Did Donald Trump Jr Just Admit Daddy Trump Was ‘Rolling Over on Everything’ for Putin?

It’s fairly obvious that the Trump family was cursed with a genetic tendency toward arrogance, entitlement, dishonesty, vengefulness, and most of all, glaring ignorance. The evidence of that is abundant in virtually everything Donald Trump had done in his failed presidency and his public life beforehand.

Donald Trump Jr

As affirmation of the old saying that the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree, Donald Trump Jr is establishing his birthright of idiocy – again. On Saturday morning the Trumpian spawn took to Twitter with what he surely thought was a scorching burn on President Joe Biden. The tweet referenced the recent summit that Biden held with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, In a flagrant attempt to sabotage the meeting in advance, the senior Trump spoke out to declare that he trusted Russia over the American President. That’s a position that Sean Hannity of Fox News shared.

Not wanting to be left out of the America bashing, Junior tweeted a reply to a report in the Moscow Times noting that Putin praised Biden as “sharp, attentive and professional.” Which is a far cry from the childish insults that Fox News has been spewing. Donnie posted this lame retort:

The magnitude of the stupidity here is massive. Is Junior really this dense and out of touch? No need to answer that. Just take a look at this tweet from last week that reported Putin’s praise for TFG (The Former Guy):

Was that also Putin’s “thank you note for rolling over on everything”? And way back in 2015 Putin said pretty much the same thing:

And who can forget the Trump/Putin press conference in Helsinki in July of 2018 when Putin admitted that he supported Trump’s candidacy and his cronies working on it:

That was the same press conference where Trump took sides with Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. So the love affair went both ways.

It’s more than clear that Trump was Putin’s lapdog since before he was elected, and throughout his single, twice-impeached, occupation of the white House. But it’s good to knw that Trump’s boy admits that receiving compliments from Putin is evidence of political subservience. Because no one has been more dutifully obedient to Putin than Donald Trump, the elder.

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2 thoughts on “Did Donald Trump Jr Just Admit Daddy Trump Was ‘Rolling Over on Everything’ for Putin?

  1. For a detailed, harrowing look inside the appalling Trump family, look no further than Mary Trump’s excellent “Too Much and Never Enough.” If ever you’re wondering where shit-heads like Donald come from, the answer’s within the 200-odd pages of her book.

  2. Donald Dipshit Jr:
    “LOL. When Russia is saying this you know they’re loving it. It’s like a thank you note for rolling over on everything.”

    It sounded to me like he was making the allegation that Biden had “rolled over on everything”.
    Which, considering his dad being Putin’s ugly sock puppet & Trump’s many secret phone calls with Putin, as prez ~ “no recording of”, which is NOT allowed under our rules/laws…for Dipshit Jr to project that garbage onto Biden is perfectly in line w/Rethugs, who project all their shit onto the other side.
    Ever wonder wgat they’re up to? Just chack out what they’re accusing Dems of doing.
    “Projection” ~ a little bump in the Psycho Rd. where Rethugs have taken up residence, along with their deranged leader & loser, Dipshit Jr’s papa.

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