WTF? Tucker Carlson Mocks Biden for Believing that He Won in 2020, Which, of Course, He Did

The descent into delusion is continuing at an increasingly rapid pace at Fox News. For the past sixteen months Fox has been obediently regurgitating Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.” Never mind that neither Trump nor Fox “News” has been able to produce a shred of evidence of their wild accusations. And they lost more than sixty court cases in their efforts to overturn the election and undermine democracy.

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Fox News. Tucker Carlson

On Wednesday evening Tucker Carlson unleashed another inane tirade aimed at disparaging President Biden and his decisive victory over Trump nearly a year and a half ago. Carlson has a unique talent for promulgating lies while making himself look like a jackass. And he was in rare form on this episode of his primetime propaganda program.

Carlson was triggered by an article in The Hill wherein Biden was reported to have told former President Obama that he intends to run for reelection in 2024, and that he would beat Trump again. That could not possibly be less controversial. Biden has been telling that to anyone who asked the same question for months. But to Carlson this was chum in the wingnut waters. He raged that…

Carlson: Joe Biden believes he’s the only one who can beat Donald Trump. Which, if nothing else, suggests Joe Biden believes he beat Donald Trump the first time.
Carlson (badly impersonating Biden): Hey guys, I got 81 million votes. Maybe I’ll get 500 billion next time.
Carlson: So how did Barack Obama respond to that? Well The Hill newspaper didn’t say. We do know that earlier this month Obama referred to Joe Biden as ‘Vice-President.’ So you can guess.

Seriously? Carlson appears to be downright stunned that Biden “believes” he defeated Trump in 2020. Of course, the only reason that Biden believes that is because it is unambiguously and certifiably true. Other than that, there is also the fact that even Republican governors, election officials, and judges have affirmed Biden’s victory – repeatedly! And we’ll just ignore Carlson’s inability to get Obama’s VP joke.

However, that doesn’t stop Carlson from humiliating himself by clinging to the “Big Lie” and mocking Biden for his adherence to, you know, reality. Which is especially ironic considering that Carlson was defended in court by Fox News against defamation charges by arguing that “no reasonable person” could possibly take him seriously. After all, this is the same guy who has distinguished himself with such notable commentaries as…

Advocating testicle tanning to forestall “The End of Men”


Why he is turned off by “less sexy,” “unappealing” cartoon M&Ms


Pleading to keep the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in power


Taking Russia’s side against Ukraine, America, and democracy


Spreading the conspiracy theory that the January 6th insurrection was an FBI “false flag” operation


Oh hell. That’s enough. This array of asshattery could go on forever. If Carlson wants to reside in a fantasy world where Trump didn’t lose the popular vote twice and never reached 50% approval, we should just let him.

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10 thoughts on “WTF? Tucker Carlson Mocks Biden for Believing that He Won in 2020, Which, of Course, He Did

  1. “If Carlson wants to reside in a fantasy world …”
    There’s a very special place for those living in fantasy world; a place with comforts of home, where he’d be waited on just as he’s used to & he can even call himself “King”, if he wants to. But it is NOT a newsroom (tho he can pretend it is)! He is a danger to us all, being on FauxSpews & his disease is contagious. Endangering the lives of others by spewing lies & vicious hatred to millions of weak-minded people who believe his BS & act on it, is NOT a ‘free speech right’ in USA. But in ‘special homes’, it’s allowed. That’s where he belongs. He’d make many new friends, for sure & be a danger to no one else.

    • “Never mind that neither Trump nor Fox “News” has been able to produce a shred of evidence of their wild accusations…”
      And they never will. Cuz’ they’re lies. In fact, the handful of proven cases of voter fraud in 2020 have ALL been Trump voters, including Trump’s own Chief of Staff! (That’s a 1st!) And, if not for FauxSpews, voters in GOP would know those facts. GOP leaders & electeds know the truth!

      17.5 months of lying about election… & 18mos since GOP’s violent attempt to overthrow democratically elected President & put their own asswipe criminal back in WH.
      Why, oh why, are those GOP traitors to USA, STILL in power, STILL on PAYROLL & STILL causing chaos, while right now, committing a slow-rolling COUP & passing laws AGAINST USA freedoms & democracy!?! They should be long gone ~ expelled from Congress, from our gov’t period!! They have NO right or business, STILL being in any position of power in our gov’t!! We will pay stiff price for allowing such traitors to remain!

  2. I am personally beyond sick of these excrement munching Republicans and that slouchy Carlson Tucker harping about the damn HUGE LIE that the election was stolen. These people evidently have an IQ of 40 or less. These traitors not only should be gone and expelled from Congress, they should be spending the rest of their sorry no good lives in a maximum security asylum for the criminally insane. if i were in charge, the penalties would be much more severe than that. if they want Fascism i would love to see them all rounded up and sent to Russia (including TUMP) so they could all keep their mouths attached to Putin’s nasty rear end and live happily ever after. I just wish those nut jobs would go and leave us the hell alone!!!
    Lastly, i got an email today from the ” Social Security Works” web-site saying that asshat Mitt Romney has introduced a bill for fast tract cuts to Social Security and Medicare to address the inflation problem. That is about the dumbest thing i have read in a long time. That just shows he is just a big bunghole like the rest of the Republicans. I just can’t express how much i despise these corrupt. lying SOB’s. They are always going after the old and disabled folks. I propose they cut all of Congress critters salary to solve the inflation problem. Their salary comes from the US Treasury just like Social Security does….to hell with damn Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like the idea of cutting Congress’ salary (+ many perks & staff) ~ after all, Congress is too well paid to relate to us common folks…” The People”. They’ve long been overpaid for how little they get done to better this Country & our lives.
      What other job pays 6-figures, many free perks, actually working 3 days most weeks & have 20+ weeks of “recess”?? And what other job lets you decide on raises to your own salary?!? (Parties don’t fight about that!) I bet turnout for mid-term elections would greatly improve if WE, the ones paying them, voted on their raises! And they’d be reminded who it is they’re s’posed to work for!

      Which leads me to Romney’s stupid idea to cut Soc.Sec. & Medicare as worst answer ever to “inflation”:
      1) Does opposite of help; but has long been on GOP agenda to END Soc. Sec benefits! That’s what happens when a gov’t is of, by & for the wealthy… NOT “The People”!
      2) The problem is not “inflation”. The “inflation” is simply corporate greed, following the lead of grifter ex-prez & seeing that current leadership is unlikely to do anything to stop it. Added bonus: Blaming Biden for it helps Rethugs, friends of fat cats everywhere! Voters not too smart.
      3) We pay into OUR Soc. Sec. every paycheck, for our retirement years ~ some of us have been paying into it for 40+ years & they damn well better keep their sticky mitts off my money!! Again, they’re too far removed from working class Americans, massive numbers of whom haven’t been getting paid a “living wage”, let alone been able to “sock some away” for old age! Are we to go back to elderly having to eat cheap cat food cuz’ can’t afford groceries??! I’m old enuff to remember that; younger folks weren’t yet born.
      Any lawmaker who even mentions touching OUR S.S. or Medicare should be run out of town. Pronto!
      They’re not worthy to represent real Americans who work hard for their piddly wages!

      • Wow! your response to my comment was awesome! I paid into Social Security for 35 years and those dirty, rotten, low-down Rethuglicans had darn well be sure they keep their grubby hands off of mine. I have been getting SS benefits for 5 years now and even with the cost of living raises they have given, it’s still a bit of a struggle to get by now. If the company i worked for had not went out of business i wanted to work for 40 years or a little more. Companies in my area just do not want to hire an old white man like me. I just couldn’t buy a job in my area, It didn’t help that i worked for the only company with a Union in my area. This place i live in is about the most anti-union place i have ever seen.
        The GOP is hell bent on destroying everything the great Franklin D. Roosevelt accomplished with his ” New Deal” back in the early 1930’s. Social Security was included in the New Deal and Roosevelt once said, ” I have established a program that will help and support the old and disabled and a program that NO POLITICIAN will ever abolish” and he also said. ” i know Republicans hate me, but i will say to them, i welcome their hate!!!” Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers made the snide remark about the New Deal, they called it the ”JEW DEAL” that sounds just like something the Nazi, Fascist Republicans now would say, they are just that rotten and evil and consumed with hate.

  3. I think ol’ tuck is inspired by that ol’ Aussie ballad of the 70s: “Tan me balls when I’m dead, Fred. Tam me balls when I’m dead….”

  4. ? You are not alone; not by a long shot! GOP acts like they’re giving us a hand-out, doing us a favor… That’s OUR money that they’ve collected from workers, that they don’t want to give back as promised.
    Shame on them!!

    • (The ?mark at beginning was s’posed to be a thumbs-up.)

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