Sean Hannity Regurgitates Swill From Russian Shill for His Nightly Biden Bashing on Fox News

The American Bureau of the Russian Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) is continuing to disseminate the Kremlin’s narrative about Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine and their anti-American propaganda attacking President Joe Biden. Vladimir Putin couldn’t be any more satisfied with the programming on Fox News if he were directing himself. Which, so far as anyone can tell by watching it, he is.

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On Friday night Sean Hannity fulfilled his role in pushing Russian propaganda in a segment that was literally written for him by a spokesperson for the Kremlin. Hannity read verbatim from a statement that was released by Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. Peskov was responding to recent comments by Biden accurately accusing Putin of being a “war criminal” and a “murderous dictator.” Apparently Hannity disagreed with Biden – and most of the free world – and sought to defend his soulmate Vladimir, saying that…

“When describing Biden, a Kremlin spokesperson said, quote, ‘Given such irritability from Mr. Biden, his fatigue and sometimes forgetfulness, fatigue that leads to aggressive statements, we will not make harsh assessments, so as not to cause more aggression.’

Now, like I’ve been saying, Biden’s weakness on the world stage, it is emboldening bad actors all across the globe as Biden and Democrats abandoned the peace through strength strategy that was successful under President Trump and even President Reagan.”

It’s true that Hannity has been saying that Biden is weak throughout his presidency. That’s bad enough under ordinary circumstances, but it’s downright treasonous during wartime. Hannity is giving aid and comfort to our enemy who is currently slaughtering civilians in Ukraine, our democratic ally. Talk about “emboldening bad actors.” Hannity is describing himself, his colleagues at Fox News, and the Republican Party, doing just that.

Hannity’s embrace of Kremlin propaganda (again) comes just one day after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov singled out Fox New for praise, saying that “only Fox News is trying to present some alternative point of view.” By which he means a point of view that is approving of Putin’s inhumane massacre of innocents. And Hannity continues to earn that praise with servile commentaries like this one, wherein he sympathetically recites the words of his masters in Moscow, while callously ignoring the human tragedies that are taking place even as he speaks.

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9 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Regurgitates Swill From Russian Shill for His Nightly Biden Bashing on Fox News

  1. ‘Doctors Without Borders’ is a GOOD thing.
    Commentators Without Boundaries…is a very BAD thing! (It’s aka “FauxNoNews” network & FPN – Fox Propaganda Network)
    ~> FPN is, “Sleepin’ with the enemy, you know” ~ to quote a song of yesteryear by Roger Hodgson, of Supertramp.

    Given that Sean Shammity knows Trump’s malignancy so well, he surely can see the same things in Putin! Why bait & encourage an evil, sadistic, narcissist such as Putin?!! “WORST IDEA EVER!!”
    Have to wonder now ~ What will Shammity & Fox be saying if/when Putin goes after his biggest enemy (in his sick mind) next…US?!!
    Will Sean & FauxSpews still be…”rootin’ for Putin”??

  2. The United States has a huge problem and nobody seems to know what to do about it. The obvious problem is Fox, Newsmax, OAN, Bannon’s “The War Room” and all the other right wing media that’s embraced facisim. Our Democracy depends on a free press but when that free press is undermining our Democracy and rooting for the enemy what does America do. Maybe the answer lies in how America dealt with the German Bund Society before WW2, starting by going after their money.

    • Other than Fox, the wingnut press are mostly losers. As for Fox, cable companies should put them on a higher tier so that only people who request it have to pay for it. That would significantly impact their revenue, because they have already lost many advertisers.

  3. What alternate reality are you living in? All he does is verbalize the obvious…Biden is the weakest president since Jimmy Carter, and just like back then, the bad actors of the world are going to take full advantage of him. Record inflation , record gas prices and the world on the brink of WW3, get ready to be swept out of office in November. We “the people” have had enough.

    • And Rethugs who lie for & cow-tow to Trump look like good alternatice to you?!? Tyrant vs tyrant will not fix any problems in this Country, or the world, & 2 hotheads likely to do opposite in fit of rage. We’ve seen plenty of that in this world already!

      Need cooler heads to prevail. Negotiation & compromise for good outcome requires some finesse, not a 20lb sledgehammer approach. GOP’s “tough guys & lies” routine won’t bring about anything good! Psycho Putin is desparate, a sadistic narcissistic who’s as bad a loser as Trump & doesn’t give a damn about anything but himself, his almighty power. Alas, just like Trump & other malignant narcissists in power, Putin will destroy everything, kill ’em all, rather than be “a loser”. Same as Trump’s willing to do to us.
      Maybe Biden should put a top psychchiatrist on payroll as advisor cuz’ “normal” stuff will not work with disturbed minds. Finesse. The fragile egos must be soothed, if possible. Narcissists “react”, ~ they don’t think things thru very well! Trapped, they’re deadliest. Disturbed.
      I am not terribly thrilled with how it’s been handled, but few options. Too bad we & UK did not keep promises made to Ukraine, to “have their back” if gave up their nukes…so they did it.
      One must always keep promises made! We didn’t & that empowered Putin . Bad idea. Ukraine has done best job they can & fighting hella’ strong for their people. But, they’re not a superpower country, are they? If they’d kept a nuke or 2, wouldn’t be in this war now. They trusted US & UK promises…Russia’s too. Are we going to just sit & watch, while Putin pulls out all the stops? This is genocide! Unprovoked war against peaceful neighbor to Russia. We’ve shown we’re afraid of what that crazy f*ck will do next…& we all should be. He’s psycho ~ like Trump, Stalin, Hitler & others theoughout history.

      Putin may use chemical weapons, but doubt he’s that stupid. He does have “mini-nukes” & may feel ok using those What he needs to know with certainty, is that we only have full size nukes & if he uses his minis, we’d have to respond with what we have. Cannot allow him to take it that far! Will it make him reconsider negitiations? It sure should, but he’s mentally deranged, not normal world leader. That’s problem with us all waiting to act decisively & deter him
      We should’ve used our drones — the ones we’re helping Saudis kill the Yemeni people with (also war crimes). We operate them from here & kill innocent people over in Yemen for the Saudis. Why not use them now against invading soldiers annihilating & destroying Ukraine?! Much mire justifiable!

    • Thanks, Nicole, for articulating the Kool-Aid viewpoints that have zero basis in reality.

      • LMAO… that’s why ‘you da man’!

  4. Biden is being super careful – no doubt our enemy within & fallout from them has something to do with hesitancy. But Biden is “damned if ya do & damned if ya don’t”, in reality. GOP attacks are a given, no matter what! So, need to do what’s right & defensible. That means helping Putin “put on the brakes” & start discussions to bring this to an end. Sadly, that may require dropping a load (or 2?) on his soldiers in Ukraine. War is a nasty, horrible & deadly thing!! That’s a fact.

  5. I never watch FOX so I don’t know if it’s even showing footage of Putin’s War, but I doubt it. So all those TVs in bars across America are showing Hannity and Carlson praising Putin? Can this be going down well with the normal, decent folks sipping their beers after a day’s work? I find that hard to believe, even in these strange days.

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