Now Trump is Calling the January 6th Insurrection ‘a Hoax…Just Like Russia Russia Russia’

There is a disturbingly impressive capacity for delusion among the the cult followers of Donald Trump, also known as the Republican Party. Like any other cult, they revere Dear Leader unwaveringly, and believe everything he says, no matter how bizarre and disconnected from reality.

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Donald Trump, QAnon, Dictator

On Saturday Trump held another of his traveling salivation shows. This one was in Wyoming where Trump is trying to oust Rep. Liz Cheney, a fellow Republican who he has declared insufficiently worshipful. Cheney committed the deadly sin of recognizing that Joe Biden obviously won the 2020 presidential election, and that Trump’s attempts to undermine democracy deserved a fair hearing and legal sanctions if criminality is proven.

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Trump’s address in Wyoming, like nearly all of his public rants, was a rehashing of the tedious playlist that he regurgitates on auto-spew. So naturally he devoted significant time to his obsession with the allegations of voter fraud for which he has been unable to provide a shred of evidence after sixteen months, more than sixty court challenges, and a new crocumentary by an actual felon who was convicted of voter fraud.

What was new at this event was that Trump expanded his list of verifiable occurrences that he considers to be a hoax. In addition to his first impeachment, his second impeachment, his extortion of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, the COVID-19 virus, the Mueller Report, climate change, the 2020 presidential election results, and his well-documented connections to Russia, Trump is now adding the January 6th insurrection. He repeatedly made the claim that it was a hoax in Wyoming saying that…

“[Russia] was a hoax. And now they’re doing it again with the January 6th.”

“As one of the nation’s leading proponents of the insurrection hoax, Liz Cheney has pushed a grotesquely false, fabricated, hysterical, partisan narrative. And that was the narrative of the day.”

“Now you look at the so called word insurrection. January 6th. What a lot of crap. And most of this country knows it. And you know who else knows it? The Democrats. It’s another con job just like Russia Russia Russia. This was made up by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. A total fake story.”

So now Trump wants his glassy-eyed disciples to believe that the riots on Capitol Hill that everyone saw on live television, never actually happened. He has previously tried to gaslight his gullible groupies by saying that the rioters were merely peaceful protesters, or vacationing tourists, or even clandestine operatives working for Antifa and/or the FBI. But this appears to be the first time he has denied its existence.

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Trump may have a difficult time selling this notion that the insurrection was a hoax to the populace at large. According to a recent Pew Research survey, 67% of the American people – including 41% of Republicans – said that Trump bears some or a lot of responsibility for the violence and destruction committed by some of his supporters when they broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

Nevertheless, Trump will keep trying to peddle his pathetic lies. And his narrow assembly of Deplorables will eagerly lap it up. And as long as Trump can continue to fleece his flock, he will be satisfied. That’s the way of the Grifter.

UPDATE 6/8/2022: On Fox News, Lara Trump also calls the January 6th insurrection a hoax.

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5 thoughts on “Now Trump is Calling the January 6th Insurrection ‘a Hoax…Just Like Russia Russia Russia’

  1. Isn’t there some way to shut this MF up?? This SOB TUMP lives in a fictional realm, the deranged, delusional, and irrational things he says makes no kind of sense. He goes on about everything that he doesn’t like and tells his equally delusional followers that everything against him is a HOAX. TUMP himself is a huge HOAX!! He is a terrible freak of nature that should be locked up in cage and never be let out again ever!! Him and other Rethugs come up with their slogans such as,, ”Save America” ”Take back our Government” ? That’s just blatant projection on their part, it’s also pure ignorance on their part. The truth behind those silly slogans really should read,,, ” Destroy America” and ” Overthrow our Government” They are experts in that as they have almost destroyed and attempted the ”Overthrow our Government” thing already….. see Jan 6, 2021 on that one….I never thought the United States would have so many ignorant people as the ones that support these crazed, delusional, psychopaths that is called the Rethuglican Party. It’s outrageous and maddening to me personally…………..Go to vote like your lives depended on it, if those lunatic Rethugs retake leadership we are all in big trouble..

  2. Trump over-enjoys the power he has over a certain segment of America ~ his cult of idiocity. He keeps coming up with absolutely ridiculous shit to say, as if it were real, looking to see if there are ANY boundaries to what his cult will believe ~ any limit to what they’ll lap up & repeat. There is none! And that should call into question the mental viability of his cult followers! Should they be out on the streets with rest of us? Should they be raising children? Should they be on the loose in society if they truly believe all that shit? How many are doctors, for example, or other positions of great responsibility? I have to go to alot of drs & have found some who make very poor decisions that cause me harm, or do not listen & it has same outcome. I have to wonder if those who do believe & support Trump should maybe be on a master list, so their names are known & we can be aware that their minds should not be trusted! If they are part of Trump’s cult, I don’t trust their judgement at all & sure as hell don’t want them making decisions that affect my health, my life!!

  3. What Trump claimed true at that rally ~ that the angry, violent mob of his supporters, sent by him, busting into the Capitol, “looking for blood”, on Jan.6th ~ vandalizing, destroying, injuring & causing deaths…all of it broadcast live on TV…for Trump to now claim it was a “hoax” — like “Russia” & everything else Trump claims is a hoax, but we know was not a hoax — Trump’s claiming 1-6-21 to be a “hoax” SHOULD DISQUALIFY HIM FROM EVER HOLDING OFFICE AGAIN! PERIOD. (The End!)
    1) He is telling biggest lie of all, knowingly, since he’s the guy who instigated it (with pals) & who watched it unfold live on TV, like millions of us did… Now, LYING that it did not even happen…..OR…..
    2) He is SO psychotic, so mentally deranged, that he actually believes it fid not happen…
    IN EITHER CASE…he has just proven, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that he is 100% totally unfit to EVER hold office again! Especially to ever set foot in the White House! He is now disqualified from holding office, no matter which of those reasons it is. He is a clear & present danger to society & should be locked away where he can do no more harm! Such a person simply CANNOT be U.S. President!!!
    Anyone who would still vote for that man to be President should be locked up too, for they are also a danger to society & to our Country!

  4. I suspect the five bankruptcies were hoaxes too. There seems to be a pattern.

    • Yep. Classic Narcissist pattern. Nothing is ever their fault cuz’ they are always perfect in all things. No mistakes. Never wrong. Never sorry. Always perfectly perfect. Everything is the fault of someone or something else. They are mere victim of these things. They’re the biggest, brightest & best at everything they do. They are smarter than all others – just born that way, I guess, cuz’ sure don’t put any effort into bettering themselves! Why would they? Already so perfect.
      Makes me sick! Married to Covert Narcissist ~ he wasn’t always that way. Willing to be convinced by his mother tho. Impossible to deal with true Narcissists… it’s more than huge ego, more than self-absorbed, & “me 1st” doesn’t begin to cover it! It’s a mental illness (which of course they can’t have, cuz’ would not be ‘perfect’ then, would they?!).

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