Boring Biden? Fox News is Very Upset that Biden Isn’t a Hyper-Psycho Drama Queen Like Trump

When Fox News isn’t complaining that President Biden is mentally incompetent (a diagnosis that the American people find more applicable to Donald Trump), they are grousing about how he is an over zealous radical tyrant riding roughshod over conservative “values.” How he can be both an addled wimp and an evil genius remains a mystery.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump

The whiners at Fox News don’t really care if their criticisms are true, or even if they make sense. The only thing that matters is that they have a rhetorical cudgel with which to beat up on Biden. And even when they have nothing, they will try to deploy that nothingness as a weapon. It’s a pathetic tactic that only exposes how vacant their political strategies are. And leading Fox News in the cognitive vacancy department is their Primetime host, Jesse Watters.

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On Friday evening Watters was clearly out of political spitballs. So he resorted to the hackery that the absence of scandal is scandalous. His harangue (video below) was based on an article in Politico, a source usually regarded as “fake” news by the Fox set. Except when they think they can spin it to their advantage. He began with an old and regularly recurring trope that Biden is “just boring,” and elaborated saying that…

“…he promised to be boring, and he’s doing everything he can to keep that pledge. And they’re not wrong. Joe doesn’t even schmooze these peeps in D.C. And for a Democrat, that is a sin. He spends almost every weekend in Delaware. The guy just loves his basement. Presidents are supposed to excite the Washington establishment, but Joe is doing the exact opposite.”

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Apparently Watters believes that it’s the President’s job to “schmooze” the elites in Washington. And if he isn’t doing that, he’s derelict in his duties. Although that standard was never in place for Trump, whose social interactions with anyone who wasn’t a slobbering sycophant were invariably disastrous and vulgar. What’s more, Watters complains that Biden was holed up in his basement. That, of course, is a routine right-wing lie by partisans who never cared about Trump spending hundreds of days (and millions of taxpayer dollars) at his own golf resorts.

Watters also spoke of “exciting” the Washington establishment as an official duty. He lamented the lack of “presidential sightings,” “black-tie banquets,” and “Glamorous new aides, preferably with active social schedules and newsworthy romantic lives!” Unfortunately, Biden preferred to waste his time with trivialities like managing a deadly pandemic, restoring the economy, and responding to the genocidal attack by Russia on Ukraine, to name a few.

Watters was also disturbed that Biden didn’t attend the exclusive Gridiron Dinner this week. He sent Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo instead. But as Watters noted, it was a good thing that he passed, because many of the guests contracted COVID. For which Watters had another negative spin, saying – and virtually hoping – that “Eventually, Biden is going to catch COVID, it’s bound to happen and you’ll never see Biden or another party again.” Watters seems to be laying the groundwork for his next manufactured scandal.

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What conservative crackpots like Watters mean when they talk about Biden being boring, is that he doesn’t excrete the same noxious hysteria and hostility that was the hallmark of the Trump era. Even Politico’s article conceded that it wasn’t so much Biden’s lack of substantive excitement, but rather engaging PR. “The majesty of the White House,” Politico wrote, “the star power of the inner circle — these are tools that can be harnessed to charm decision-makers and narrative-writers.” That’s true, but it was too nuanced for someone as shallow as Watters to wade through.

Consequently, America is saddled with the asinine assertions of cretins like Watters who struggle to invent scandals where none exist. That’s why then end up accusing Biden of such atrocities as wearing a face mask, or riding a bike, or picking a dandelion for his wife, or eating ice cream…

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11 thoughts on “Boring Biden? Fox News is Very Upset that Biden Isn’t a Hyper-Psycho Drama Queen Like Trump

  1. Well, Joe’s ice cream scandal is his attempt to one-up Obama’s tan suit scandal. Now, if Joe would just wear a tan suit to eat ice cream, donnie would be crazy with jealousy….Just wait until donnie gets his orange jumpsuit. You’ll never top that, Joe!

    • I honestly don’t see how ANYONE could even watch 15 seconds of the Fox ” so called” news. They do nothing but stir up hate and division with their outrageous broadcasts. I just wish there was some way someone could find a way to get their broadcast license revoked to put an end to their insane BS. I personally have NEVER watched FOX BS NEWS. If i did, i would probably ruin my perfectly good wide screen TV by throwing something through it. Why don’t they change their name to, ”Fox Nazi fascist propaganda?” because that’s all it is. Lastly, i hope we see sir donnie in that orange jumpsuit very soon. The no good bungholes at Fox will whine and cry like babies.

      • I can’t even get thru 5mins of FauxSpews. They make ne wanna scream & tear their hair out! (Yes, theirs!)
        As for broken TVs, I broke a couple during Budh years, when unable to stop my hand from throwing things at TV. Anything near me was likely to sail at high velocity thru TV screen B4 *, or anyone could stop me! After replacing 2 TVs & 2 more Bushy yrs left to go, we found that a big basket of tiny beanies/beanbags next to me, to throw at TV & my finger hovering over mute button like trigger on a gun, seened to work well for me. Also backed my chair up a bit after couple tiny bean bags hit screen hard enuff to worry husband that I might crack it – also a bad thing.
        Can’t stand any Trump audutory & have yet to make it thru 5mins of FauxNotNews — I’m not allowed to hold anything then & my cats run out of the room when hear *ucker Carlson’s voice anyway.
        I can only READ things Trump says, or FauxSpews spews.out. Now we’re adding Lindsey Graham & McConell to that hit list of “MUST mutes.l” (I read alot of my news!)

        • I don’t even want to get started on that Carlson Tucker jerk. It makes my stomach queasy even if see a photo of him. Did you happen to see That ass hat Ted Cruz cower down to him a few weeks ago? Tucker was grilling him about a speech or statement he made and Cruz looked like a 5 year old when scolded by a parent. That was truly pathetic. Carlson Tucker is a bully and a true to life a-hole if there is ever was one. ( I know i have his name backward, but i could never understand why a parent would give their child 2 last names like his is.

  2. Mark, you’re forgetting that the TyrantLickers proclaimed Obama was the most incompetent president ever AND the gray eminence behind every evil act since the crucifixion.

    Which, of course, they now have to apply to Biden to support the next pile of trumpshyt: “Well, OBAMA was better than Sleepy Joe!!”

    • Only one thing that Republicans and all their supporters are good at is, projection. Everything evil and disgusting they do, they always say Democrats are doing. No one, but no President could even come close to being as incompetent as Donald J TUMP. As far as i am concerned, i wouldn’t label him as a ”President” he is nothing but an incompetent Dictator. I despise him so much, i can’t even say or type the word, Trump. That is the reason i refer to him as TUMP, like in a sewage dump, or a horse’s rump.

  3. GOP projects their own shit on Dems so well that you can use it to know what crap GOP is up to much of the time!
    Those accusations out of left field that make ya’ say, “Huh?” & Tilt your head like a dog? Those tend to be the things it later turns out GOP/Trump were doing/planning/saying.

    Which reminds me…anyone checking those voting machines this time, right B4 elections? (Exec. Order kept secret could work) Like, a surprise inspection by a few of our best hackers, or top IT minds; coders…at very last minute!? We should! Trump & pals were way too confident in 2020 & w/o reason to be so –that his re-elect was a “done deal”. Then totally freaked out when record # of voters actually voted & Dems won handily ~ were “so sure” that Dems must’ve cheated, but why so sure?? (They didn’t!) Could it be that GOP had election “rigged”, that made ’em so confident the impeached, inept, liar prez with such low poll numbers would have 2nd term?!? IDK Just asking…

    I DO know that there’s nothing GOP won’t do to take back power & never give it up again! They’ve said as much. They plan on single-party rule — by them! They don’t even pretend to give a dam* who knows what they’re doing to upend fair & democratic elections. No one trying to stop them bothers me. (Alot.) They’ve stacked courts to pre-empt real justice, should it go that far. They have gobs & gobs of dark $$$ to buy the election. Little, if any, real pushback from other side.(?!?) Media backing off the toughest type coverage.
    Large, greedy, Corporate entities & Putin want Trump & GOP back in power real bad, cuz’ they can work them EZ enuff; they own ’em! Gas/oil/coal mega-corps are desperate to get “their guys” back in power.
    GOP keeps talking about ‘revenge’ they have planned — not if, but “when” they take back majority. Cocksure. Plan revenge that’s not allowed in Constitution — don’t care!
    I can’t believe that GOP Insurrectionist Party is still in position, on our payroll & able to TAKE POWER back at all!!
    They should not even be here now! “The wheels of justice grind too dam* slowly”, when Party that attempted coup is still in gov’t, doing different type of coup/election fraud, as if they did nothing wrong by plotting coup against us!
    That’s why other countries take swift, definitive action against those who try a coup against them! We must be crazy!?!

    • I would add one more to list, a person i despise almost as bad as TUMP, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is a huge troublemaker and has a big mouth. Bad thing is. she is the Rep. to the county that borders my county on the north side. I was suspended on another comment site with no chance of reinstatement for saying something about the insane Greene.
      You are exactly where i stand on the other facts in your comment. When i think about all of those things like, one party rule, blatant election rigging, and the fact that the large greedy corporations want TUMP and the very evil Putin to control things. I watch many shows on the AHC channel about Hitler’s rise in Nazi Germany and the thousands of idiots that cheered and worshiped him, and TUMP and his gullible followers and it is soooo similar to what TUMP is doing.
      Other nations do take swift action those who attempt a coup and also take quick action against hate groups like those brown shirts and proud boys. I read something last year about how the Proud boys tried to get a hold in Canada, and they were promptly removed by law enforcement and sent back to the USA. It is insane that they can and continue here in the USA to do anything they want to… i am sick of it!

      • Yep. For the last few decades the Southern Poverty Law Center had worked non-stop to end racist violence groups (such as KKK & others) & did a pretty good job of sending such groups back under the rocks from whence they came. Racists still existed, then & now, but for a while they were hating behind closed doors & not spreading their hatred, violent acts. They’d faded into background & that was good. Then, here comes Trump-a-chump ~ big mouth hater of everyone not like him. SOB ends up prez & taps into every bad thing hiding inside some people. He made it “ok” to be racist & a hater – even worse, he had rallies full of racist rants & all the haters & violence-prone folks came out from under their rocks, spreading that crap like a cancer. We really need to be much more careful what kind of people we put in leadership positions! A person who encourages violence, racism, intolerance & praises such groups, has no business bring the leader of a free & democratic Country. He is a nasty monster & unleashed a bunch more like him. The genie won’t easily go back in that bottle! Tapping into the darkest corners of peoples’ souls is not good for anyone in the end! His people are very loud, but a minority in America.
        We have to overcome this oozing wart on our collective ass & get back on the right track, B4 too late! Good people far outnumber the bad elements & of ALL OF US refuse to give in to it & vote loudly in big #s, we may he able to stop this train’s ride to
        hell in Nov. Cuz’ of GOP election shenanigans now in place, we must turnout in overwhelming numbers too large for them to dispute. It’s the 1 shot we have to change direction & keep our liberty & freedoms from being squashed by those who will destroy us from within.
        If not, sure hope Canada will let me in, cuz’ no place for me here!

  4. Why the name Tucker?
    Rhymes with… *ucker. Coincidence, or warning??!

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