Cowardly Republican Party to Require Their Presidential Candidates to Boycott 2024 Debates

With the 2024 presidential election still nearly three years away, the Republican Party is already showing signs that they are afraid of engaging in a free and open discourse with their Democratic opponent. Never mind that they have spent two years maligning President Biden as “sleepy” and mentally unfit, it is the GOP that appears to be concerned about their own candidate’s ability to face off in an open forum.

Donald Trump

The fear exhibited by the Republican Party is well warranted considering that their leading candidate is Donald Trump. For the past year Trump has been obsessively fixated on his having suffered a humiliating loss to Biden in 2020. It’s the only thing he talks about, despite having failed for more than a year – and sixty court cases – to provide a shred of evidence of his claims that the election was “rigged.” It is what fueled his deadly January 6th insurrection. And he is still twisting reality to insist that the “real insurrection” was on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020.

Consequently, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has announced that they intend to prohibit their Party’s candidate in 2024 from participating in the presidential debates that have been hosted for three decades by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). The RNC sent a letter to the Commission stating that…

“[T]he RNC will initiate the process of amending the Rules of the Republican Party at our upcoming Winter Meeting to prohibit future Republican nominees from participating in CPD-sponsored debates.”

Make no mistake about it. This is not a quarrel over some rationally disputed format differences. The RNC’s “reforms” are all driven by complaints that crybaby Trump made in 2020 due to his cognitive inadequacies and inability to engage in a substantive dialogue. He proved that during the debates when he couldn’t refrain from interrupting and had to be told by Biden to “Shut up, man.”

The Republican National Committee is obviously scared, so they’re issuing ludicrous ultimatums if they don’t get their way. But the RNC’s proposals are intrusive and one-sided. They would impose on the neutrality of the Commission by impacting the composition of its members, dictating the dates of the debates, intervening in the selection of debate moderators, and enacting punishments for violations of the terms that the RNC is insisting on.

Clearly the RNC is doing this on Trump’s behalf. No other candidate has objected to the CPD’s rules or fairness for thirty years. But the RNC is worried that without these reforms Trump would likely embarrass himself again, and he and the RNC know that. He has demonstrated that he cannot face any encounter that isn’t rigged to his advantage. It’s why he won’t submit to any interviews that aren’t conducted by his pals at Fox News or other similarly servile sycophants. He is mortally afraid of being challenged.

Trump recently canceled a phony “news” conference that he planned to hold on the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection. He also chickened out of his own challenge to debate any takers on his bogus claims about the 2020 election. And now he is directing his Republican Party apparatchiks to protect him from having to engage in an open and fair debate. It’s the coward’s way and, therefore, Trump’s way.

UPDATE: RNC Doubles Down on Cowardice, Cancels Debates to Shield Snowflake Trump From More Humiliation

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12 thoughts on “Cowardly Republican Party to Require Their Presidential Candidates to Boycott 2024 Debates

  1. He also abruptly ended his interview with a real journalist, NPR’s Steve Inskeep, when he challenged him on his ridiculous election fraud claims just a few days ago.

  2. Rethugs Party have enjoyed the ease with which they have upended democratic norms & election rules/protocols around the nation without any pushback, despite a little reporting about it. MSM doesn’t give it near the attention it should, when you consider what’s at stake! But then, they did same thing in run-up to Iraq War & paid no price for that. No loud complaining from the Party whose voters are getting screwed out of their Right to Vote either. I dare say, if it were being done to Rethugs, instead of by them, you’d hear plenty of screaming about it. Daily. That’s what Dems should be doing! They’re not. Everyday, make it news!
    Instead, they just expect people to be paying attention; guess they’re too busy to care?!?

    Trump & Rethug lies get more coverage than scary truth of what’s being done to our right to choose our gov’t! MSNBC covers it. Print media, online, yes ~ but not Network Nightly News, MSM. And that’s where vast majority of people get their news! Where are Democratic leaders? Their faces, voices
    are absent — Why aren’t they seeking out newsmedia & harping on what’s being done to steal future elections & nullify our votes? Indeed, to end any real democracy. Can’t win ~ just change the rules. Cheat.
    Should be hearing about it everywhere! The forging of official election documents used to be a crime! Not now? Why not? Justice Dept was involved in Trump schemes to cheat?! We should be livid!! ( I am!) Books & documents are talking about truths, proof & that is not worth news reporting?! If people are not aware of the bad happening to us, but keep hearing bullshit lies of those REALLY doing the fraud…what does that say about our leaders & “free press”??!!?

  3. 1 more thing about RNC forbidding Rwthug candidates from doing the debates:
    Why do we have these debates? Not for Trump’s benefit. It’s like job interview, for VERY important job that will affect our lives & future! Refuse a job interview – you don’t get the job, right? Electeds work for ‘US’ ~ all of us ~ a concept Trump never did understand once he got there! And it showed in everything he said/did. Tweeting on toilet is not my idea of being presidential.

    The debates are for ‘US’ – American voters, so that we can see & hear the political candidates. We need to know who knows about issues that matter!? Who has ideas? What intentions? Can they handle pressure? We NEED TO KNOW who to vote for as our Country’s leadership… Before we vote!
    If RNC forbids theirs to be in debates, then they should be disqualified from running. (Trump refused 1 debate & got away with it)
    Rethugs know their cult won’t care & will vote (R) anyway. They also know they’ve put rules/cheats in place to make sure that even if they lose…they won’t lose.
    If Rethugs candidate isn’t smart enuff, doesn’t have answers, can’t debate maturely, can’t tell the truth….then they should run someone else! This is NOT a game! Too much is at stake to vote into office someone who refuses to debate the other candidates!
    We learned that from the last guy they out up for the job!

  4. Mark and Sunny B, your expressive phrasings in your e-mailings are terrific, reminding me of Joe Cocker’s song, “With a Little Help from my Friends”. Yes, “cowardly” Trump especially hypes up whenever he gets the feeling that he may lose. He passes his incoherent ramblings onto his cult, most of whom are the illiterate domestic terrorists he encourages. What is so sad is that the Trumpist Senators and other Congressional lawmakers swallow his garbage for personal reasons. Republicans! Trump is famous for the divisions he makes of us, very definitely including the Political Parties.

    • Thank you, very kind, but I pale in comparison to Mark ~ he is the master wordsmith! Without a doubt!

      I agree that it’s so sad, how Trumpist Congress Critters & others back his every lie & lick his sneakers for personal gain ~ both political & financial. Money & power rule in politics. I can recall when it was considered “public service” & was done in belief they could do good for the Country/People & not just themselves!
      Trump has (still is) divided this Country so heinously that I fear we will never be able to reunite again! He is a loser of an election. Every election has 1 & if your ego can’t deal with that – don’t run for office. Nobody likes a poor loser! Even children know better than that!

  5. It’s a great song – I know it well! Enjoy!

  6. Now, of course, the Traitor Party had NO problem with the Commission for Presidential Debates over the 35 years of its existence until the Commission decided that even members of the Traitor Party AND its Beloved God must follow the rules.

    Gee, that’s a coincidence, huh?

  7. Traitorous GOP must be scared to death to debate in public! Who wouldn’t be, when you’ve done as much underhanded, shitty stuff as they have done in the past 14mos.?! So many areas of questions they have to fear…while the other side can answer truthfully. I suppose GOP would call that “unfair partisanship” ~ that’s what they call everything they wanna’ avoid. And that’s a helluva lot these days:
    **Lying. Cheating. Insurrecting. Subpeonas. Making big $$ off their lies. Refusing to help Americans who need it. Refuse to tax billionaires. Making millions. Voting against everything! Working so hard to prevent our votes, in ’22 & beyond. Being vaccinated & telling others not to. They’re willing to kill-off their own voters, as long as it makes Biden look bad!**
    Electeds fighting health & safety measures during a pandemic… can’t imagine that w/polio, whooping cough, TB, or any other before now. Keep politics OUT of it! WTH is wrong with them?!!

    My, my, what a long list of subjects they have to avoid! Shame on them! …& Shame it shall be. Afraid to be exposed for what they’ve become. They’ll do/say ANYTHING to prevent truth & take power! Had GOP chose truth over Trump’s Big Lie, this’d be long over. Trump would’ve been alone w/his lie & seen as the poor loser, crybaby, liar that he is.
    So of course, Rethugs dare not take to a debate stage, in front of the American People. Such a nightmare they’ve created. I can’t think of any topic that would be safe for them ~ unless they flat-out lied. Something they have no problem doing. And their voters are A-OK with being lied to, to death.

  8. Here are my terms: no moderators! I am sick of watching the Republican candidate have to debate the moderator who thinks it’s his show while the moderator protects the Democrat. Failing that, the Republican gets to pick the moderator. Democrats have had the media in their pocket for far too long.

    • Ha-ha-ha! You’re too funny! Thanks for the chuckle. ?
      I presume you’re kidding, right?
      I mean, no moderators??
      Who would read the questions? And make sure each got a turn to answer them? Who would keep the debate’s pace moving, so it’s on time?
      Without a moderator, it would be chaos ~ wind up a yelling match! Did you watch the Trump/Biden debate? It got crazy! More argument than debate. Some people don’t know how to do proper debate, where each person gets turn to speak & other 1 is silent until it’s their turn. Never seen any debate so lacking decorum – not even high school debates! They need a mute button on mics nowadays. It’s supposed to be informative thing, not a shouting match between candidates, like that 1 was.
      You are right…not supposed to debate the moderator. They just read the question & alternate who answers 1st, equal time, keeping it fair. Ask & answer. (1 at a time.) Candidates speak to the voters, who must decide who to vote for.
      You said moderator “acts like it’s their show”? It kinda’ is. Because moderator’s job is to ask the questions & tell them when their time is up & it’s other guy’s turn. (They each get equal time to speak, so it’s fair to all.)
      You know what’s the difference between a debate & a “free for all”?? Moderator, Manners & Maturity!
      A debate is candidate’s chance to let VOTERS see who they are, what they know & what they think about issues that matter TO VOTERS. Candidates need to convince VOTERS that they will be the best choice for President, to lead the nation, for ALL its citizens & in the best interest of our Country; plus, can work with global leaders on global issues.
      These things have never been more important than they are right now! Debates are for the benefit of U.S. VOTERS who, in a democracy, must choose their leaders wisely.
      I would never vote for anyone who didn’t participate in the debates!!
      I need to see & hear ALL candidates, so I can choose who I think will do the best job for our Country!
      If only 1 shows up, then guess he gets the stage to himself & 100% of time to answer our questions. If 1 of them can’t handle the debates, how are they gonna’ handle the major issues facing our nation & the global community?!?

      • Yes, but one thing good about the Trump/Biden debate I will never forget. Biden was able to interrupt Trump’s incessant rambling saying “shut up, man”.

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