Rudy Giuliani Blasts ‘Fascist’ Fox News for Not Booking Him to Spread More of Trump’s Lies

The right-wing mediasphere has been struggling of late to keep from blowing itself apart. And the disintegration has been most prominently observable with Fox News, where many of Donald Trump’s most devoted disciples have taken to lambasting his longtime Ministry of Propaganda.

Rudy Giuliani

Trump himself has been throwing tantrums over what he regards is insufficient adoration from Fox. But the latest bomb thrower is Trump’s personal (unlicensed) attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who appeared Monday on the fringe conservative network, Real America’s Voice. Giuliani was interviewed by David Brody, who is also the chief political analyst for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). During the segment (video below) Giuliani expressed his dismay at having been banned from Fox News. He whined that…

“I made a lot of money on that channel from Fox. But they would not have been on in New York if it wasn’t for me having the courage to put them on against tremendous criticism. So they forget their friends pretty damn fast, I must tell you.”

Apparently Giuliani believes that unethically granting favors while he was mayor of New York City earned him perpetual appearance rights on Fox. And Fox is demonstrating an appalling lack of gratitude by failing to recognize that Mafia-style mentality of doing business. But he was just getting started…

“The thing I resent most is they won’t tell me why. I’m not being told why I’m not being allowed on. I’d like to know what it is that I said that they regard as not being true. We take the same position with regard to Dominion. We’re in the same lawsuit. I know they seem very frightened of George Soros, because I’ve seen other people interrupted and basically taken off because of George Soros.”

Giuliani actually seems to have answered his own question. He certainly does know why he isn’t being allowed on. His wholehearted embrace of Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud (for which they have been unable to produce a shred of evidence) has resulted in billion dollar lawsuits against Giuliani and Fox News by voting systems companies Dominion and Smartmatic And asserting things like his claim that he and Fox have the same position is precisely why Fox doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Then Giuliani goes further to insinuate the anti-Semitic trope that Jews like George Soros have some omnipotent control over the media and are responsible for his banishment and that of unnamed others. He doesn’t offer any proof, of course. And what rational person would believe that the ultra-rightist media baron, Rupert Murdoch, would bend to Soros on guest bookings or any other editorial decisions? But Giuliani still wasn’t done…

“It leaves me completely in a quandary to know why they’re playing kind of the fascist game that I’m used to with CNN. I mean, I don’t even consider them a news sources any more. They’re basically organs of the Democrat Party.”

Setting aside the obligatory insults aimed at CNN and Democrats, Giuliani actually hit on something truthful: That Fox News is fascist! Which is a statement that isn’t likely to make Fox more interested in inviting him back. For which he will still blame Soros.

Giuliani’s record is one of relentless lies and legal idiocies. After all, he lost more than sixty court cases asserting election fraud. And who could forget his affair at Four Seasons Landscaping? It’s a record that has already resulted in his law license being suspended in New York and Washington, D.C. And in addition to the lawsuits by Dominion and Smartmatic, he is also being sued by two election workers in Georgia who he viciously defamed. With a record like that, the only Fox show he can expected to be booked on is “Cops.”

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3 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Blasts ‘Fascist’ Fox News for Not Booking Him to Spread More of Trump’s Lies

  1. Who will rid us of the fools in human bodies………..?

  2. Someone should give poor Rudy the definition of fascist. It was actually the form of government he was trying to install during the coup.

  3. It seems that Giuliani is parroting Trump’s, “If it wasn’t for me, etc. etc.” Still Giuliani’s Lord and master even after he lost his license to practice law in New York and Washington due to a “33 page of violations in rules of professional conduct” he received after lying so many times to protect Trump.

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