Rudy Giuliani and OAN Sued Over Election Fraud Lies. What About Trump and Fox News?

As we approach the new year, the soap opera featuring Donald Trump and his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” continues unabated into its second insufferable season. And the cast of characters are thrust into evermore melodramatic scenarios as their nefarious acts are revealed to weary viewers yearning for the climax when they are all marched into prison.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump

The latest wrinkle in this script was played out Thursday with the news that Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and his propaganda mouthpiece, One America News (OAN), are being sued by two of the victims of Trump’s election deceptions. According to Politico

“Two former Georgia election workers are suing Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani, One America News Network and several of the network’s top executives for pushing a series of debunked conspiracy theories about the workers’ role in the 2020 election that they said put them in physical danger and threatened their livelihoods.

“Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, her daughter, worked as poll workers counting ballots at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Ga., during the November 2020 election. […] ‘As a result of their vital service, Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss have become the objects of vitriol, threats, and harassment,’ they said in Thursday’s complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington.”

Freeman and Moss were falsely accused by right-wing hacks of stuffing fake ballots into the election counting process. However, a fact-check at the time thoroughly debunked the sloppy and dishonest claims. Nevertheless, as Politico noted…

“Trump and his allies remained obsessed with the state, and with the lies they have spread about the election workers in Georgia. Trump mentioned Freeman by name in the now-infamous call he had with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in early January, where he tried to convince the election official to overturn his loss in the state.”

Trump’s Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, is still disgorging these lies. After Raffensperger posted an article that touted the accuracy of Georgia’s elections, Harrington sarcastically replied that it was “like Philly saying they’re the safest city in the country with the lowest murder rate.” But it was nothing like that at all. It wasn’t Raffensperger who assessed Georgia’s election efficiency. It was the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. Also, Harrington even got the info about Philadelphia wrong. It isn’t even in the top ten of cities with the highest murder rate.

All of this raises the question as to why Trump hasn’t been named in the lawsuit by Freeman and Moss. He has been relentlessly spewing accusations against the poll workers with no basis whatsoever. And his Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) has been backing him up the whole time. In fact, Fox News has already been named as a defendant in billion dollar lawsuits filed by voting systems companies Dominion and Smartmatic.

Trump and Fox News have done real harm to individuals, companies, and the nation, with their flagrant and self-serving campaign of deliberate falsehoods. And they must be held accountable for that. The victims of their malicious mendacity have every right to be compensated for the damage done. And as these cases wind their way through the justice system, hopefully all of the evildoers responsible will be made to pay up – civilly and criminally. And first among them should be Trump and Fox News.

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8 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani and OAN Sued Over Election Fraud Lies. What About Trump and Fox News?

  1. Oh let’s hope that ungrateful, disloyal, lying, dangerous, worthless, fake-a*s so called “network”, oan, is put out of business permantely. They DON’T deserve to exist. That’s a fact.

    • Anybody who has a right mind and good pair of eyes saw that those women were committing fraud. OAN speaking the truth. I am sure you have not watched the tape in full or if you did you are a moron/

      • Not only I, but every unbiased media and legal researcher, has watched the whole video and seen that there was nothing remotely wrong going on. But you keep drinking your Kool-Aide.

  2. If OAN gets a huge fine does AT&T have to pay it or did they just finance OAN without ownership or legal exposure?

  3. Bravo to those election workers for suing Ghouliani & OAN; maybe they’ll extend the suit higher as time goes by. Meanwhile I hope that they’re getting competent legal support, eg. concerned lawyers willing to take on their case on its merits rather than its potential fat payoffs.

    • It is disgrace that in our country the criminal instead of being in jail have audacity to sue honest people. The good news though that there is going to be a discovery and the truth will come out. You of course like all of lefties will see black when it is white and will always say 2+2=5

        • Mark, note that the troll “Ellen” herein is just that wee bit poor at her (adopted) English. Somehow our very challenging mother tongue always rescues us from pretenders, especially (these days) those originating in the Eastern European portion of the bot empire.
          Of course, many MAGAts are equally unfit to wield such a potent weapon as proper English grammar.

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