OF COURSE: Fox News Blames Obama for ‘Missing Huge Opportunity’ to Leave Afghanistan

President Biden’s determination that the twenty year long Afghanistan war would not be handed down to another American president is a goal that the vast majority of the American people agree with. In fact, before Biden took on the task, Republicans, including Donald Trump, agreed with it.

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This was never going to be a easy job, and the difficulties inherent in such an operation were tragically borne out when an ISIS terrorist took the lives of 13 American soldiers and an estimated 150 Afghan civilians. Nevertheless, Biden’s team orchestrated the largest personnel airlift in history, evacuating more than 100,000 people in less than a month. All the while Trump was slandering Biden for achieving an objective for which Trump had notoriously failed.

Naturally, Fox News couldn’t stand by and witness this unprecedented evacuation without finding some way of maligning Biden and the U.S. military, and turning the whole affair into propaganda piece for Trump and his Republican Party. Some of the attacks were vicious and bizarre, such as their attempt to blame First Lady Jill Biden for what they portrayed as a “debacle”. That ludicrous shifting of responsibility brought only ridicule to Fox News.

Undeterred, Fox News has now focused on a new culprit whom they can pin this thing on: Former President Barack Obama. Because whenever there is any problem that might reflect badly on the right-wing beneficiaries of Fox’s bullshittery, they resort to their old standby: Blame the Black guy. Thus we have a story on the Fox News website headlined, “Obama missed huge opportunity to get out of Afghanistan, general says.”

The article accuses Obama of having missed the opportunity to exit Afghanistan following the termination of Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden. The assumption being that with Bin Laden’s death there was no more terrorist threat at all. But even if there were some truth to the suggestion that Obama could have withdrawn U.S. troops at that time, Fox News wasn’t just faulting him for letting that opportunity slip away. They went even further charging that by not leaving then, he was “thus extending U.S. troopsā€™ time in the country for another 10 years.”

Did you catch that? Fox News is hanging responsibility for the war continuing on Obama, not just for the remainder of his term, but for the entirety of Trump’s term. In Fox World Trump is blameless even though he campaigned on ending the war, but failed to fulfill that promise for four years.

What’s more, the article also hit Biden’s decision to finally take action, saying that it was “a decision that emboldened the Taliban.” Never mind that it was Trump who negotiated the “surrender agreement” with the Taliban, completely leaving out the Afghan government.

It was just a matter of time before Fox News got around to blaming the Black guy. They had already failed to get any traction out of fingering Dr. Jill Biden. And the President was performing too well to continuing pursuing that path. So the next target would have had to have been Hillary Clinton or Obama. Consequently, Hillary might want to prepare for some incoming attacks after the Obama assault proves to be futile.

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7 thoughts on “OF COURSE: Fox News Blames Obama for ‘Missing Huge Opportunity’ to Leave Afghanistan

  1. Well, of course it’s Obama’s fault! Everything is! šŸ˜‰ You know that meteor that hit the Earth and triggered the cataclysms that wiped out the dinosaurs? Yep, that, too.

  2. You mean it’s not Hillary’s fault? I’m sure they’ll fit het in there before they are done.

  3. Hillary—>Bengazi—> The emails—>Jill Biden—>”Ta-da!”

    We can laugh at how stupid that really is, but you just know there are plenty of as-holes & idiots on the far-right who’d believe it. And Faux Propaganda Network (FPN) + FB groups that would spread that BS far & wide. ~We live in very scary tines, for sure!

  4. Y’know what’s weird? I cant find this story on Twitter. Maybe Faux are too gutless?

    • Never mind, finally found it…happily, the majority of those commenting are saying the same thing: “So….there was no president between Barack Obama and Biden? Of course there wasn’t. Just blame the black guy!”

  5. DO NOT blame the idiots who took us into the war. They are completely blameless.

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