Vladimir Putin Joins Trump and Fox News to Defend the Capitol Insurrectionists

From the earliest days of Donald Trump’s entry into presidential politics, he was closely associated with Vladimir Putin and Russia. He had financial dealings prior to announcing his candidacy. He famously, and publicly, begged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. And his collusion, or at least knowing tolerance of, Russia aiding his campaign was well documented.

Fox News, Vladimir Putin

Apparently the relationship between Putin and Trump is still in tact.. On Friday Putin spoke at an economic forum in St. Petersburg. He discussed a range of topics including the upcoming summit with President Biden. It’s a summit for which Sean Hannity of Fox News has already begun trying to sabotage Biden. During Putin’s remarks he also addressed the Capitol Hill riots staged by Trump insurrectionists. Reuters reports that…

“[Putin] spoke critically of the U.S. response to the Capitol attack, which took place as Congress prepared to certify that Biden had defeated then President Donald Trump in the November election.

‘They weren’t just a crowd of robbers and rioters. Those people had come with political demands,’ he said.

“Putin pointed out that the heavy charges against hundreds of participants in the attack were filed even as the U.S. and its allies strongly criticized Belarus’ crackdown on anti-government protests.”

Really? Putin is apparently getting his talking points straight from Trump, Fox News, and/or the Republican Party. His position is identical to that of Trump who told Fox News that the rioters posed “zero threat” as they strolled through the Capitol “hugging and kissing the police.” Putin agrees with Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Paul Gosar, who insist that the January 6th riots were entirely peaceful and comprised of ordinary tourists. And Putin could sit in for Tucker Carlson, who dishonestly portrayed the rioters as decent protesters.

The absurdity of Putin’s remarks extend beyond the obvious lies casting Trump’s violent thugs as concerned citizens. There is also the flagrant hypocrisy considering Putin’s record of disregard for civil liberties and suppression of dissidents. A prominent Putin critic, Alexei Navalny, recently survived an assassination attempt by poison, and he is currently in prison. When Navalny’s supporters took to the the streets in protest, Putin had them rounded up and jailed by the thousands. He is not exactly an authoritative voice on these matters.

Nevertheless, Putin is now aligned with Trump and Fox News in spreading the same propaganda about January 6th. It’s a confederacy of like-minded totalitarians, all committed to the same brand of lies. And Putin’s participation only clarifies just how destructive and anti-American the Trump/Fox News cabal has been all along.

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  1. Putin needs to stay out of our business imo. POS

  2. As near as I can tell most of the Capitol attackers are being charged with trespassing. I doubt Vladi would go that easy on folks that attacked the Kremlin. He poisons people for simply being in the opposition party.

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