THANKS! Trump Spokesperson Convincingly Explains Why No One Should Vote for Republicans

The volume of disinformation that regularly emanates from Donald Trump and his self-serving, perpetual propaganda machine is unprecedented. Trump himself has been documented to have told more than 30,000 lies during his occupation of the White House. But now his super Pac hack is uncharacteristically telling the truth about the Republican Party.

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Despite Trump’s record of deceit, every now and again someone in the Trump realm inadvertently allows a morsel of truth to escape into the wild. And on Friday morning the culprit was Trump’s official mouthpiece (and Twitter ban defying spokes-shill), Liz Harrington. In one of her regular appearances on the shamelessly Trump-fluffing One America News Network (OAN), Harrington was fed the softest of balls by OAN’s Natalie Harp (video below):

“The Republican Party isn’t the establishment party anymore. It’s the people’s party. They’re determining the direction of the party in terms of legislation, America First. That’s not what they’re used to. And yet somehow they think that they can point out the Cheneys and the Bushs. Don’t they realize we all rejected that during the primaries in 2016?”

Let’s just set aside the nonsense that the party that gets the most financial and institutional support from corporations and wealthy elites can be portrayed as “the people’s party.” And it is those one-percenters who have always determined the party’s direction. It is, however, notable that Harp admits her inclusion in the Trump Cult saying that WE all ejected that during the primaries in 2016.” But it was Harrington’s response that let the cat out of the hag:

“They [Republicans] all been exposed for the frauds that they are. They’re as fraudulent as the last election. And the people have seen through that and they want the real thing. They don’t want another fake substitute, another fake election where there’s really no difference between the two candidates on the ballot. They might say they are a different party, but the end result, they’re not the same. The Cheneys of the world, the Pelosis of the world, the McConnells, they all want endless wars. They all want open borders. They all want bad trade deals for the United States. They do not care about our sovereignty. They do not care about our jobs. And they can pretend to care about issues of the day.”

And there you have it. Directly from the horse’s mouth. Trump’s tweet-meister reveals that the Republican Party is full of warmongering, immigrant-bashing, economy-destroying “frauds.” Democrats and most rational Americans have known that for years (decades?). But it’s good to hear them confess their corruption publicly.

Trump himself has emerged as the most anti-Republican Republican in the party’s history. His hostility toward leaders of the Party such as Mitch McConnell, whom he now calls the “broken old crow,” is typical of his lust for vengeance against anyone showing signs of dwindling devotion. Trump has even demanded that his cult disciples refrain from donating to the GOP, and place their offerings on his plate instead. “No more money for RINOS,” Trump decreed, “Send your donation to [his] Save America PAC.”

This might seem like good news for Democrats. With Trump bashing the GOP and trying to intercept their donations, it should benefit Democratic candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. And it probably will, to a degree. However, Trump’s influence appears to be waning within the Republican world. The most recent party financial disclosure shows that the GOP raised $140 million in 2021. Which is still less than the $146 million Democrats raised. But it shows that GOP donors aren’t heeding Trump’s order to send their funds to him.

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You know Trump’s gotta hate the fact that people are ignoring his orders. Perhaps that’s why he dispatched Harrington to OAN to throw more mud at his fellow Republicans. Because, in the end, all Trump cares about is how much money and adoration he can collect from his dimwitted followers. The more he sees those measures decline, the more panicked and incoherent he will become. And by that standard, he is already pretty far gone.

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  1. “…let the cat out of the hag” OMG! I love it! Perfect! And that’s why you are the wordsmith. (She curtseys.)

    “…all Trump cares about is how much money and adoration he can collect from…”
    (R)s =$140 mill. (D)s=$146 {in 2021}
    ~ Wonder how much Donald the Grifter took in last year, with all his many different coffers, all funneling to him?!

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