Ted Cruz Tries to Smear Biden’s Leadership on Ukraine, Gets Demolished By Top Aide to Zelenskyy

There are very few predictions about Washington politicians that are more reliable than those that forecast Ted Cruz saying something extraordinarily stupid. His endlessly recurring humiliations include his cowardly flight to Cancun in order to avoid the deep freeze in his home state of Texas, and his submission for punishment to his Fox News master Tucker Carlson, for daring to correctly refer to the January 6th insurrection as an act of terrorism.

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Ted Cruz, Cancun

As the genocidal assault on Ukraine by Russia enters its third week, Cruz is behaving consist with his legendary idiocy. In remarks made at a press conference Thursday morning, Cruz dutifully delivered on the Republican doctrine of elevating the reputation of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin at the expense of President Joe Biden and the national interests of the United States and its allies. Cruz complained petulantly, and utterly without basis, that…

“What is missing is presidential leadership. President Biden believes Putin’s victory is inevitable. And that is reflected in every briefing we get. And it’s reflected in the strategy the administration is implementing. I’m reminded in the Cold War when President Reagan was asked ‘What’s your strategy in the Cold War?’ And he said, ‘It’s very simple. We win, they lose.’ That clarity directed our economic policy, our military policy, our diplomatic policy. We need that clarity.”

There is, of course, nothing in any of Biden’s statements about the Russian invasion of Ukraine that even tangentially suggests that he regards Putin’s victory as inevitable. It’s not in his briefings or his strategy. That dishonest contrivance exists only in Cruz’s deliberately distorted disinformation. And Cruz’s descent into the mindless simplicity of Reaganism is typical of the right’s inability to comprehend anything more complex than an Applebee’s kid’s menu maze.

Cruz made these anti-American, pro-Putin remarks after Biden had announced an enhanced package of military aid for Ukraine. The announcement was made by Biden in a White House address that was covered live by the media on Wednesday. So Cruz undoubtedly knew that his attack on Biden was a lie. According to CNN

“President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine as he sought to answer his Ukrainian counterpart’s impassioned call for help and leadership delivered to Congress earlier in the day. ‘The world is united in our support for Ukraine and our determination to make (Russian President Vladimir) Putin pay a very heavy price,’ Biden said before signing a presidential memorandum at the White House to deliver the military assistance.”

Clearly this is not the action of a President who has abandoned leadership or is resigned to defeat. And Biden’s public declaration that “I think [Putin] is a war criminal,” is further evidence of his commitment to, not only victory for Ukraine, but severe consequences for Putin. But if any additional proof of Biden’s leadership is necessary, how about taking the word of Andriy Yermak, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine:

Thank you to the American people, American states and personally to President Biden. […] Really, President Biden is the President of the United States who is better know our country. and who has done more than all Presidents of United States. And we hope, and President Zelenskyy yesterday in Congress said, that we believe that President Biden Biden will be really leader of the peace of Ukraine. And his leadership helps my people, my country, really stop this war and Ukraine to win.”

So Yermak explicitly acknowledges the leadership of President Biden and thanks him profusely. And it is not immaterial that he praised Biden for having “done more than all Presidents of United States.” That is an unambiguous slap at Donald Trump, who tried to extort Zelenskyy by withholding military aid from Ukraine in an attempt to coerce him into fabricating dirt on then-candidate Biden. Which is what Trump was impeached for the first time.

Nevertheless, Cruz felt compelled to malign Biden and is still nauseatingly infatuated with Trump. He is the epitome of the modern Republican Party that is so focused on destroying Biden and the Democratic Party that they will forge allegiances to America’s enemies, even in a time of war.

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5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Tries to Smear Biden’s Leadership on Ukraine, Gets Demolished By Top Aide to Zelenskyy

  1. “We win, they lose.”

    That’s not a strategy, that’s wishful thinking. I learned more about strategy playing Risk than Reagan or Rafael Cruz combined.

    • BRILLIANT!! Thank you for that.

  2. One question. Why is Cruz so “nauseatingly infatuated” with Trump who called his wife ugly and that his father planned the assassination of JFK. BTW, don’t even get me started on Ted Cruz. The half Sasquatch, half Shrek who will jump over to whatever side of the fence he deems most popular. Is it the ultra-GOP? The Domestic terrorists? Who will give me the most money, or fund my campaign? How can I put forth the idea that it was Biden’s fault- the Ukraine War started?

  3. Cruz’ statements about Biden were even more inane than his usual stupid take on any and all subjects. It is the GOP that, following the example of their deranged idol trump that is rootin’ for Putin. teddy, put on your silly Fidel Castro fatigues, and go back to play with your whiny faux-trucker friends.

  4. “…epitome of the modern Republican Party that is so focused on destroying Biden and the Democratic Party that they will forge allegiances to America’s enemies, even in a time of war.”
    So true.
    When will the Rethug voters & the nation as a whole realize that GOP’s endless concentration on Biden failing is also making us all fail in the process?
    Whether it’s overdue infrastructure, housing, jobs & raising min. wage to be able to (modestly) live on it, forcing the privileged super-wealthy to actually pay taxes, like us working slobs, in order to do more & be more as a nation – or anything else that’s good for US, the everyday Americans & things we need…The GOP’s intense laser-focus on making Biden fail in his agenda, so they can takeover power & rule undemocratically as they please, is also focused on failing the needs of the American People, of this nation as whole. They are 1 & the same!
    Tho I don’t know why I’m surprised by it. After all, the GOP leaders have been killing off their own voters by preaching anti-vaxx/anti-mask to them; the whole time those leaders were protecting their own families by getting vaccinated! They don’t even care about their own voters, let alone the rest of Americans. Unless a major$$$ campaign donor, GOP does not care about you & yours. It’s a sad but simple fact.

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