Fox News Ignores Biden’s Infrastructure Plans to Obsess Over His Wearing a Face Mask

President Biden has really been causing trouble for Fox News. For the past four months he has demonstrated a high level of competency and compassion as a leader. That is driving the folks at Fox nuts. And Biden, the swine, is probably doing it on purpose. Likewise he is striving to be “boring” as another means of tormenting the Foxies. Worst of all, Biden is achieving verifiable progress on the nation’s most critical issues such as the economy and the COVID pandemic. His success is evident in his high approval polling and the popularity of the Democratic agenda.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump Baby, Fake News

Consequently, fox News has had to struggle to come up with derogatory story lines on the President. You might think that they would be pretty good at this considering how much “news” they make up themselves. But their record is pretty sad. It consists mainly of trivialities like blaming Biden for sauce shortages at Chick-fil-A, and his fiendish plot to “take down America.” That’s when they aren’t dispensing flagrant racism or hyping abstract and artificial notions like “cancel culture” and “wokeness” that nobody really understands.

On Tuesday morning Fox News assigned their intrepid White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, to tag along with the President to a Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan. While there, Fox News chose not to broadcast any of Biden’s speech (full video below) that covered salient portions of his infrastructure agenda, as well as plans to address the climate crisis and job creation. Instead, Doocy delivered this breaking news exclusive report:

“The President is saying a lot by showing us what he’s wearing. We have some new video. You can see at an electric vehicle plant in Dearborn, Michigan, he has got a face mask covering his mouth and nose. Which conflicts with the CDC guidance that you don’t have to do that, or socially distance indoors or outdoors as long as you are vaccinated. Which the President has been since before taking the oath of office.”

Doocy is also “saying a lot by showing us” what he regards as newsworthy reporting. Never mind that Doocy didn’t bother to ascertain whether or not there was a company policy at the plant that required masks. That appears likely since everyone else in the video was wearing them. Doocy also didn’t address whether the other people in the video had been vaccinated. And Doocy misrepresented the CDC guidance which actually says that masks should be worn indoors with people who aren’t vaccinated.

This is what happens when a propaganda network is incapable of concocting “scandals” to denigrate their ideological foes. It’s a pathetic spectacle of futility that will fall flat for everyone except for their loyal and gullible regular viewers. But to what end? Fox already has them convinced that Biden is a radical socialist dictator. Does is it really make any difference if they also think he’s one of them mask wearing libruls?

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Ignores Biden’s Infrastructure Plans to Obsess Over His Wearing a Face Mask

  1. Little “Doofy Doocy”…if not for nepotism, he’d surely be unemployed. So, once again, even when Faux Propaganda Network is where the news is, no actual news will their viewers see/hear. Because Fox is NOT a news channel! (Their 1st lie.) Viewers remain uninformed & ignorant, but think they saw “the news”. Peter got to tag along with the Prez, like a whiney baby brother ~ he could have reported on “the shiny red truck” behind Biden, but all he got out of it was stupid drivel about mask wearing…& didn’t even get that right. Of course not; prob’ly watches FauxNotNews himself, so is clueless about anything that matters. “News? What news?” “There was news?”
    So, Doocy was there, along with Biden & the plant’s execs on a tour — all wearing masks. Well, except for Doocy & his cameraman? (How rude) Or….
    Is Doocy a hypocrite?! It does seem that masks were the proper protocol at this facility. Did he wear 1 too?

    CDC didn’t say people CAN’T wear masks & in fact, with all the variants out there & so many idiot Rethugs refusing to be vaccinated, willing to spread variants, I intend to keep wearing a mask if in close quarters that may have Rethug types. I’m fully vaccinated ~ of course, doesn’t include all the variant versions of virus, looking for a warm host. Rethugs make everything political, even a deadly virus. Should make ’em have a tattoo on their forehead, so at least we’d be warned — like, if standing next to me, or touching stuff & leaving “viral bugs” behind.
    But, since I doubt we’d be able to tattoo them (they’re so proud of not getting vaccine, right?), I’m not tossing out my masks anytime soon.

    What really bugs me about this story is, why the hell does Biden allow propaganda peddlers to pretend they’re legit journalists!? Why?!? They could/should be banned from press briefings, road trips, etc. Let them make up their stupid lies without having any footage, or phony questions. ONLY real reporters of actual news should be able to be there. By letting ’em join the “big boys/girls” who report real news, it lends a credibility they sure as hell don’t deserve! It doesn’t do anything good. “Wanna’ see news? Watch a real news channel!” Fox, OAN & Newsmax are not there for news, so kick ’em out! They’re a waste of space.
    Biden & Dem Party need to get wise & tougher. They’re bringing spoons to a knife fight! I’m a kind person & fair & polite, but gotta’ have boundaries, or ya’ get run over. Alot.

  2. An interesting feature of the pandemic is the obvious politicization of public health itself. Republicans don’t believe the government has a roll in national health so they constantly fight mask orders, closing of public venues and schools, vaccinations, medicare, social security and the public option. It seems to be an outright attack on the Constitution’s “promote the general welfare” clause but maybe that’s one of the parts they consider fake news.

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