Liz Cheney: The ‘Supreme Dereliction of Duty’ By Trump Could Warrant Criminal Referral

With the ongoing horrors of the Russian genocide on Ukraine, it’s easy to forget the domestic horrors that are still percolating here at home. Although it’s been more than a year since Donald Trump incited deadly riots in Washington, D.C., the need for accountability has never diminished. Indeed, recent polls show – and Trump bizarrely brags – that 67% of Americans say that Trump is responsible for the violent January 6th insurrection.

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Donald Trump, Prison

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection is continuing its exhaustive process of acquiring testimony and documentation of the crimes of Trump and others in his conspiratorial cabal. And Attorney General Merrick Garland said earlier this month that the Justice Department’s investigation won’t end until everyone is held accountable:

“Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday that when it comes to politically sensitive investigations, the Justice Department does ‘not shy away from cases that are controversial or sensitive or political. To do that would undermine an element of the rule of law, which is that we treat like cases alike without regard to the subject matter,’ Garland told reporters in response to a question about the January 6 investigation.”

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So while it appears that the probe is dragging on interminably, there are also signs that the wheels of justice are turning and that the perpetrators will face consequences. That prospect was addressed during an interview with a Republican Committee member , Liz Cheney, on Meet the Press:

Chuck Todd: Should we expect criminal referrals on this? And should we expect something – how much new do you think the public will learn that will actually change the way they thought about January 6th?

Cheney: I think certainly our first priority is to make recommendations. And we see things like do we need enhanced criminal penalties for the kind of supreme dereliction of duty that you saw with president Trump when he refused to tell the mob to go home after he had provoked that attack on the Capitol.

So there will be legislative recommendations and there certainly will be information. And I can tell you I have not learned a single thing since I have been on this committee that has made me less concerned or less worried about the gravity of the situation and the actions that president Trump took and also refused to take while the attack was underway.

First of all, Todd’s question implies that the public needs to learn something new that will change their minds about Trump’s guilt. And while there’s always room for more, the majority of the American people are already convinced of of his culpability.

More to the point, Cheney’s response reveals that the Committee is collecting abundant evidence that could result in indictments. Her reference to Trump’s “supreme dereliction of duty” was not made casually. And her observance that the more information that comes out, the more Trump’s wrongdoing is apparent, cannot be providing Trump much comfort.

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The January 6th Committee has compiled a massive amount of evidence and deposed numerous Trump insiders. They are building a strong case supported by first hand testimony and unimpeachable documentation, including untold hours of damning video. And while the pace is frustratingly slow, the direction is unambiguously toward conviction.

Nevertheless, the public needs to stay alert and continue to put pressure on the legal and political players who control the process. That’s the path to holding Trump and his seditious confederates accountable, and to achieve the righteous goal of justice: Lock Him Up!

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5 thoughts on “Liz Cheney: The ‘Supreme Dereliction of Duty’ By Trump Could Warrant Criminal Referral

  1. Justice MUST include not ever allowing those knowing , or in any way involved, in Jan 6th related actions, to ever hold any position inside our gov’t again! They violated a sacred trust of the people, an oath of office, & simply can NEVER be trusted again! They betrayed our nation & people in many ways & should never again be paid w/our taxpayer dollars.
    * In the words Trump so loved to say in his reality show, “You’re fired!” Now, go home! *
    Any & all those connected to the many attempts to overturn the election results should leave immediately – no pension, perks, benefits, whatever. You forfeit such things when you betray the peoples’ trust in that way. At the very least, they must all leave with nothing! And that must be immediate. The wheels of justice turn far too slow when it’s the elite & we need this settled, finalized, “closure”… & something DONE that allows us to pick up the pieces & move on from here.
    The division & mistrust they’ve caused – the damage done by their actions & ongoing Big Lie – have made it so that anything preventative to be done will drag on endlessly. Do it. But we NEED a finale – a door to close & move on from here. An “ending” to this chapter. This is a bare minimum. Do it. Done.
    As we can see by corporate greed caused inflation here & Russia’s invasion/war in Ukraine, the world keeps going & will not hit ‘pause’ button to wait for us. We need to keep going too.

  2. Yeah, it SHOULD, but as always, it WON’T. NOTHING’S going to happen to him or anybody else because NOTHING ever does. Just look how many members of congress that are continue to SUPPORT the insurrection are STILL there. STILL getting paid. STILL getting healthcare. STILL getting other benefits. THAT tells you all you need to know. That tells you, we are NOT serious about holding anyone accountable. We NEVER have been.

    • Wish I could disagrer with you, but it does indeed, seem that expecting Congress to do anything to reprimand their own Party members & protect our nation, democracy & people, is futile at best. As seen clearly with Impeachments 1&2 of Trump, they care only about Party politics, not the good of our Country!

      Well, that & their Fat Cat donors, who have bought & paid for our supposed representatives to represent them & their moneyed interests. When unlimited, dark money is part of a democracy, there is no longer a real people’s democracy!
      Congress makes, or blocks our laws & rules…so passing laws to change that greedy money flow – to remove it – is badically impossible since we can’t do it around them. Further proof that democracy is destroyed by huge sums of money pouring in!

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