Trump’s ‘TRUTH Social’ is a Pitiful Cry for Attention Because His Twitter Shill Isn’t Getting Any

This week Donald Trump announced a new business failure – er, venture – that he says will eventually produce a social media service to “create a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley.” Setting aside the likelihood that he will never deliver on this proposal, it still represents an epic feat of hysterical gaslighting.

Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

Trump has dubbed his ego-fluffing phantom operation “TRUTH social.” A branding exercise that flagrantly ignores his notoriety as America’s foremost pathological liar. It is more likely that it will reside in the Trump graveyard of flops that include four bankrupt casinos, a fraudulent university, a sham charitable foundation, and numerous consumer products that consumers never wanted.

However, there is a reason that Trump is so determined to launch a soapbox app dedicated to his own words of witlessness that are primarily comprised of lies, insults, and undeserved boasts. In the ten months since he was exiled from Twitter for excessive and deliberate lying and – as Twitter stated“the risk of further incitement of violence,” Trump has lost most of his online audience. Not that there was much of an audience to hang on to. Internet experts estimated that up to 70% of the 84 million followers reported by Twitter were either fake, bots, or inactive.

That said, an analysis of the interactions on the most recent week of tweets by Trump’s spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), show a massive decline from the last week of Trump’s tweets prior to his suspension.

Average per tweet of 96 tweets)
Average per tweet of 46 tweets)
Retweets 40,385 718 -98.2%
Likes 218,862 1,576 -99.3%

Given that collapse, it isn’t surprising that Trump is looking for another avenue to satisfy his gargantuan, but fragile, ego. Unfortunately for him, he has no chance of replicating the volume of interactions he had on Twitter with whatever he hopes to scrape up on his own lame app. Twitter delivered Trump to an audience of more than 200 million people. He’ll be competing with other fringe rightist sites like Gab, Parlar, Gettr, and the MyPillow guy’s FRANKSpeech. All of which have a tiny fraction of the users that Twitter has. And judging by the pathetic response to his previous attempt to lure his cult followers to his blog, it’s preposterous for him to think that he would do any better.

What’s more, there is little reason to believe that there is much demand for Trump’s ranting and raving. Most of it as of late has been whining about having lost the 2020 presidential election. A third of the Harrington tweets in the past week were about the Arizona “fraudit” by the infamous and utterly disreputable Cyber Ninjas. And he continues to incite violence with inflammatory outbursts like this one, where he defends the traitorous insurrections saying that “The insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!.” Most of the rest of Trump’s alt-tweets were personal attacks on everyone from Colin Powell, to Andrew McCabe, to GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy, to Rep. Liz Cheney, and, of course, President Biden.

It is also notable that Trump is hailing his venture as a haven for free speech. Which is hysterical given that the terms of service explicitly prohibit any criticism of the site or its operators. Which means that there can be no criticism of its Chairman, Donald Trump.

That is not exactly a recipe for success. There is already evidence that his racket is just another Trump con that is bound for civil and/or criminal indictments and penalties. Furthermore, Trump has been warned that he is in violation of the licensing agreement for the software his service has expropriated and that he “has 30 days to comply with the terms of the license before its access is terminated.”

So Trump’s social media app that hasn’t even launched yet may be shut down before it ever does. After which he will somehow blame it all on his imaginary cabal of radical leftists. The only problem is, without any online presence, there won’t be anyone listening.

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7 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘TRUTH Social’ is a Pitiful Cry for Attention Because His Twitter Shill Isn’t Getting Any

  1. Annnnnd… he’s just had a bitchy little schoolgirly go at Meghan McCain -there really is no lowest depth with him. However I am puzzled by the sudden interest in investors and a very huge stock price leap in this latest fail he’s mounting.
    Love to know what’s behind that. And the rules – the RULES – say that people will be kicked off for telling lies on his Truth Social bollocks. Translates as: ‘I don’t like it, therefore I’m kicking you off Truth Social.’ So no-one will be able to call him on his bullshite or troll. Basically its what he had before (which failed) except interaction is now allowed – as long as it’s praising him up.

  2. (From link on Jo’s comment…)
    “The new company, the yet-to-be-launched Trump Media & Technology Group, said its “mission is to create a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley, which have used their unilateral power to silence opposing voices in America.”
    #1st ~Trump & his “opposing voices” have never been silenced – they’re friggin’ heard all the dang time! WISH they were silenced!
    Moving on…
    ~ Stocks were up 800% in just 2 days? Amazing for new, unknown, not yet launched social media “thing”, eh?!?
    Obviously, Trump found new way to grift big $$ into his fat-ass pockets. (SPAC? Really now?) Investigations into his other financial doings of questionable ethics & legality, must need new way to divert funds to himself; something not in FEC’s domain & at least, quasi-legal (for now?). Seems to me that some of those wealthy donors — you know, the mega-rich that don’t pay taxes — got a heads up that they could ‘invest’ n Trump’s newest start-up. After all, not likr he’d ever go bankrupt, right? (Oops ~ my bad!) This is just investing heavily in his brand-new, not up & running yet, venture. Totally legit. Think they can likely write off any losses anyway & they have shitloads of $$$ they aren’t doing anything with, don’t need it – now or ever! So, why not have a little fun with it? Someone should still keep close eye on how Trump ends up with the money. You know he will!

    • Annnnd….the fun continues! Apparently he’s in trouble already for using Mastodon software; after crapping all over everything China (except his MAGA souvenir tat which is made in China) there is Chinese money in it; the ‘launch’ of this latest mess will be March 2022…although there is a URL way in to get an account, and there’s already been a swag of hacks; and there’s this little mention which I spotted in Microsoft news:
      CNN’s tipping him to fail, and why not? He always does!

  3. Thanks for that link Jo – yeah, what a great read that is! Love how it’s referred to as a “blank check” company by/for Trump-a-chump.
    The instability of the stock prices, jerking up & down thru the days & day-to-day as well, is like Trump’s stamp of approval, or just his greasy fingerprints on it!

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