When you’re making up answers accuracy isn’t much of a concern. One Fox shill whined that Biden scheduled his press conference for 1:15 pm ET, rather than prime time, which he said was standard. First of all, that isn’t true. Secondly, Trump’s first press conference was 20 minutes earlier. But most of all, fox News was hurt because Biden didn’t call on their in-house shill, Peter Doocy, for a loaded question:

Biden spoke for more than an hour, providing detailed responses to a broad array of questions. The topics ranged from the economy to the pandemic to foreign policy to voting rights to immigration to gun control to the filibuster, and more. But true to form, Fox News could only find fault, even where there was none.

For instance, Sean Hannity was lying in wait (with an emphasis on the “lying’) for one of the verbal gaffes that everyone knows Biden is prone to making. Hannity ignored all of the substantive answers Biden gave without ever once insulting the reporters, whining about fake news, bragging about phony achievements, or flinging flagrant falsehoods.

Hannity’s sole observation was that Biden misspoke about his preference for a filibuster rule that was in effect when he was a senator. Biden referred to his having “come to the United States Senate 120 years ago.” He was conflating the fact that the filibuster was implemented about 120 years ago with his point about prior Senate rules. This was an unremarkable flub for a life-long stutterer, and in context his meaning was clear.

Hannity, like most of his Fox News confederates, was only concerned with whatever distortion he could manufacture that aligned with his obsession to portray Biden as mentally unfit. One his colleagues, former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, set up the press conference hours earlier asserting that Biden was “prepared to just entirely ignore whatever is asked of him, and to pivot.” That turned out to be completely wrong. But it was exactly what one would expect from a professional liar like McEnany.

Sadly, Fox News viewers will likely only see the distortions they provide and never watch the entire hour of Biden’s fully coherent, detailed, and honest address. It’s a deliberate editorial policy to malign Biden and Democrats at every opportunity. And it’s why viewers of Fox News have been documented to be even less informed than people who watch no news at all.

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