Big Baby Trump Lashes Out at Adam Schiff for Urging the Justice Dept to Probe His Crimes

The best way to gauge what Donald Trump is most afraid of at any given point in time is to observe whatever he is ranting about at that time. And more often than not, Trump is ranting about his decisive loss to President Biden in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump, Adam Schiff

Ever since Trump’s humiliating rejection by a significant majority of the American people, he has persisted in lying about the election being “rigged” and “stolen” from him. Never mind that in more than a year – and sixty plus court cases – he has failed to produce a shred of evidence of his delusional charges.

A few weeks ago House Democrats formed the bipartisan Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Insurrection. Trump’s role in that atrocity has been well documented. So naturally he has taken to slandering the Committee and its members. He even issued a hysterical debate challenge to anyone willing to sully themselves by pandering to his lunacy. Of course, if he really wants to debate members of the January 6th Committee, he could just volunteer to show up and testify under oath. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. FYI: Trump is now dodging the debate his proposed.

At the forefront of Trump’s diseased mind is Rep. Adam Schiff, who was also a key figure during Trump’s first impeachment. His closing arguments were a brilliant and moving summation of the offenses Trump committed that warranted his impeachment and removal from office. But now Trump is lashing out in his typically infantile manner at Schiff. He tweeted (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill)…

“Do you believe that Shifty Adam Schiff is on the Committee concerning the 2020 protest when he was the one that scammed America and the World on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax? He’s a sleezeball that has no credibility and is so bad for our Nation!”

Notice that Trump is calling the deadly riots in Washington, D.C., that he incited a “protest.” And he continues to refer to the verified accounts of his unsavory connections to Russia as a “hoax.” As for the childish insults he hurled at Schiff, as usual they apply more accurately to himself.

This latest Trump tantrum was likely triggered by reports that Schiff is concerned that Attorney General Merrick Garland is not pursuing indictments against Trump and his crime syndicate. Schiff has been making the rounds on television news programs to promote his new book, Midnight in Washington: How We Almost Lost Our Democracy and Still Could. During those interviews Schiff has made a point of expressing his disappointment with the Attorney General:

“I think there’s a real desire on the part of the attorney general, for the most part, not to look backward,” Schiff said on the podcast. “Do I disagree with that? I do disagree with that, and I disagree with it most vehemently when it comes to what I consider even more serious offenses.”

Schiff’s views are shared by millions of Americans who are anxious to see Trump and his cronies held accountable for their anti-democratic activities. There is more than enough evidence to indict and convict Trump. Some of the evidence comes from Trump himself. There’s even an account from his coup plotting co-conspirator Alex Jones implicating him.

So Trump’s Twitter freak out is understandable. But it isn’t going to make things any better for him. To the contrary, it only affirms his consciousness of guilt. Hopefully Garland will heed Schiff’s warnings and get moving on the Trump investigation. There is little time to spare. Republicans are hoping to run out the clock. But for the sake of democracy, and the future of the country, Garland must not allow that to happen.

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8 thoughts on “Big Baby Trump Lashes Out at Adam Schiff for Urging the Justice Dept to Probe His Crimes

  1. If Merrick Garland, for whatever reason, has no passion for charging Trump, et al. with crimes he’s done, actions that are the worst any sitting prez has done against our Country, such as 1/6 related crimes, including “the big lie” that started it & continues to this day (+ onward as far as the eye can see, no doubt), ok ~ maybe Garland isn’t up to the task it will be. Ok, but maybe he could get out of the way & appoint a trusted person to do the job. Someone who feels as strongly about this as millions of Americans do & can be quickly ready to “bring it on”. Time’s a’wastin’ & we don’t have time to waste! We the people want to see our Justice Dept hand out some justice to this Ex-presidential liar, con & traitorous enemy of this nation, who has brought us nothing but “bad” & won’t ever admit that HE LOST in 2020! He attempted a violent coup against us, so he could be appointed (annointed?) to remain in a job he was too lazy & inept to even do. He’s still trying to keep violence against all of us ‘at the ready’, on his command & eefuses to shut up, stop lying & go away! He must be tried & punished for what he’s done & only then will the truth be proven in our justice system. Major media isn’t doing it. His hard-core cult won’t believe it, but some who aren’t sure what’s true or not, will finally know the truth & everyone can hear details of what he & his cronies did do! All those who are sharing in the lies, rather than defending our nation against such behavior, can then explain thenselves to the people & maybe this sad chapter can finally end!

    • I am not holding my breath that Trump is ever going to be held accountable for his crimes. Garland is not doing his job in this regard. We are letting his country slip between our hands and time is absolutely running out. Trump will more than likely run again in 2024 and try to steal the election. He will get away with it this time. I fear that we have had our last free and fair presidential election.

      • Garland’s a huge disappointment thus far. I can’t decide if he’s weak or incompetent or both. He needs to appoint a Special Counsel to chase Trump and his enablers, if the DOJ won’t step up.
        But the 6 January Committee has announced “weeks of public hearings” for early 2022, which means televised, which means millions of viewers, which means a chance for ordinary citizens to see and hear what’s going on. Finally. Okay, Fox and the other rightwing propaganda channels won’t cover it but we all know their viewers are lost to reason anyway. It means that the truth of Trump’s coup attempt will be in the spotlight, not the lies. I’m hoarding popcorn already.

  2. I too, fear we’ve had our last free & fair election! Ironically, it’s the 1 that Malignant Narcissist Trump, piss-poor at losing that he is (esp. for such a ‘Loser’ in many ways & times in life!), has non-stop been screaming about fraud & stolen from him, to the point where GOP joined him, knowing it’s a big fat lie & Trump arranged a violent takeover attempt on 1/6, after his other attempts to commit fraud failed! And that’s to be our LAST free & fair election?!?
    It was the most secure, no fraud election, due mostly to amount of paper mail-in ballots (can’t hack ’em) due to the pandemic. Mail-in ballots therefore, 1st things Rethugs got rid of, or made extremely difficult to qualify for!
    Election security & voter participation are the 2 things Trumpublicans hate & fear most! If those 2 things allowed, they can’t win elections fairly, so have to steal them!
    “Stop the GOP steal!” That would be truth & provable, UNLIKE 60+ court cases & not a shred of verifiable evidence to date, for Trump/GOP’s lies about 2020 election!
    From here on out, it appears that when GOP doesn’t win, despite all their other “rigging” plans for elections, the States can (w/o any evidence of fraud) override will of voters who survive purging of Dems & States choose winners now!
    As UNAMERICAN & UNCONSTITUTIONAL as it gets!! Welcome to America, GOP’s 3rd world banana republic. And don’t anyone forget it!

  3. Special Counsel is exactly what should be done! And right now, not later!
    Rethugs, like always do, will cry that it’s all just partisan politics cuz’ of election coming up. As always, just crybaby lies by those who have no real defense to offer, cuz’ “guilty as charged”!

    • GOP has dirtiest, nastiest shitshow of campaigns & election lying & cheating, before, during & after!!
      And Faux Propaganda Network (FPN) & other biased corporate media outlets will spread that shit – not truth – the entire time!
      Any other countries out there accepting smart, honest, kind & sensible people from USA for relocation & cituzenship?? I, for one, cannot go along with the crap this nation has become & with those tyrants hateful, violent thugs taking over, am sure to be jailed, or killed by them. They can’t abide those who speak the truth, even in private…will certainly hate me then! Likely already have my name on a list of people scheduled for a ‘brain aneurysm’, or ‘deadly single car crash’ soon after they take power!

      • Sadly, it has a lousy climate Sunny, but Canada’s a terrific country, a functioning democracy with civilised social programs and a very relaxed, tolerant attitude to the human comedy. It also has incompetent and corrupt politicians but compared with the GOP, they’re a gospel choir.

  4. LOL…Actually, Western part of Canada is in my top 2 choices! Lousy weather?? Trade-off for natural beauty is ok by me. Know little of the politics except what filters down, but they aren’t self-destructing like here, just usual ding-dongs that desire to “rule the nation”, right? Gotta’ expect those. Ooh! Have freedom of speech there? That’s a biggie for me.?Or else my mouth could land me in jail!? But I am harmless, non-violent, smart, but honest, kinda’ mouthy woman… LMAO… Haven’t described me B4 ~ sounds pretty bad. LOL
    BC is natural – beauty? Can’t speak French, like in some parts of Canada.
    (Only speak 3 languages. Ha-ha!))

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