Trump Toady Lies that Fox News ‘Destroyed CNN and MSNBC’ By Not Airing the January 6th Hearings

The brazenness with which Republicans lie is often an astonishing display of depraved dishonesty. There appears to be no bar too low for them to slither under when it comes to misrepresenting reality. As George Orwell wrote in “1984”: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.” The Cult of Trump could now add to that “Fox is news” and “Trump won!”

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Donald Trump TV Set

Not that any more evidence is necessary to prove the point, but Trump toady, and CEO of Trump’s failing Twitter clone TRUTH Social, Devin Nunes, visited with Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News’ Media Buzz. During a segment about the decision by Fox News not air the House Select Committee hearings on the January 6th insurrection, Nunes unloaded a spectacularly false assertion about the television ratings for the telecast in the following exchange:

Kurtz: Let’s talk about the January 6th hearing Thursday night, primetime. You say it was totally partisan, and you could certainly make that case given that every member is anti-Trump. But let’s go beyond that. Does that mean the media shouldn’t cover it much? Does it mean they should dismiss videotaped depositions from the likes of Bill Barr, Jason Miller, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump?
Nunes: The way that I view it, Howie, is I think we have numbers now that are in, and you covered this. To put this in primetime, the numbers were way down. So I don’t understand how these big corporations – I know it was spread across some 20 different networks – when you compare Fox News which did not air that live, I mean just destroyed CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, right?
Kurtz: Networks like MSNBC did very well covering this hearing, Obviously, it would appeal to the liberal viewers of that network.

First of all, it’s important to note that Kurtz’s question improperly argued that the Committee is partisan because “every member is anti-Trump.” In fact, the Committee is bipartisan, by definition, because it includes members of both parties. There just happens to be bipartisan agreement that Trump is a liar who incited the storming of the Capitol.

More to the point, the claim by Nunes that Fox News “just destroyed CNN and MSNBC in the ratings” is flagrantly false. MSNBC far exceeded their usual audience, averaging 4.1 million viewers during the hearings. Fox News came in second with only 3 million, which is what they get on any ordinary night. So the same cult viewers tuned in to Fox just as they have been programmed to do.

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What’s more, Nunes says that the numbers were “way down” for the hearings. Actually, they were far higher than anything these news networks have achieved in many years. More than 20 million people watched live, and even more millions watched via streaming, or delayed on DVRs or recasts. It was nearly twice the audience of game three of the NBA Finals.

For his part, Kurtz meekly replied that “MSNBC did very well,” dismissing the fact that they won their time period and beat Fox News. He also belittled the ratings win as the result of MSNBC’s “appeal to the liberal viewers,” ignoring the rest of the TV audience across many networks. And furthermore, Kurtz has no idea what the ideological make up of the audience was. Many conservatives and other non-liberals likely tuned in specifically because Fox wasn’t airing it.

Finally, in addition to lying through his teeth, Nunes didn’t even come close to answering Kurtz’s question, which was whether or not the media should cover the hearings. Obviously Fox News doesn’t want to cover them because, in addition to revealing that they have been lying about Trump and the insurrection for the past year and half, their audience would also see that their biggest stars were accomplices to Trump’s crimes.

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You have to wonder why Nunes was interviewed on this program in the first place. He is not a member of Congress. He runs a Trump business enterprise/scam. And on that website people who posted the truth about the January 6th insurrection were banned. Kurtz never bothered to ask Nunes about that.

Trump also weighed in on the ratings for the hearings and, true to form, he attempted to gaslight his dimwitted cult disciples by claiming that the ratings were “really BAD…far lower than anticipated.” Which, as someone who worked on TV for fourteen years, he knows isn’t true, or he’s even more stupid than we thought. He also called the hearings a “Witch Hunt” because – well, everything he doesn’t like either a witch hunt or a hoax, isn’t it?

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SRSLY? Trump’s TRUTH Social Boss, Devin Nunes, Tells Fox News that ‘Twitter is a Ghost Town’

What do wingnut Republican scam artists do when their much ballyhooed business ventures go bust? Well, if you’re Devin Nunes, the former congressman and fake farmer who is now the CEO of Donald Trump’s pathetic Twitter clone, TRUTH Social, you go on Fox News and tell flagrant lies about how successful you are.

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Donald Trump, Devin Nunes

Trump’s TRUTH(less) (Anti)Social ME-dia platform is proving to be the biggest bomb on his wretched resume that already includes shuttered operations for his self-branded casinos, steaks, vodka, airlines, and universities. Nunes was unable to deliver on his promise that the site would be fully open for business by the end of March. Losers -er- users have been unable to log on. It has seen its signups decline by 93% since its “soft” launch..

Trump doesn’t even use the site. He posted a single “truth” a month ago and hasn’t been back to tend to his flock since. Therefore, Nunes (or perhaps Trump) determined that it was time to hit Fox News with some Grade A BS. He visited with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer Maria Bartiromo (fresh off of fretting that Obama is secretly running the country) and unloaded these whoppers:

Bartiromo: What is your reaction to Elon Musk taking a 9% stake in one of your competitors, certainly, Twitter.
Nunes: I think it’s very interesting because the goal that president Trump has, and I have, and our team here at TRUTH Social, is to open the Internet back up so that the American people can get their voice back. So it’s clear that Twitter is kind of a ghost town. They desperately need Elon Musk to be there, so it’s probably something that Elon wants to do. He probably believes in free speech like we do. But at the same time there’s not very much activity over at Twitter right now, especially when you compare it to sites like ours where we’re just in our beginning stages as we continue to test and bring people on day by day. Our interactions are already beating twitter.'”

So according to Nunes “Twitter is kind of a ghost town,” where there is “not very much activity.” Those lies are demonstrably untrue. But they weren’t enough for Nunes. He had to elaborate with the ludicrous assertion that TRUTH Social’s “interactions are already beating twitter.” Which should make one wonder what fumes he has been inhaling.

Even Trump has noticed the stink that TRUTH Social is emitting. He is said to be furious about the site’s failure, berating his aides and demanding to know “What the f*ck is going on?” Meanwhile, anyone who invested in Trump’s boondoggle has probably lost a bundle. News Corpse reported recently that the stock of the sham that was set up as a holding company for the business had dropped by some 37% in the first two weeks of March. It’s now down more than 50%. And according to Reuters, key personnel are abandoning ship. They also reported that…

“Another open question is how TMTG is funding its current growth. The company is planning to go public through a merger with blank-check firm Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) . The deal is under scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission and is likely months away from being finalized. […] Investors have pledged $1 billion to TMTG but they won’t hand over that money until the DWAC deal closes.”

This could be the worst part of all for Trump, and an explanation for his fury. It means that he may not be able to extract his share of the ill-gotten loot. Which, in all likelihood, was the only reason he got involved in it to begin with. And if Trump gets skunked, look for Nunes to be back in the fields with the cows he tried to sue.

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Trump’s PRAVDA, er, TRUTH Social Twitter Clone Flops as it Misses Yet Another Launch Date

America’s Biggest Loser is once again demonstrating just how adept he is at failing. Donald Trump has a record of business catastrophes that is unparalleled in modern times. His numerous, and narcissistically self-branded projects – from airlines to games to steaks to vodka – all ended as humiliating fiascos. Even his prized real estate ventures have proven to be duds.

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Donald Trump, Twitter

Now Trump’s latest scam – the hysterically named TRUTH Social – is joining the club. Devin Nunes, the former congressman and fake farmer who Trump tapped to be the company’s CEO, promised two weeks ago that the Twitter clone’s website would be fully open for business by the end of March. Well, here we are, but there appears to be little evidence of life on Trump’s pouty platform.

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TRUTH(less) (Anti)Social has been unable to accommodate new users trying to sign up. A few hundred thousand of the Trump faithful are languishing on a stalled waiting list. Those who have gained access have found an echo chamber of fellow cultists whose homogeneous agreement is terminally boring. Trump doesn’t even use the site. He posted one comment a month ago and hasn’t been heard from since. What’s more, by all indications the app is not setting the social media world aflame. The Wrap reports that…

“Former president Donald Trump’s Truth Social app is seeing a 93% drop in signups and similarly steep decline in traffic after a rocky rollout last month fraught with technical issues and an extensive waiting list for new signups to actually use the service.”

None of this is going down well at Mar-a-Lago. Trump is said to be furious that his attempt to beat Twitter at their game has cratered so badly. The Daily Beast reports that…

“In recent weeks, sources have heard the former president on the phone swearing gratuitously and asking things like, ‘What the f*ck is going on’ with Truth Social. He’s repeatedly groused about the negative press and the less-than-stellar optics of the rollout, these sources said. And he’s demanded to know why more people aren’t using it—why the app isn’t swiftly dominating the competition.”

Trump has done more than demand to know why his baby is such a disaster. He has also been issuing impotent orders in utter desperation. He recently begged his glassy-eyed disciples to abandon Twitter and called for it to be outlawed, saying that…

“They shouldn’t be allowed to do business in this Country […] Everybody should drop off of Twitter and Facebook. They’re boring, have only a Radical Left point of view, and are hated by everyone. They are a disgrace to our Nation.”

Who would have thought that a former reality TV game show host could have bombed so spectacularly in both business and politics? Trump has the unique distinction of having lost the popular vote twice, being impeached twice, and never having an approval rating that hit 50%. And it only got worse from there.

Following his occupation of the White House, Trump incited a deadly insurrection and spent the next fifteen months whining about alleged election fraud for which he he could provide no evidence. And now he is tightening his treasonous embrace of Vladimir Putin. It makes one wonder how any rational person would consider investing in him as a businessman or a politician.

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It’s safe to assume that Trump’s tribulations will continue for the foreseeable future. He has proven the newly coined adage represented by the acronym ETTD: Everything Trump Touches Dies. But at least he succeeded in getting Devin Nunes out of Congress and ridding Twitter of some its most annoying trolls.

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Trump’s TRUTH Social Twitter Ripoff Follows in the Footsteps of His Prior Failures

If there is one thing that is consistent about Donald Trump, it’s his unchallenged status as America’s biggest loser. He has seemingly boundless ability to screw up everything he touches. The former reality TV game show host, who was evicted from the White House after a single disastrous term, also has a resume of humiliating failure that is unmatched. It includes his four bankrupt casinos, his fraudulent university, his steaks, his vodka, his airline, his D.C. hotel, his scam charitable foundation that was shut down because it was stealing funds, and so much more.

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Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

Trump also bears the dishonor of being the first president in history to be impeached twice. He is the first president in decades to leave office with fewer people employed than when he started. He exploded the national debt by cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy. He incited deadly riots in Washington, D.C. by insurrectionist mobs. And he is directly responsible for the deaths of nearly a million Americans due to his incompetent mishandling of the COVID pandemic.

Now Trump has proudly launched what he delusionally believes will supplant Twitter in the social media space. But his ironically named “TRUTH” Social (named after Russia’s news outlet Pravda, which means truth?) got off to an ignominious beginning. As reported by the Daily Beast

“Would-be users of Trump’s new app merely struggled to create an account after Sunday night’s launch. Around 11 p.m. ET, select users who tried to create accounts were repeatedly met with a red error warning: ‘Something went wrong. Please try again.'” […]

“On Sunday, Devin Nunes, the former Republican congressman-turned-CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, said that he hopes the new app will be fully operational by the end of March.”

This inauspicious introduction was met with appropriate mockery. Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu tweeted that “Many people say that if #TruthSocial can’t even handle opening new accounts, how will it keep your account from being hacked? Also, the problems won’t be fixed until late March. So is their staff like 2 people, the failed Devin Nunes and his cousin’s friend who is the coder?”

From the other side of the aisle Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger also tweeted that “Social media sadly thrives on conflict. #truthsocial (which is ironically named) will be boring and fail, because it will be all Trump-fed drones. BUT, please don’t come back to real social media if you left for Trump and Nunes great idea. You get your one shot.”

These are all good points. What’s more, it bears noting that TRUTH Social’s user base has a ways to go before it can considered competitive with Twitter’s 200,000,000 users. At present there is a significant difference in the potential for interactions between the two platforms. For instance, Trump had more than 88,000,000 followers on Twitter. He has 175 followers on TRUTH Social. Country singer Travis Tritt has 286,000 followers on Twitter. He has 40 followers on TRUTH Social. GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn has 364,000 followers on Twitter. He has 0 followers on TRUTH Social. With stats like that Trump’s cult disciples are surely going to rush to delete their Twitter accounts and live exclusively on TRUTH Social. Right?

It’s easy to see why Trump is so anxious to make this move. He has been banned on Twitter. And he has lost about 98% of his likes and retweets that are now posted by his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington. But he is unlikely to restore his former online glory. For one thing, his Twitter clone (built on open source software for which he is violating the license of the original developers) will be competing with other conservative social media sites (Gab, Parlar, Gettr, and the MyPillow guy’s FRANKSpeech) that beat him to the market (and are failing anyway).

It is also notable that Trump is hailing his venture as a haven for free speech. Which is hysterical given that the terms of service explicitly prohibit any criticism of the site or its operators. Which means that there can be no criticism of its Chairman, Donald Trump.

However, Trump has a business plan that he’s convinced will rocket him to the top of the conservative garbage heap. He’ll just sue his competition, or try to outlaw them, and if that doesn’t work just ask everybody to ditch them:

“Twitter is a disgrace to democracy. They shouldn’t be allowed to do business in this Country. […] Everybody should drop off of Twitter and Facebook.”

That should do it. Now there will probably be hordes of Trump Deplorables signing up for TRUTH Social any minute now, just waiting to interact with people who think exactly like they do in a community that is a tiny fraction of what Twitter has. What could be more fun? Let’s hope that they find happiness there and, as Rep. Kinzinger said, “Please, don’t come back.”

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Devin Nunes Sues NBC Because Rachel Maddow Revealed His Affairs With Russian Agents

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes has distinguished himself as one of Congress’ most mockable characters. He’s the sort of representative who believes that being asked if he wants a straw by a waitress is a sure sign of socialism. So what does a serially litigious Republican gadfly like Nunes do after he’s lost an embarrassing lawsuit against an imaginary cow on Twitter?

Rachel Maddow

Well, now that a court has ordered Nunes to “Don’t have a cow, man,” he is tilting at a new legal windmill that he believes is a cancer on his already tawdry reputation. Bloomberg News is reporting that…

“California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes sued NBCUniversal Media alleging that MSNBC’s liberal talk show host Rachel Maddow defamed him with on-air suggestions he’d conspired with a Russian agent to rig the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump.

“Nunes, who is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, says Maddow has repeatedly targeted him with defamatory statements that accuse him of obstruction of justice and treason.”

In other words, Nunes is suing NBC because Rachel Maddow reported accurately about his unsavory relationships with Russian operatives, and his complicity with using disinformation to smear Joe Biden in order to prop up Donald Trump’s dwindling election prospects. Nunes is seeking unspecified damages for “insult, pain, embarrassment, humiliation, mental suffering and injury to his reputation.” Based on that enumeration of alleged harm, Nunes should be suing himself.

For some reason Nunes filed this complaint in federal court in Sherman, Texas, despite the fact that he represents a district in California, and NBC is headquartered in New York. Do you think he’s “venue shopping” this silliness? Where else could he hope for a favorable verdict in this quixotic adventure?

Nunes must know that he doesn’t have a prayer of prevailing. Particularly when there is virtually nothing of substance on which to hang his case. The commentary Maddow delivered hewed closely to the known facts at the time of her broadcast. And the truth is a valid defense in a defamation case. Maddow correctly reported that…

“Last summer, Democrats on the Intelligence Committee in the house learned that that same guy, Derkach, had mailed a stack of unknown materials to a Republican congressman named Devin Nunes, who is the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee to this day. Andriy Derkach is sanctioned by the U.S. government as a Russian agent. He is singled out by name by the Director of National Intelligence as someone under Vladimir Putin‘s direct purview who helped run this operation targeting our election last year.

None of that is even being disputed by Nunes. His case rests on Maddow’s assertion that he failed to turn the suspicious package from the Russian agent over to the FBI, or even share it with his colleagues on the Intelligence Committee. However that was true when she reported it. Given that he has no case, it will be interesting see how discovery shakes out, if Nunes even allows it to go that far.

In addition to ludicrous and failed suits against Twitter for satirical accounts pretending to be his mother and his cow, Nunes has also filed unsuccessful, multi-million dollar suits against the Washington Post (which was dismissed), Esquire (which was thrown out), McClatchy (which was dropped), and CNN. With regard to the action against CNN, Nunes not only lost, but his attorney was sanctioned and ordered to pay CNN $21,000 for filing a frivolous defamation claim.

All of this makes the anticipation for the latest Nunes legal battle more exciting. He seems to be impervious to shame as he continues to humiliate himself in courts across the country. And in the end, all he succeeds in doing is reminding everyone about his potentially treasonous dalliances with Russia and his efforts to subvert democracy. So hopefully, he keeps it up.

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Blaming the Victim: GOP Accuses Pelosi of Allowing the Capitol Riots that Targeted Her

It’s about time that we all finally recognize that you CAN make this up! The Republican party is notorious for manufacturing radical, rightist mythologies that conform to their dystopian world and self-serving political environments. They couldn’t care less if there are facts to support their half-baked diversions from reality. They are a factory for fantastical fiction.

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Fox News, Nancy Pelosi

The latest GOP fractured fairy tale strives to achieve new lows of contempt for the truth and insensitivity toward the real victims of heinous crimes. And it’s brought to you by Fox News and some of the GOP’s most noxious and dishonest characters, including Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes. As Fox reported Monday morning…

“House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rodney Davis, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan, House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer and House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes sent a letter to Pelosi, D-Calif., on Monday, saying that ‘many important questions’ about her ‘responsibility for the security’ of the Capitol on Jan. 6 ‘remain unanswered.'”

The article is full of quotes by these Republican cretins making patently baseless charges regarding the security preparedness for the January 6th Congressional session where the Electoral College vote would be certified. That, of course, devolved into an insurrectionist coup attempt instigated by Donald Trump, who sent his cult disciple to the Capitol on mission to suppress democracy.

The charges in the letter are entirely speculative and intended to raise wholly unwarranted suspicions about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that have no foundation in reality. They are brazenly smearing the Speaker in an attempt to tarnish her reputation while diverting attention from their own culpability. Their allegation rests on the fact that Pelosi, as Speaker, was responsible for security for the whole of Congress.

These Republican whiners want to make people forget that they were the ones who propped up Trump’s Big Lie about a “stolen election” that was the impetus for Trump’s Insurrectionists to attack the Congress while they were doing their constitutional duty. They were Trump’s accomplices in the assault on Congress, and his apologists afterward. But now they are trying to lay the blame on Pelosi, who was the target of Trump’s Seditionist Brigades. They think that she was a party to her own attempted assassination.

What’s more, the GOP congressmen make no mention of the fact that Sen. Mitch McConnell was the in charge of the Senate and would have had the very same authority for security as Pelosi does. But they aren’t condemning him or demanding that he answer their antagonistic questions. They are exhibiting rank partisanship while throwing around false allegations that Pelosi’s efforts to scrutinize the assault were partisan. Never mind that those efforts included appointing retired General Russel Honoré, a universally respected crisis management expert, to conduct an independent security review, and advocating for a 9/11-style, bipartisan commission to investigate the matter and its causes.

Pelosi’s chief of staff. Drew Hammill, responded to the letter saying that it was a…

“transparently partisan attempt to lay blame on the Speaker, who was a target of assassination during the insurrection fueled by the lies of House Republicans.”

[…and that…]

“We look forward to these Ranking Members asking these same questions of former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. As the target of an assassination attempt, the Speaker knows all too well the importance of security at the Capitol and is focused on getting to the bottom of all issues facing the Capitol Complex and the events that led up to the insurrection. Clearly, these Republican Ranking Members do not share this priority.”

for Republicans to send this accusatory letter to Pelosi, the intended target of Trump’s insurrectionist mob, is abhorrent in the extreme. Particularly when they are the ones who are guilty of the crimes they are charging her with. But it’s also the predictable behavior of purposefully dishonest, moronic, conspiracy-obsessed, crackpots with nefarious agendas. And it’s what we should expect of them – and be prepared for – for the foreseeable future.

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WTF? Trump-Fluffer Devin Nunes Tells Fox News that ‘It’s a Great Time to Go Out’

For several months now, Donald Trump has been downplaying the seriousness of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. He has said that it would miraculously disappear; that it was just one guy from China; that there was nothing to worry about; and that it was totally under control. The facts, medical experts, and common sense all tell us that none of that is (or was) true.

Donald Trump, Devin Nunes

Throughout the same period of time, Fox News has supported Trump’s reckless and self-serving negligence. While most American are taking precautions to avoid infecting themselves and others, Fox News is continuing to promote activities that will not only put people’s lives at risk, it will exacerbate the severity of the health crisis that is sweeping the nation and the world.

Another example of Fox’s irresponsibility was on display during a segment of Maria Bartiromo’s program. She interviewed the utterly corrupt Trump bootlicker, Rep. Devin Nunes, wherein he gave this ill-considered advice to Fox News viewers and the American people:

“I will just say, one of the things you can do — if you’re healthy, you and your family, it’s a great time to just go out, go to a local restaurant — Likely you can get in easily.”

That could not possibly be more ignorant and dangerous at this perilous time for our country. And it is completely contrary to what the healthcare professionals are saying. Even those who are leading Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force like renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci:

“I think Americans should be prepared that they are going to have to hunker down significantly more than we as a country are doing.”

It appears that Nunes and Fox News are deliberately trying to get Americans killed. And they are doing it to advance the political interests of Trump. It has already been observed that his trivialization of this crisis was intended to help his reelection prospects. And these harmful remarks by Nunes come just one day after Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt told Fox News viewers that “It’s actually the safest time to fly.”

As if that weren’t enough, Trump himself tweeted this on Sunday morning:

So now the President is happily recounting his gathering of sycophants at the White House. Never mind that he is also contradicting the advice by doctors to engage in “social distancing,” something that Trump bizarrely tweeted on Saturday in all-caps.

Furthermore, there is significant risk of contracting the coronavirus by being in close proximity to Trump and his entourage. While he just announced that he tested negative for the virus, his record of rampant, pathological lying causes many people to have reasonable doubts that anything he says is true.

What’s more, it has just been reported that a third person has tested positive for COVID-19 who was a guest at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. That means that there are more confirmed cases of coronavirus at Mar-a-Lago than in seven states. Perhaps they should consider shutting it down. And then maybe the White House as well. You can’t be too safe.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Terrified that His Taxes Will Become Public, Trump Sics His DOJ on the Supreme Court

Last week’s impeachment hearings revealed overwhelming evidence of the criminal behavior of Donald Trump. The witnesses were largely from his own administration, including Dr. Fiona Hill who was a top aide to Trump’s ultra-conservative National Security Advisor, John Bolton. And every one of them testified that Trump improperly threatened to withhold military funds from Ukraine unless they helped him smear a political rival. In fact, Trump himself admitted it.

Donald Trump

However, in just the few hours since the hearings adjourned, there have been some startling stories of corruption and dirty dealing by Trump and his sycophantic defenders. The ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, has been implicated in a scandal of his own wherein he was seeking foreign assistance to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Which is precisely the crime that the Committee is investigating Trump for. As for Trump, he visited his Friends at Fox News to spread propaganda manufactured by Russia. But These aren’t the only problems Trump faces.

The state of New York has been trying to get Trump’s tax returns as evidence in a case probing alleged campaign finance violations. Trump, of course, has been refusing to cooperate, but having lost in the lower courts, Trump is taking his challenge to the Supreme Court. In advance of any decision, the Department of Justice is now weighing in with their own opinion. And naturally they are siding with Trump. This is just further proof that Attorney Genuflect Bill Barr is a toady for Trump who is breaching his oath to serve the American people.

There is no justification for the DOJ to interfere with this litigation. It is outside of the purview of the Department as it involves Trump personally and is not associated with his duties as president. What’s more, the case that the DOJ is presenting to the Supreme Court is typically biased, shallow, and weak on legal rationale. According to their filing

“The brief, filed by Solicitor General Noel Francisco, says allowing Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance to obtain the tax returns would create a precedent that ‘may subject the president to highly burdensome demands for information’ and ‘raises the risk that prosecutors could use subpoenas to harass the president as a result of opposition to his policies.'”

Literally none of that is is justification for the Justice Department to interfere with this case. The President is not immune to investigations by state prosecutors. And it isn’t the DOJ’s job to define what constitutes a “burden” to the President. Nor is the DOJ permitted to insert itself into what may or may not be a political affair. The President has his personal attorneys for those purposes. The brief went on to say that…

“’The United States has a substantial interest in protecting the office of the president and the powers and duties vested in that office,’ the brief reportedly reads. ‘The United States also has a substantial interest in protecting the autonomy of the federal government from potential interference by the states.'”

To the extent that the DOJ is tasked with “protecting the office of the president,” it is limited to the his official duties, not his personal affairs. Especially those that took place prior to his election. However, the argument that the DOJ has an interest in protecting the President “from potential interference by the states,” is downright ludicrous. It is, in effect, a claim to protect the President from the nation he is sworn to serve. If upheld it would set a precedent that allows any president to violate state laws with impunity. And along with the tax laws that are central to this case, that could include rape and murder.

Trump’s stubborn refusal to release his taxes – as every other president in modern times has done – is a pretty good indication that there is something terribly wrong hidden in them. He isn’t even pretending to be audited anymore. Now he claims that just asking to see his returns is an abuse of power. He’s just sending his lackeys out to make absurd arguments in the hopes that he can keep his skeletons in the closet. And while the DOJ’s case is so thin as to be laughable, it is not outside the realm of possibility that it will be received favorably by a Supreme Court that is stacked with right-wingers and Trump appointees. Time will tell if they honor the law and the Constitution more than their misplaced loyalty to a criminal president.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Peak Stupidity: Ranking GOP Member of House Intel Committee Thinks Asking for Straws is Socialism

The most recent polls show that the American people, particularly the young, are not generally fearful of what used to be portrayed as the scourge of socialism. In fact, a more enlightened public is now aware that some of this country’s most cherished institutions (Medicare, Social Security, public schools, etc.) were developed directly from socialist ideas. And new policies that advocate universal health coverage and tuition-free college are gaining in popularity.

Devin Nunes

Of course those views are not shared by the Fox News viewing Deplorables who still worship at the Cult of Donald Trump. Their disdain for an agenda that seeks to mitigate the historically high income inequality, and to make fairness in jobs, taxation, and education a priority, is as strong as ever. And it’s strength is rooted in the ignorance of what socialism actually is.

A perfect example of that ignorance exposed itself Sunday morning in the form of a tweet by Republican Devin Nunes. He is best known for his corrupt chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee wherein he distorted the hearings it held and colluded with Trump to shape White House propaganda. With the Democrats having taken over the majority in the House, Nunes is now the ranking member, while Adam Schiff was elevated to chairman.

The tweet Nunes posted displays his pitiful misunderstanding of socialism, while also advancing his prejudicial views. He tweeted that:

Nunes is breaking the sound barrier of dumbassedness here. He is somehow associating a policy that seeks to reduce pollution and waste with his nightmare of a government controlled society. But free citizens in a democracy frequently enact bills that produce a desired and positive effect. That’s actually a validation of freedom, not some imaginary “Straw Police State.”

Nunes must also oppose separating recyclable garbage, banning cancer causing asbestos, health warnings on cigarettes, and increasing vehicle fuel efficiency standards. Anything that actually improves the lives of the people is inherently anti-Republican, because it interferes with their right to unlimited profits despite the public harm.

What’s more, Nunes is blissfully unaware of his own embrace of socialism. As a farmer in the Central Valley of California (although that is in dispute), Nunes has received tens of thousands of dollars in government subsidies. The district that he represents has received nearly half a billion dollars since 1995. How would Nunes define those handouts to people and businesses who are already prosperous?

This is the kind of idiocy that marks the Republican aversion to, and attacks on, socialism and the new breed of proud Social Democrats like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It is the result of being uninformed and unwilling to learn. And that problem is exacerbated by Fox News, who disseminate the lies and distortions of numbskulls like Nunes. It’s one of the reasons that Donald Trump says that he “loves the uneducated.” Without them he would never have been elected and no one would show up at his cult rallies.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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Total Transparency? What Trump Really Means When He Lies About Exposing the Phony Witch Hunt

There has never been a president who has expressed more animosity toward the intelligence community he is supposedly leading than Donald Trump, His open disdain for the Department of Justice, the FBI, and all of the other intelligence agencies throughout the federal government and the military, is well documented. He even prefers the word of Russia’s Vladimir Putin to his own intel resources.

Donald Trump

On Monday evening it was revealed that Trump ordered the declassification of a select group of documents involving the the investigation of his nefarious connections to Russia. It’s a conspicuously cherry-picked set of docs that were previously requested by the smarmy and ultra-biased Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes. Needless to say, these items were chosen to deceitfully advance Trump’s paranoid “witch hunt” narrative. However, they actually pose a significant risk to intelligence sources and methods, while also adding to Trump’s expanding portfolio of obstruction of justice charges.

So naturally Trump made a statement on Tuesday morning to try to shore up his crumbling arguments against the work of special counsel Robert Mueller (video below). Trump unironically told the press that “I want total transparency.” Sure he does. He continued saying that:

“This is a witch hunt. Republicans are seeing it. The Democrats know it’s a witch hunt, too, but they don’t want to admit it because that’s not good politics for them. But it’s a terrible witch hunt and it’s hurt our country. And the things that have been found over the past couple of weeks about text messages back and forth are a disgrace to our nation. And I want transparency, and so does everybody else. As you know, congressional committees came to me and they wanted this, and I did it based on their request. But I think it’s a good thing because we should open it up for people to see.”

It’s funny how Trump thinks he knows what Democrats want and are secretly thinking. Particularly since he doesn’t even know what is in the documents that he just declassified at the request of partisan hacks in Congress. But it’s his claim to wanting transparency that really tests the limits of believability. If Trump is really committed to transparency, here are a few other matters that he might want to consider being transparent about:

  • His tax returns. He promised to release them several times, but that’a promise he never intended to keep. Presumably due to the numerous illegal and embarrassing things we would learn if he did release them.
  • Transcript of meeting with Vladimir Putin. Trump met with Putin for a couple of hours in Helsinki, but has refused to disclose what was discussed, even to his own national security officials.
  • Obama’s birth certificate. Trump said that “investigators” he sent to Hawaii “cannot believe what they’re finding.” We know how they feel.
  • Brett Kavanaugh’s file. Tens of thousands of pages relating to Kavanaugh’s service in the George W. Bush White House are still being withheld by Trump.
  • Emails and text messages related to Russia. While Trump did selectively declassify some of these documents, they were limited to those produced by people he regards as “deep state” enemies (James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr) He refuses to release the same sort of documents by Devin Nunes, Jeff Sessions, Sean Hannity, Wikileaks, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, etc.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. Trump is surely withholding much more information regarding his finances, his campaign, his relationship with Putin and Russia, and his myriad relationships with the women he was cheating on his wife (wives) with. This is not the behavior of someone genuinely interested in transparency. It’s just another dishonest representation by a notorious liar who is now trying to employ the deceitful, punitive practices of the dictators he admires.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.