Fox Nation vs. Reality: On Sarah Palin Undefeated

Fox NationThe reality challenged Fox Nationalists have done it again. In a story about the absurdly named crockumentary, Sarah Palin: Undefeated, Fox Nation posted an item with the headline…

“Palin Film Selling Out in Theaters.”

The item is linked to a story by Reuters that actually reported that the “Sarah Palin documentary sells out Grapevine, Texas.” As Reuters notes “Grapevine isn’t exactly a teeming metropolis,” and the film thus far has only 10 theaters scheduled to run it nationwide.

So rather than selling out theaters (plural), it was a single theater in one town in Texas. The desperation of Fox Nation to hype this turkey is palpable. They don’t want a repeat of the embarrassing failure of the Ayn Rand pic, Atlas Shrugged. But this is so pathetic it’s laughable.

[Update] I just called the AMC Grapevine Mills theater to ascertain ticket availability. I was told that there are tickets for all screenings except for 7:00pm Friday. That screening was bought out by the local Republican Party. Every other screening has tickets available and the film is only scheduled to run for a week or two, depending on audience response. So even Reuters was incorrect. There is nothing remotely close to a sell out for this film, even in Texas which should be its best market.


48 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: On Sarah Palin Undefeated

  1. Grapevine is a suburb of Dallas with a large resort and a small theater, so selling the place out isn’t much of a feat.

    • One show,free tickets!That’s a sell out.Check out the amc @ grapevine outlet malls.

      • It’s even better than that. See the update to the article above.

  2. Sorry delusional liberal stooges, but The Undefeated is selling out nationwide.

    This means it will get into national distribution. Also, the director has inked a deal with WalMart, which means EVERYONE will have a chance to see the movie.

    That is your worst nightmare come true. This movie sets the record straight after all of the lies told by your kind.

    Palin was already gonna whip Obama’s like a rented mule in 2012, but with people seeing the movie, and learning just what a bad ass she is and how she went after corrupt Republicans and oil men, this is going to be a landslide defeat for you liberal weasels.

    We’re going to run ALL of you out of power and keep you out. You’ve destroyed our country, and can never be trusted in power again.

    • And where’s your proof of these nationwide sellouts? The movie isn’t sold out anywhere. Go to their web site and see for yourself. You might want to do just a little research before you spew your lies.

      And I pray that Palin gets in the race and becomes the GOP nominee. America hates her. Take a look at her polling (even Rasmussen).

      • Mark, In CO, The Undefeated was second to only Harry Potter. And yep, there are pictures,(they are already hitting the social media)One venue had to open a second theater.
        Darn…I accidentally looked at Obama’s polling data first and saw that even Sean Hannity is leaving him in the dust. Does this mean America hates BO?
        Ron Paul, as usual has 367.5% of Americans supporting him.

          • Ha ha. Gateway Pundit’s Twitter pals? Real reliable source.

        • 367.5% of Americans support Paul? I’m speechless.

          • It’s a joke, son. One cannot transcend 100%..unless of course one is sitting in the Oval office spending our money.

        • Just checked Colorado, only showing in one theatre, there are tickets remaining for all shows and it is only being shown on one screen. The news about this movie is deliberately misleading. It was being lauded as a nationwide sell-out and yet it sold out in ONE showing only and the theatre was bought out by the local Republican party for that show only. Also, it was interesting to note that after a showing, half the people left the theatre and then turned around and went back in for a second time. Sounds like Palin is working behind the scenes to try to re-create her image as being successful. She’s still as phony as those 80% approval ratings that were rigged by her employees. It’s all in black and white, no use denying it or even bothering to try. Palin is a compulsive liar.

      • The proof is everywhere you whiny liberal bitch.

        The movie did better, percentage wise than any movie this weekend, except Harry Potter.

        You hitched your wagon to a loon over at The Atlantic hoping he was right. The Atlantic is the same bunch who had Andrew Sullivan on their masthead for years as he wrote daily stories fantasizing about Sarah Palin’s uterus! His AIDS induced dementia is legendary for it’s insanity.

        Even CNN is admitting the theaters were PACKED. Fact is, the movie in an incredible success and will now see nationwide distribution. It will also be out on DVD in time for every American to have a copy.

        I’ve followed Palin since her earliest days as Governor, and this movie sets the record straight, undoing the lies that losers like yourself have told.

        You might as well face it Mark, The democrat party, thanks to Obama, is finished. Palin is going to destroy that moron in the debates. She’ll hit him with so many rights, he’ll beg for a left.

        There has never been a political ass kicking of the proportion Obama is going to get from Palin.

        She destroyed a sitting [and corrupt] Republican Governor in Alaska, and then destroyed a popular former democrat Governor in the general. BTW, several top Obama staffers worked for Tony Knowles [the democrat] when Palin took him out. They freaked out when McCain chose her as his running mate. They know EXACTLY how tough she is.

        This is why Team Obama went after her so hard, and their media partners have continued to just make shit up trying to stop her. Obama lives in fear of her, and so does his staff. He and they know that she will take him down.

        The only people that don’t understand that are foolish little drones like yourself. The Soviets used to call people like you “useful idiots.” That surely applies to your kind.

        • Thanks for the laugh. I nearly fell out of chair. Better than Harry Potter??? The movie made a measly $68k nationwide.

          Yeah we’re scared of Palin alright. Here’s how scared I am: I PRAY she gets in the race and gets the GOP nomination. But I bet she won’t. She’s the one who is afraid. She knows how much this country hates her. Take a look at her polling nationally (not just the Tea Baggers).

          • Mark,
            It’s obvious you’re a paid troll or a script kiddie, or you wouldn’t be making such bombastic claims.
            The movie averaged $6500 / screen in its first weekend; with no national mass media campaign, not as a continuing franchise such as Harry Potter, and with all kinds of unfavorable hit pieces ready to go the moment it opened (such as Conor Friedersdorf at the Atlantic, or Roger Moore from the Orlando Sentinel).
            And yet on a per-screen basis it averaged more than “The Transformers” overall, during its first weekend.
            The movie is intended as an *antidote* to the relentless campaign of hate and propaganda against Palin — how many other ex-VP candidates have had late-night talk show host joking on national TV about the statutory rape and impregnation of their underaged daughter by a professional athlete?
            And at this, it succeeds. I have not seen it; but I talked to Bachmann and Cain supporters at the Right Online Conference in Minneapolis who *had* seen it during prescreening. They were all very impressed with the movie, and with what they learned about the Governor.
            As for polls? Recall that in January of 1979 (closer to that election than we are now to 2012) the Gallup poll had Carter 57%, Reagan 35%. But the actual election was Reagan 51%, Carter 41%.
            (Hint: As Bill Clinton was fond of saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.”)
            Polls this far out are not necessarily accurate.

            • Talk about your paid trolls…

              I heard that the first thing they teach you in Paid Troll school is to accuse your targets of being paid trolls. So, good job.

              And since you heard from attendees of the RoghtOnline conference that they were impressed with the movie, I guess that settles it.

            • The page won’t let me reply to your poat of 7/19/2011 at 5:47 PM below it, so I’ll reply here.
              Where did you hear that? Your trolling friends?
              You and your ilk started flooding the thread with vituperation and already-discredited hit stories on Palin, fulfilling the definition of a troll.
              (Even though I saw you made the original post, too — it was a convenient rallying point for PDS.)
              The point about RightOnline is that the people I talked to were enthusiastic supporters of other (officially declared) candidates for President, and were persuaded to revisit their views on Palin. So the movie is fulfilling one of its aims.

    • Walmart you say? LOL! If so Sarah Palin’s Undefeated will be in the 99 cents sale bin along with Charlie Sheen’s “winning” t-shirts and the FOX brand koolaid.

  3. Hmm. Believe an anonymous blogger with a serious case of PDS…or Reuters and all the people who have seen The Undefeated. What to do?
    Seriously, Mark, your unsubstantiated and rudely worded opinions are not impressing anyone other than those suffering from the same affliction as you. You’re kinda like an ostrich…head buried in the sands of obama worship, not realizing that we can still see you for what you are.
    As for Any Rand’s “Atlas Shruggeds”. It did fine for its limited release. The story, after all, is intended for a more educated audience. Is that why you didn’t appreciate it?

    • You don’t have to believe me, Annie. Call the theater yourself:
      Grapevine Mills 30 – Grapevine, TX: (972) 539-5909.

      Or you can check the online ticket sales. I even checked the screenings for the other nine markets where the film is playing. There are tickets for every show. Go ahead…check for yourself. You have the phone number and the link. I’ve done all the work for you.

      And by the way, the producers of Atlas Shrugged admitted that the film bombed and they were unable to get wider distribution because it performed so poorly in limited release. They also canceled plans for Parts 2 and 3.

      • I checked it Mark. Only time with available tickets was 12:45 am. That’s the almost one o’clock in the morning showing. And that time was not advertised in local listings. Why is this film so important to you? Serious question.

        • Serious answer: The film isn’t important to me at all. I wrote short item that was about how Fox Nation had lied. The film was just ancillary. But you’ve been repeatedly dragging it out and I’ve just been responding. So why is this film so important to you?

          FYI: You realize don’t you that 12:45 is the only screening remaining? It’s already past 11:00 in Texas. This is just getting ridiculous. You’re not even trying.

  4. Mark, PDS is treatable! Stop spreading lies, liberals like you have nothing to do with their time. Why is that? I guess the Nanny State gives you all you need. Right? Atlas Shrugged did very well here where I live, then again people are very educated here. Is this your goal in life, to do other’s bidding of lies and fairy tales? BTW, who in their right mind would even listen to a liberal? Our Country is falling apart and all the liberals are running around being Chicken Little! Give it a rest, go help find a missing child, or take clothes to the Reservation!

    • Oh yeah, Atlas Shrugged did VERY well. Cost $20 million – made $4.6 million.

      Lies and fairy tales? It’s what you Tea Baggers feast on.

      • Mark, you assume that I am a Tea Party member! Why all the hate? if you do not like our Country then maybe you need to go to one that strips you of all freedom. I am a very reasonable person that reason’s, on what the facts are, not what liberals say. What is your purpose other then attacking with lies. I have seen undefeated and found what I am looking for, Honest,Caring, stand up for America, and you think that it is wrong? Just what do you have to offer besides making phony statements, you need to check YOUR Facts before spewing stupidity.

        • Why all the hate? You accused me of lying (without any evidence) in your first comment, so stop trying to pretend you’re so righteous.

          I’ve backed up everything I’ve said with proof and links. You just rant insults. And if you don’t like our country you can go to the Libertarian Paradise of Somalia. I’m sure you’d love it there. Total freedom.

          • Now, Mark, lay off the “real” American. The tea buggers are defenseless against their own ignorance.

      • We don’t feast on lies: but liberals do.
        Examples include the ‘Trig Truther’ controversy;
        The accusations that Gov. Palin was responsible for the Loughner shootings — even though Jared had been reported to the Sheriff’s department before and barred from his community college campus, but was kept out of trouble due to political connections;
        Charles Gibson misquoting Palin on the air on ABC news, and responding to her challenging the quotation, repeating the words, “Exact quote.” even though it *wasn’t*;
        Tina Fey’s “I can see Russia from my house” even though Palin had been comparing — accurately — Big Diomede Island and Little Diomede Island;
        claims that “The Undefeated” had played to a empty house at 12:01 AM — even though people who had attended shows later that day had asked for the “earliest showing” and were never told about a 12:01 AM showing;
        and of course, wholesale character assassination.
        It’s what liberals do when they have no cogent logical argument: which is a disproportionate share of the time, as indicated by your own behaviour on this thread.

  5. Reports of Atlas Shrugged’s death appear to be greatly exaggerated.

    Atlas Shrugged movie coming to DVD and Blu-Ray this fall
    Posted on July 11, 2011 1:30 am UTC by Joshua Zader
    ShareThe producers of the Atlas Shrugged movie have now officially inked a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to distribute the movie on DVD, to be released sometime this fall.

    From their press release on the subject:

    Atlas Productions, LLC announced today it has signed a distribution deal with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the release of ATLAS SHRUGGED: PART 1 on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and Video on Demand.

    • Where all successful movies go: straight to DVD.

    • 20th Century Fox… that about says it all.

      DVD to be shown in Dominionist churches nationwide… the new neocon religion… “Biblical Capitalism”

    • So if a movie is available on DVD, it’s to be considered a success? Let’s check those newly released DVD’s that went from box office flop to DVD, shall we? How many hundreds are there? Far too many to list but everyone puts out a DVD because they know there are idiots who will rent it or buy it despite doing extremely pitiful sales in the theatres.

      • Before you define success, ask what the goals are.
        Is it to compete as summer entertainment, head-to-head against the Potter franchise and finale?

        Or is it to begin raising awareness of the real background of Sarah Palin’s political life, as opposed to the mythology promulgated by the haters on the left?
        You know, like Sandra Bernhardt who threatened that Palin would be raped by black men should she ever venture into Manhattan; or the Facebook Page with a cartoon of Palin holding a pistol to her own head; or the mass of politically inspired lawsuits in Alaska — the gem of which surely was one claiming that her carefully vetted legal defense fund was *itself* illegal.
        The true moonbats will never listen…but that’s OK. They’ll be liable to be swept away in an electoral tsunami again, much as they were in the Nov. 2010 elections.

    • Oops, sorry Mark, you beat me to it. You certainnly are on top of things.

  6. After reading about all these alleged sell-outs, I checked each theatre and would have been able to buy up to 30 tickets for any show tonight if I had wanted to complete the purchase. These are rumors being put out by the RWNJ’s.

    I read awhile ago in an Alaskan paper about $arah’s m.o. of building up mythical dragons that she would then slay, as in the MSM. She knew she wouldn’t be able to con them on a national level so she built them up to be the bad guy for daring to tell the truth about her. Yet realistically, they never revealed anywhere near the true amount of dirt that is available just by reading the Alaskan papers for the years she was Mayor and Governor. She honestly has yet to be vetted but if she runs, she certainly will be. Of course, she also pretends that President Obama was never vetted. Too bad that is such a lie. The reality is that Clinton vetted him in every manner they could, there just wasn’t any real dirt that they could use against him. If there had been, it would have been used. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Palin is not liked by over 75% of the people in this country, the more they saw of her, the higher her unfavorable ratings soared. She can pretend to write books, do reality shows, have her daughter write books & appear on a reality show, and even have a film made about herself, but NOTHING will help the real Palin because anyone with a working brain can see she is clueless. She’s still trying to pretend she knows more about Economics than well known financial analysts who have proven histories. Stick with reality shows, $arah, you don’t belong in any elected office.

    • Thanks for the research, Kate. I’m going to be following this up on Monday with the box office results (if there were enough to register). So far Atlas Shrugged, loser that it was, is beating this piece of trash.

    • She’s still trying to pretend she knows more about Economics than well known financial analysts who have proven histories.
      Like the Ivy-League advisors to Obama who promised that if the stimulus bill were passed, that the US unemployment rate would never top 8.0% — and whose *worst-case* predictions for the economy in the absence of the bill, are even better than the actual numbers WITH the bill, out in the real world?
      And your irony is amusing…speaking of reality shows.
      “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” reportedly paid her $1 million /episode.
      Even if that number is off, the important point is that the cable show was favorable publicity showing her as much more genuine than John “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?” Kerry — and at that, to a target audience much more likely to consider voting for her than, say, the arts-and-croissant crowd.
      *And she didn’t have to pay a penny for it!* — a sign of financial savvy indeed.

  7. How fast will Church’s lose there tax-exempt status if they start playing this screed in Church?
    Does Sarah play Lloyd(Jeff Daniels) or Harry(Jim Carrey) in this remake?

    • I’m looking forward to Palin becoming President and yanking the tax-exempt status of the Irrev. Jeremiah “God D@mn America” Wright’s church, and any church associated with Rev. Jesse Jackson, so fast, it’ll make your head spin.
      Savor the words. President Sarah Palin.

      • So I guess you also support pulling the tax exempt status of Pat Robertson, Bob Hagee, and the rest of the televangelists?

        As for President Sarah Palin, thanks for the laugh.

        • I haven’t paid any attention to Robertson for years; although I *do* recall that back in 1988 or so, he came in 2nd in the GOP primary in Minnesota and scared the crap out of a lot of conventional thinkers in so doing.
          (Yeah, the same Minnesota that elected Jesse Ventura, Keith Ellison, Al Franken, and “the poor man’s friend” trust-fund baby Mark Dayton. Must be something in the Lutefisk.)
          But if Robertson is doing the same thing as in yesteryear, I’d segregate the charitable works from the politically motivated for tax purposes.
          Never heard of Bob Hagee, so I can’t comment.
          President Palin — just the words make me smile.

    • Is that why she is married to the same Hunk Stud for all these years?
      Is that why she bought a house near Troon Golf Course in North Scottsdale (reportedly $1.6 million) for cash?
      Is that why she had *two* New York Times bestsellers and a top-rated cable show?
      Is that why she has people like you in such a tizzy, from a movie she didn’t even produce or pay for, showing on a mere 10 screens for one weekend?
      You know, if you Democrats had just left her alone as Governor of Alaska, she would have slowly faded. Maybe become an obscure US Senator after a few years, but not much more.
      Next time, why don’t you let sleeping Grizzlies alone…?

  8. Wow. I don’t follow many of these threads, and this is the reason why. They’re full of personal insults, misinformation and fantasies. For all of you struggling to support Ms. Palin’s candidacy and claim that her movie is outperforming everything (despite the evidence), can you explain to this non-liberal exactly what it is that you like about her? I’ve read about her half-tenure as governor and her pronouncements on many issues, and I can’t find much that makes me think she’d be a better candidate than ten other Republicans or conservatives I could name. What’s so exciting other than her speaking style?

  9. How will the liberal media react now that 0.0033% of the nation has flocked to see this bold portrayal of the most heroic woman who has ever lived on this planet?

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