Trump Makes Hysterical Claim of Voter Fraud that Actually Proves His ‘Big Lie’ is Bogus

Nearly a year after the 2020 presidential election, the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host and fake billionaire, Donald Trump, is still running his mouth about election fraud. Never mind that in all that time – and after more than sixty failed court challenges – he and his cohorts in politics and the press have been unable to uncover even a shred of evidence to support his manic ranting that has incited deadly violence.

Donald Trump

Even the GOP-run “fraudit” in Arizona concluded that Joe Biden was the legitimate winner. But that didn’t stop Trump from proclaiming just the opposite. Just as he has done repeatedly before. Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr, even admitted that “We realized from the beginning it was just bull—.” Which triggered another Trump tantrum.

Well, all of that may have just come to an inglorious end with posts by Trump’s spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). Harrington’s tweets linked to an article that she rapturously reported were proof of voter fraud (and not for the first time). But like everything else in Trump World, the reality was far less scandalous than the lies they gushed (Here’s the tweet if you’d like to report it (and her) to Twitter).

There is a lot to unpack in this purposefully deceptive set of tweets. Let’s begin with the fact that it only alleges to have found a total of 28 votes that it implies were irregular. That’s out of nearly three million cast in a state where Biden won by more than 154,000. What’s more, it doesn’t reveal whether the allegedly fraudulent votes were for Biden or Trump. They could be proof that it was the Trump side that was cheating.

Even more notable is that it doesn’t even prove that there was any fraudulent intent whatsoever. In every case it might easily be explained as naïve persons making minor mistakes that unknowingly violated the law. One case snared a grandmother who was trying to help out her grandson. The article described this super villain saying that…

“The investigation found that the grandmother of Clark returned his absentee ballot by mail despite him deciding to vote in person. Clark admitted to signing her grandson’s absentee ballot because she was concerned he wouldn’t have time to vote on Election Day.”

Oh my! Lock her up! It is also notable that these trivial cases of impropriety were discovered and reported by the Michigan Attorney General and the Michigan Secretary of State, both of whom are Democrats. So any assertion of Democratic foul play is preposterous.

In fact, this report is proof that the system works. The cases outlined in the article were all found through the routine process of signature matching. This is precisely how the system was developed with safeguards to prevent or catch any irregularities. The state officials released this statement:

“These cases highlight the scrutiny applications and ballots undergo throughout the election process, as well as the thorough investigative process that ensues when instances of attempted fraud are suspected,” AG Dana Nessel said in a release. […] Our election system is secure, and today’s charges demonstrate that in the rare circumstances when fraud occurs we catch it and hold the perpetrators accountable,” [Secretary of State] Jocelyn Benson added.

Clearly, there was no “fraud” that even came close to impacting the election outcome. And it surely does not require any of the extreme measures that Republicans are implementing to suppress voting, such as photo IDs, curtailing of voting hours and locations, eliminating mail-in ballots, or denying voters food and water as they wait for hours, mostly in Democratic districts by design of the GOP legislators.

Nevertheless, the Trump camp is using this utterly inconsequential story to buttress the “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. It fails on every level to do that. And this sort of deliberate deception has the great likelihood of leading to more violence. But that doesn’t matter to the Trump cult who will believe whatever interpretation of reality that they are told to believe. The predictable peril that this represents to American democracy and civil society is the purpose of this charade. They won’t be happy until they foment a full scale civil war.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Makes Hysterical Claim of Voter Fraud that Actually Proves His ‘Big Lie’ is Bogus

  1. “The predictable peril that this represents to American democracy and civil society is the purpose of this charade. They won’t be happy until they foment a full scale civil war.
    Exactly right!
    They will go watch it unfold from safety, with ample security to protect them, like Trump did on Jan 6th. They will have no skin in the game, or blood, or bones ~ no ~ the bloody danger & death will only be on rest of us, as his violent hoardes attack innocent people, at Trump’s command. How presidential of him, huh!? He & his GOP cohorts don’t care who/how many are killed in his name! That’s a psychopath! – not a president, or a true leader, at all! It’s all just a game to Trump & GOP pals; feeding Trump’s ego, as usual. He belongs in Atascadero – prison for the criminally insane! All the GOP with him should be LOCKED UP too, as they knowingly chose to go “all in” with him on promoting the lies, instead of telling the truth, as we’d expect our electeds to do “the right thing” — not the “Right” thing! None of them can ever hold office again; not sure they should even walk free ever again!
    Our Founding Fathers could not have foreseen an America where our elected officials of 1 Party would trash their Oath, their Country & the people, allow the Loser of an election to lie, cheat & destroy this Country, incite violence, attempt a coup with GOP’s help… & the 2nd Party would not “slam on the brakes” & lock them up for doing it! Back then, our leaders led their troops into battle – not call others to make a bloody war against our own people for no reason, while the leaders ran to hide behind security walls, preparing for their takeover of the nation as aurhoritarian rulers, having killed democracy & turned the American people against each other, based on no more than the lies & tantrums of a sore loser who thinks he’s king… & his Party of American traitors & criminals. All cuz’ of the biggest lie ever told, by biggest liar (33,000+ lies) ever, spread by corporate media liars & an entire GOP full of liars, a 2nd Party unable to rise to the occasion & be heroes, so sat & quibbled while democracy burned down! And millions of seriously stupid Americans believed all the lies, took up arms & did anything the Lyin’ King told them, even KILL!
    Even watching it play out before our eyes, I find it hard to believe also!

  2. For the first time in my 93 years I considered the real possibility that my country might fall prey to Fascism.
    America is divided as never before, and the untruths promulgated by a TV game host have gone mainstream.
    We have lost the former Republican party almost entirely. America deserves a strong two party system,
    what can we do to rid our country of mean, dangerous, violent entities and restore the reasonable
    system of agreeable dissagrement .

    • Hello Miss Anna… 1st may I say, “Congratulations on a life well lived!” You’re 93 yrs of age & obviously have a good grasp on situation we are currently in, very articulate & still have that ‘fire’ in you too! I can’t imagine myself being so in 30 more years. (I can only hope.) That’s wonderful!
      As to how do we get rid of the mean, dangerous & violent entities that were once the GOP? Wish I knew. I think they all must be held fully accountable for their words & deeds. That hasn’t happened yet – Why not? But they seem empowered by that & are intent on “fixing elections” in order to take the power they cannot win fair & square. If that happens I fear our democracy is over & judging from the ‘goings on’ during Trump’s 4yrs, with GOP’s help, I expect chaos & loss of many freedoms. A sad end to a great nation, if they succeed in their takeover! Hard to believe that our ruination will be at the hands of 1 of our own Parties…the same 1 that ‘wraps itself up in our flag’!
      You’re correct that we need 2 strong Parties (maybe even 3?) – we don’t have good, strong leadership right now. I wonder if so much hatred & lies being spewed by the (R)’s non-stop, has made us so divided that we may never heal from this at all!?
      We need a gov’t we can trust & that the world can trust. Trump simply does not qualify! And sadly, neither does GOP anymore.
      As you said, we must,
      “…restore the reasonable
      system of agreeable disagreement.”

      Impossible when 1 Party refuses to cooperate, be respectful & to speak the truth.
      That Party has to go, it can’t be trusted! Then a new Party of conservatives can form without any interference & maybe we can get to running this Country with dignity, respect & for benefit of ALL.

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