Lara Trump Joins Fox News Just in Time to Boost Her Campaign for the Senate

It’s not like anyone needed additional proof that Fox News is the PR division of the Republican Party, and more recently, of Donald Trump and the bootlicking political cabal that hungers for his ascension to dictator. But more proof is what we got as Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, is welcomed into the Fox News family of shameless sycophants.

Fox News, Lara Trump

The mission of Fox News has been obvious for decades. It was founded by an ultra-conservative newspaper baron (Rupert Murdoch) and GOP media consultant (Roger Ailes). And it only grew more biased and partisan as the years went by. Now they have taken another step toward total integration into the politics of authoritarian propaganda. Monday morning Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends made the big announcement:

Earhardt: Let’s bring in Lara Trump, Former senior advisor for the Trump campaign and, we have a big announcement, she is a new Fox News contributor. Welcome to the family Lara.”
Trump: I’m so so excited, first of all, to be joining the Fox family. I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long. You guys know it was kind of a joke. Over the past five years I would come there so often that the security guards were like, ‘Maybe we should just give you a key.'”

This is an especially bizarre reception with Trump admitting that her prior appearances on Fox were so numerous and affable that “it was kind of a joke.” They are conceding that she was a de facto member of the Fox “News” team even throughout the 2020 presidential campaign while she working as a senior advisor for it. A legitimate news enterprise wouldn’t think that was funny.

In addition to the flagrant skirting of journalistic ethics, it is notable that this hiring comes at a time when Trump is dangling the proposition of a senate campaign in every media appearance she makes. She recently confirmed to Sean Hannity that “Yes, I am still considering [running for the Senate]. Absolutely!”

It’s impossible to dismiss that this hiring is related to that campaign. Most news organizations wouldn’t consider bringing on someone who has been openly promoting their candidacy. Why do so for the short term unless the purpose was to publicize the candidate and boost their electoral prospects? The matter was raised in this segment with Trump affirming that…

“Fox has been very generous with me, and they have said if that’s something that you ultimately decide to do, they’re gonna work with me on that front, and make sure that everything – all the rules are followed and we do everything properly.”

So Trump has a commitment from Fox News to “work with” her as she develops her campaign plans. and she’s foolish enough to admit it on the air. That’s not surprising for someone who was caught ripping off a dog rescue charity, and whose husband (Eric Trump) stole funds from a children’s cancer charity.

Lara Trump isn’t the only member of the deposed Trump administration to join the Fox News family. Trump’s former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, was announced as a Fox contributor last month. And Trump’s former top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, has replaced the creepy, Trump-fluffing, Lou Dobbs, who was fired as a stop-gap measure in response to the billion dollar defamation lawsuit filed against Fox News by the voting software company, Smartmatic.

Clearly, the revolving door between Fox News and Republican politics is still spinning wildly out of control. They have apparently abandoned any pretense to being a news network. Not they they have ever acted as one. But now the biases are not so broadly defined as GOP-centric. They are now crossing the line into Trump cult territory.

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5 thoughts on “Lara Trump Joins Fox News Just in Time to Boost Her Campaign for the Senate

  1. I thought newspeople and pundits were supposed to sever ties with news agencies when they were running for office, not join up.

    • Well, that doesn’t apply to Fox because – of course – they aren’t news people.

  2. She’s a lying, clueless, disloyal, coward, just like the rest of her worthless, ungrateful, piece of s*it family. She’s going to fit RIGHT in there at fox spews.

  3. Maybe the way to short circuit this one is for dems to start praising her for obvious things she wont want to do or support. If enough dems praise her for some twisted concept of what she proposes, it could start all sorts of discomfort about her from among the wingers. they just might not be sure she’s one of them, And the voters wont know what to do if they are looking at a rethug the dems praise and pretend to support.uld launch all sort of conversations dems can play arroud with .
    Or is that just too complicated, and we should just overwhelm faux with complaints?

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