Trump Spokes-Shill Retweets Satirical Demand that ‘If We Can’t MAGA, Stay Home in November’

In the Wackified World of Donald Trump, the line between reality and farce has been irreparably blurred. Having set records for lying that will never be challenged, and establishing behavior that would embarrass a seven year old, the former reality TV game show host and twice impeached loser has permanently lowered the standards for participation in the allegedly modern Republican Party.

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Where it was once possible to differentiate between news and satire, it is now frighteningly easy to accept as fact the most inane and bizarre reports attributed to Trump. After all, Trump has already humiliated himself by professing his belief that stealth fighters are actually invisible, and that windmills cause cancer, and that we should nuke hurricanes, and that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID. Those are just a few of the indicators of the cognitive fitness of a self-described “stable genius.”

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On Friday morning Trump’s Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, provided additional evidence of his mental fracture, as if any more proof were needed. Harrington retweeted a post by a Twitter satirist who mocks Trump’s “Save America” messaging. The humorous version of a Trumpian statement said that…

“If the tough and freedom-loving candidates I’ve endorsed for Congress lose their primaries this summer, I invite all the Great MAGA Patriots to BOYCOTT the midterm elections in November. There’s no point in GOP majorities if Mitch McConnell is calling all the shots. Apparently he’s saying my candidates are crazy and unelectable, but he’s the biggest RINO in history! So we don’t want a Senate full of weak losers like Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, and their Menopausal Friends who won’t say the election was RIGGED. So if we can’t MAGA, stay home in November!”

For the record, the original tweet was posted by Halfway Post, a Twitter user whose profile says that they do “Dada journalism, satire & liberal comedy by @DashMacIntyre. I don’t report the facts, I improve them. My book: ‘SATIRE IN THE TRUMP YEARS'”. So it is, by definition, comedy, not disinformation.

The problem with Trump having his mouthpiece post this comical comment, in the way that she did, is that there is no way to ascertain that it is satire. It reeks of genuine Trumpiness. What part of that tweet could not be credibly attributed to Trump? His criticism of McConnell, Pence, Romney, and other “RINOs”, along with his bitter misogyny and fixation on the 2020 election, are hallmarks of Trump’s rancid rhetoric. In fact, it is such an authentic recreation that it mirrors things that Trump has actually said. For instance…

OH NOES! Trump Threatens that If Election Fraud Isn’t Solved ‘Republicans Will Not Be Voting”

Harrington’s caption of the satirical tweet merely said “Oh look, they’re spreading disinformation again.” She didn’t say who “they” are, or even what the disinformation was. Anyone not paying close attention might easily come away thinking that the retweet was actually Trump’s message. And when have Trump’s cult followers ever been known (or able) to pay close attention to anything?

It’s also hysterically ironic whenever Trump or his flunkies dare to accuse others of spreading disinformation. That’s Trump’s thing. He does it virtually every day. And like other cult leaders before him, his devotees believe every word of it. If we’re lucky they will believe that this tweet is Trump’s actual comment and take his advice. And since he’s said the same thing in all seriousness before, they would still be fulfilling his demands.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Spokes-Shill Retweets Satirical Demand that ‘If We Can’t MAGA, Stay Home in November’

  1. Let’s hope that Trump’s sycophants find this tweet from Liz Harrington is Trump’s comment and DON’T go to vote.In the meantime, this MAGA (Make America Great Again) is pathetic. We WERE great, until Donald Trump graced us with his presence. Causing so much violence in political outlook and government.And, this never-ceasing use of the word PATRIOT. In Trump’s world, that’s anyone who believes Trump is their leader. I, myself, receive daily emails from the RNC, Be a PATRIOT. Join PRESIDENT Trump, emphasis on PATRIOT and PRESIDENT. These people are mentally retarded. I, myself, am probably an Independent. But I have never and would never vote for Trump. Will go with Biden’s “Build Back Better”.

    • Figures that Trump’s people wouldn’t ‘get’ satire ~ neither does Trump. Hard to see the joke when you are the joke. Satire is for thinking people. Trump’s GOP & his “cult of idiocity” aren’t deep thinkers ~ in fact, am pretty sure I’ve stepped in puddles deeper than they are.

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