Traitor Trump Can’t Stop Attacking America, but Won’t Condemn His Hero Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

For the entire four years that Donald Trump occupied the White House, he never once criticized Vladimir Putin. To the contrary, he lavished Putin praise and justified his atrocities. That servile submission to America’s most foreboding foe was a constant reminder of where Trump misplaced his always self-serving disloyalties.

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Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Trump’s own national security aide, and renowned expert on Ukraine and Russia, Fiona Hill, did not mince words when describing Trump’s aversion to America. “There’s no Team America for Trump,” Hill said. “Not once did I see him do anything to put America first. Not once. Not for a single second.”

On Tuesday morning Trump unleashed yet another exhibition of his rancid anti-patriotism. In a statement posted by his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Trump took some familiar swipes at the U.S. and its response to the invasion of Ukraine by Trump’s pals in Russia, saying that…

“If properly handled, there was absolutely no reason that the situation currently happening in Ukraine should have happened at all. I know Vladimir Putin very well, and he would have never done during the Trump Administration what he is doing now, no way!”

Tuesday morning quarterbacking is always easier than actually coming up with effective policy. Notice that Trump didn’t bother to lay out what he considered “proper handling.” That’s because his policy was always to kowtow to Putin. Trump is right that Putin would never have done what he’s doing now during the Trump administration. He didn’t need to. Trump was doing it for him. Trump was working arduously to undermine NATO, which is what Putin’s goal is today with regard to Ukraine. Trump continued, saying that…

“Russia has become very very rich during the Biden Administration, with oil prices doubling and soon to be tripling and quadrupling. The weak sanctions are insignificant.”

First of all, oil prices have not doubled, much less tripled or quadrupled. As usual, Trump is exaggerating (i.e. lying) to keep his cult followers disinformed. Oil prices have gone up, but then you know who else is getting rich on that? America and U.S. oil companies. And it will benefit the U.S. far more than Russia when the sanctions kick in that prevent Russia from selling its oil, and the U.S. assumes those markets. But we need to remember that oil is an international commodity and its prices are not set by the U.S. or U.S. policy.

Trump went on to repeat his old standard lies about his allegedly having achieved energy independence for America (which was achieved before his term in office), and spat out disingenuous complaints about Putin’s wealth. If Trump actually cared about that, the best way of cutting into Putin’s oil profits would be to transition faster to renewable energy. Which Trump and the GOP oppose.

Finally, Trump posted another statement attacking our ally, Germany, for shutting down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. That’s something that Trump advocated before he felt the need to flip flop because now it is being done as part of the sanctions package put together by NATO and President Biden.

What makes this criticism of Germany even worse is that Trump sourced his complaint with a link to an article on RT, (Russia Today), a Kremlin-backed disinformation network that is registered as a “foreign agent” in the United States. Which is just further evidence of Trump’s embrace of Russia and its anti-American propaganda. As if any further evidence were needed. And for good measure, Trump phoned in to the Travis and Sexton radio show to humiliate himself by slobbering even more over Putin…

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12 thoughts on “Traitor Trump Can’t Stop Attacking America, but Won’t Condemn His Hero Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

  1. Trumpler goes on some rightwingdinger radio show and refers to Putin as “brilliant” for his blatantly imperialistic moves against democratic Ukraine. Putin the soul-less bullyboy remains Trump’s hero and mentor, with poor wannabe-tyrant Donald watching his actions with undisguised envy. Be sure he’s taking notes with his return in 2024 in mind.

  2. The TyrantLickers cannot help but reveal themselves as the traitors they are. Worshiping Their Beloved God Moronikus and licking Vlady’s ass is patriotism to these cretins.

    And here’s Alex Jones yet again proving this is true.

    Alex Jones [following Putin’s speech]: It’s so weird to tune into a world leader and just truth’s coming out. It was all true. He said I’m sorry the Russians came into Ukraine when we were born – you’re more Russian than most Russians. We’re sorry that the communists killed you and abused you. We apologize. Communists are bad. And we want you to be free, and we’re not going to take you over, just your government needs to go, it was put in power by the West, you need to have your own government and you need to stop attacking eastern Ukraine. That’s what I would do, knowing world history, if I was the leader of Russia. It’s like hard to find fault with this man.

    Yes, Alex — and his fellow traitors — are saying it’s hard to find fault with VLADIMIR PUTIN!! And we ALL know they are also saying this about Their Beloved God Moronikus.


    • Closed minded separatist much, don’t guzzle that NWO doctrine. Everyone is a human doing what they think is best, Western Imperialism is as bad as Hitler but more subtle and quieter in its control.

  3. This unpatriotic, unAmerican support from the Right for Putin is all part of the GOP plan to de-demonize Russia, and thus to remove all stigma from the Russky help in electing Trump in 2016. If they can paint Putin as some kind of acceptable, sympathetic (!) leader, then they can also shrug uncaringly whenever Putin’s efforts on behalf of Trump are mentioned. That they’re doing this is unbelievable and unforgiveable, but the Republican party and its Fox propaganda organ are now active agents for a despotic ex-KGB bastard who’s working his ass off to destabilise and destroy Western democracy.

  4. This guy makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot.

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