Trump Explains How He Plans to Steal the Next Election in Video Message to Republican Group

Just over a year ago, Donald Trump and his confederates attempted to stage a coup against the United States. The January 6th insurrection resulted in a violent mob invading the Capitol, interfering with the constitutionally mandated duties of Congress, vandalizing the historic seat of America’s government, causing over $30 million in damage, and injuring more than a 140 police officers.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Ever since that day, Trump has not only denied any responsibility, he has actually bragged that it was a peaceful and patriotic event, that he “loved” the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol, and that the “real” insurrection was Election Day, November 3, 2021. What’s more, Trump has signed on to Tucker Carlson’s crackpot conspiracy theory that the riots that Trump denies took place were orchestrated by the FBI.

The gross criminality of the January 6th seditionists was fueled by Trump’s relentless and baseless assertions that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.” In the year that has transpired he has utterly failed to provide even a shred of evidence to support his claims. But now he is providing evidence of his own efforts to rig future elections.

In a video that Trump produced for a group of Republicans in Pennsylvania, Trump sought to explain why he thinks they should devote more of their resources to campaigns for offices that have jurisdiction over election processes, such Secretaries of State. He said that…

“We have to be a lot sharper the next time when it comes to counting the vote. There’s a famous saying that sometimes the vote counter is more important than the candidate. And we can’t let that ever, ever happen again. They have to get a lot tougher and smarter.”

Trump is openly articulating a plot to take over the administration of elections so that his apparatchiks can meddle with the voting to fraudulently produce the result he wants. It isn’t enough that Republicans have been passing laws in many states that suppress the votes of Democratic leaning citizens. His authoritarian aspirations now demand that the vote counting functions be put into the hands of his fellow fascists.

For the record, the “famous saying” that Trump is referring to is one that is attributed to one of his tyrannical heroes, Joseph Stalin, who has been reported to have said that…

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the Party will vote, or how. But what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”

Whether or not Stalin actually said that is irrelevant. Trump’s believes he did and his reference to it is as clear as day. It is completely in line with Trump’s well documented fixation on notorious dictators. While discussing his record on foreign relations during a recent appearance with Bill O’Reilly, Trump admitted his perverse admiration, saying that the world leaders he “got along best with were tyrants. For whatever reason, I got along great with them.” Which shouldn’t surprise anyone given his affinity for, and subservience to, Vladimir Putin.

This video wherein Trump is quoting what he believes to be Stalin’s method of dealing with democracy should alarm every American. Trump is clearly setting up the 2022 midterm elections as a rehearsal for his own attempt to regain power in 2024. And he isn’t the least bit shy about revealing his nefarious intentions. Which makes it all the more critical that Democrats and honest Republicans (if there are any left) to join together to pass the voting rights legislation currently being debated in Congress. American democracy is literally hanging in the balance.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Explains How He Plans to Steal the Next Election in Video Message to Republican Group

  1. The ultimate outcome for the entire Trump situation would be for all the Republican’s to continue to follow their Der Fuehrer’s orders right up until before the 2024 election then Trump being unable to actually run because he’s physically unable to or deemed mentally incompetent. The entire Republican party would be unprepared and in total turmoil. There’s way more than a fifty fifty chance it’ll happen.

    • I think you really have something here!

    • And being so obese would help assure Trump’s being physically unfit. That Trump has read “Mein Kampf” cover to cover (according to one of his wives), we should look for statements originally made by Hitler. Hitler wasn’t fat, but, like Trump, he took stimulants.

  2. News Corpse,

    I have been reading your diaries on Daily Kos ever since i joined the site back in May of 2019. You are one of the best on that site. I still read articles on Kos, but i have been suspended from commenting on Kos forever for making a comment about that thing named Marjorie T. Greene back in January 2021. That was about the time that Greene made the remark about putting a bullet in the head of Nancy Pelosi. All i said was, ” Maybe it would be a wonderful idea to put a bullet in Greene’s head” So, my commenting days on KOS are over.
    It’s very alarming to me that Donald TUMP is publicly making plans to interfere with future elections. i hope his physical condition and his corrupt actions catch up with him before 2024. Him and Putin should be in a prison for their evil actions. I was hoping something would be done about the Voting Rights act, but that isn’t looking promising.

    • Thanks for you kind words. Sorry to hear about your troubles at DailyKos, although that comment was a clear violation of their rules. We need to be better than the right-wingers.

      I don’t condone wishing harm on anyone. If you’re gonna bother to “wish” something, why not wish that they have an epiphany and realize they’ve wrong all their lives, and become progressives?

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