Trump Goes Bonkers When Fiona Hill Calls the January 6th Insurrection ‘Trump Pulling a Putin’

In a revealing interview with New York Times Magazine, Fiona Hill opened up about her tenure with the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. And to no one’s surprise, there were some stark differences that presented themselves with the openly authoritarian, and frighteningly ignorant, term of Donald Trump.

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The interview covered a lot of territory, but with regard specifically to Trump, there are some truly disturbing assessments of his incompetence and devotion to only his own personal interests. Among Hill’s remarks were the following…

“In the course of his presidency, indeed, Trump would come more to resemble Putin in political practice and predilection than he resembled any of his recent American presidential predecessors.”

And that…

“I saw the thread. The thread connecting the Zelensky phone call to Jan. 6, and I remembered how, in 2020, Putin had changed Russia’s Constitution to allow him to stay in power longer. This was Trump pulling a Putin.”

And that…

“We’ve been the gold standard of democratic elections. All of that will be rolled back If Trump returns to power after claiming the only way he could ever lose is if someone steals it from him. It’ll be more than diplomatic shock. I think it would mean the total loss of America’s leadership position in the world arena.”

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Hill is not the first or only patriot to recognize these risks that Trump placed in America’s path. But she is someone whose stature in the White House, and whose accumulated experience and knowledge of Russia and Eastern Europe are impeccable.

So naturally, once someone told Trump about Hill’s remarks (because he surely didn’t read the article himself), he lashed out with unbridled fury at her for daring to be appropriately critical of him. Trump posted on Twitter (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill) that…

“Fiona Hill is a Radical Left RINO, but the word RINO is too good. She doesn’t know the first thing she’s talking about. If she didn’t have the accent she would be nothing. During the Impeachment Hoax #1, she had no credibility, obviously, because we won unanimously. Never listened to her, I hardly knew her at all. She knew nothing about me, I knew nothing about her, and I liked it that way.”

Much of that harangue is just more of the tiresome apoplexy that Trump disgorges whenever somebody treats him with less than the total reverence to which he feels entitled. So of course Hill is a “radical,” and a “leftist,” and a “RINO.” And she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, despite her years of experience working for presidents of both parties. And as usual, Trump sinks to judging her on irrelevant attributes such as her accent. He’s probably also troubled that she isn’t an eighteen year old blonde.

Among the things that make this outburst particularly ludicrous is Trump’s assertion that he “won unanimously” the first time he was impeached. Being impeached is not in any way a victory, and he was impeached twice. And he’s apparently only counting the votes of the bootlicking Republicans in Congress who were too cowardly to uphold the law and democracy.

Trump also goes off the deep end with his claim that he “hardly knew [Hill] at all.” He’s confessing that he “knew nothing” about the senior director of Russian and European affairs in his own National Security Council. That’s an admission of serious dereliction of duty. Then again, why would he need to know anything about her when he had a direct line to Vladimir Putin, who was calling the shots in his White House?

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It seems a day doesn’t go by when Trump isn’t revealing something embarrassing, horrifying, or incriminating about himself. And today is no exception. He continues to be a bundle of severely frayed nerves that are short-circuiting and threatening to ignite more hostilities and division. The sooner that he is indicted, prosecuted and convicted for his multitude of crimes, the better off our nation – and world – will be.

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  1. I get so tired of hearing “radical left and RINO” in the same breath. Before Trump, we had a government of checks and balances. That is a real democracy. But, now, Trump is so full of himself, he’s learned the art of persuasion and conning. What is just as sickening is that he’s conned so many politicians, radical domestic terrorists, and the general public into subservience. That leads to autocracy. And he won’t go away

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