WTF? Fox News Traitor Tucker Carlson Takes Russia’s Side Against Democracy and America

Anyone who has been paying attention to the Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, for any length of time, may have thought that he had already achieved peak assholiness. He recently produced a crocumentary asserting that the January 6th insurrection was “false flag” operation orchestrated by the FBI. He has argued against critical race theory, even while admitting that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And he has been a staunchly pro-COVID voice, spreading blatant lies about the virus and vaccines.

However, Carlson is not one to rest on his loathsome laurels. And he proved it on Wednesday night’s episode of his Fox News Hour of Sour Demagoguery. Carlson conducted an interview with Republican Rep. Mike Turner wherein he twisted U.S. diplomacy and American principles entirely out of shape (video below). He questioned why the U.S. would stand with Ukraine against the threat of Russian aggression. Carlson asked Turner…

“Why would we pick Ukraine’s side and not Russia’s side? It’s a sincere question. If you’re looking for the American perspective, why? Who’s got the energy reserve? Who’s the major player in world affairs? Who’s the potential counterbalance against China, which is the actual threat? Why would we take Ukraine’s side? Why wouldn’t we have Russia’s side. I’m totally confused.”

Whereupon, Turner had to remind Carlson that…

“Ukraine is a democracy. Russia is an authoritarian regime that is seeking to impose its will upon a validly elected democracy in Ukraine. And we’re on the side of democracy. […] We’re for democracy. We’re for liberty. We are not for authoritarian regimes coming in and changing borders by tanks. Russia isn’t showing up on the border with ballot boxes. They’re showing up on the border with tanks. And that’s why we need to make certain that we’re on the side of democracy.”

Carlson had a pitifully unconvincing response, saying that, “Yeah, I guess I’m for democracy in other countries. I guess.” Then he stuck with his original answer anyway. It’s good to know that Carlson’s lukewarm appreciation for democracy doesn’t interfere with his anti-Americanism. Especially coming from someone who recently embraced the tyrannical dictator of Hungary, Viktor Orban. And Carlson has also been a avid believer in Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. So he is clearly no fan of valid elections.

So why would Carlson leap to Russia’s defense in this debate? Well, remember that Russia eagerly helped the Trump campaign in 2016 and 2020. Ukraine, on the other hand, was threatened by Trump with the loss of military aid if they didn’t try to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Trump was impeached for that. But Ukraine declined to help Trump steal another election.

So it isn’t hard to see why Carlson is pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine. Never mind that Russia is a totalitarian foe and Ukraine is a democratic ally. Since Russia provided Trump with assistance, while Ukraine maintained their independence and integrity, that was all that Carlson needed to choose to back Russia and Trump’s BFF Vladimir Putin. It’s just further evidence of the treasonous acts of Carlson and his confederates at Fox News.

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10 thoughts on “WTF? Fox News Traitor Tucker Carlson Takes Russia’s Side Against Democracy and America

  1. I’m for democracy, I guess????? But you know that f*cker carlson is NOT for democracy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have his snout so far up trump’s rectum that he can see his pyloric valve.

  2. “Yeah, I guess I’m for democracy in other countries. I guess.”

    The part that leapt out to me in *ucker’s statement, so grudgingly given was, “in other countries”.
    Anyone else & I’d have thought they meant “also” — ours & theirs both. But, I recall his week of fawning over dictator V. Orban. That, and his general attitude of anti-democratic sentiments he spews on his show, make his words stand-out. I guess.

  3. There has never been any more proof that Fucker Carlson was a fascist than this!

    Degenerate garbage needs to just fucking move to Russia of Hungary.

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