Righteous CNN Media Analyst Scolds Fox News Anti-Vaxers for ‘Helping to Kill People!’

It has been well documented that Fox News is the most prominent promoter of pro-COVID propaganda in America today. They have adopted an across the board editorial mission to belittle the deadly consequences of the coronavirus, while simultaneously dismissing the benefits of the vaccine. Along with Donald Trump, Fox News is convincing untold thousands of dimwitted cult followers to unnecessarily put their lives at risk.

Fox News, Vaccine

Most of the commentaries on Fox News adhere strictly to the network’s politically driven anti-vax agenda. However, by far the most offensive vaccine opponent is Tucker Carlson. He has repeatedly advocated the use of quack cures, spread paranoid conspiracy theories that vaccines don’t work, praised people who unlawfully used fake vaccination cards, and even urged his viewers to file false police reports of child abuse against parents who choose to have their children wear face masks.

Carlson, sadly, isn’t alone. His confederates Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and the rest of the Fox roster are equally as liable for the serious harm the network causes. And on Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s Reliable Sources they addressed this subject with a panel that included David Zurawik, a professor of communications and media studies at Goucher College, and former TV critic for the Baltimore Sun. Host Brian Stelter began the discussion by accurately noting that the anti-vaxers at Fox News are “essentially are prolonging the pandemic.” This led into Zurawik’s impassioned response:

“It’s like it’s not real to them. It’s like it’s a game. They’re playing for viewership. They’ve got a core that will listen to this and wants to hear this, apparently, and that they’re reinforcing.

“But how do you live with yourself when you know what you’re doing in the media can cause deaths for people? How do you live with yourself? I don’t understand that. There’s a lot of sins we have, and I’ll confess to some of them as a journalist. But I don’t know how people in right-wing media – with the science that we have out there and with all the videos and all the personal tragedies we’ve witnessed of people dying – you go and do anti-vax stuff on television.

“It’s not a game! You walk out on the street, you’re part of the community, you’re part of this country, you’re part of the global community. And you’re contributing to killing people. That’s unconscionable. There is no forgiveness. There is no forgiveness for these people. Go ahead, cash your checks now. You’re helping to kill people. Think of that tomorrow when you go in before the cameras.”

This righteous rant would surely resonate with millions of Americans who also don’t understand how Fox News cretins can live with themselves after disseminating so much demonstrably dangerous advice. They are indeed “helping to kill people” by the thousands. And they couldn’t care less.

It is, for them, about viewership, about a paycheck, and about politically embracing the Trump Doctrine of division and knee-jerk opposition to the common sense solutions offered by his perceived enemies. That group includes Democrats, scientists, academics, and citizens who yearn for a return to some form of normalcy. In short, it is success that Fox News opposes. But only because President Biden might get some of the credit for it. And to Fox News and Trump, avoiding that is worth thousands of Americans dying.

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One thought on “Righteous CNN Media Analyst Scolds Fox News Anti-Vaxers for ‘Helping to Kill People!’

  1. People like those on FauxNoNews have zero conscience ~ must be prerequisite to get the job! If they had morals, ethics & self-respect they wouldn’t be at that station. Why are they there? My guess – big $buck$. For some folks, money matters more than self-respect, or think $$ is how to get respect.

    Meantime, they justify it to themselves along these lines: “No one is making viewers watch us; it’s their choice. If they want facts, there’s plenty of other news outlets; there’s radio, internet news & can read a newspaper. And maybe they do that too. It’s THEIR decision what they watch. We provide a choice, that’s all.”
    I think that’s piss-poor justification; but that’s just me.

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