Insurrectionist Trump Toady Mo Brooks Warns that Guns Are Needed to ‘Take Back Our Government’

In the wake of the tragic massacre in Uvalde, Texas, the debate over how to prevent future such atrocities rages on in Congress and in the press. And as is common during these debates, there is an over abundance of hypocrisy, hyperbole and flagrant dishonesty.

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Donald Trump Insurrection

Among the more repugnant reactions to this mass shooting at an elementary school is the one taken by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Trumpist) of Alabama. Brooks is currently locked in tight Republican primary race for the Senate. Consequently, he is exploiting every opportunity to grab media exposure to offset the fact that he was recently un-endorsed by Donald Trump because “he went woke” by suggesting that Republicans should put the 2020 election behind them.

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Brooks, it should be noted, is not retracting his support for the “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged,” or altering his view that “Trump was robbed.” He’s just making a political judgment that moving on would benefit GOP candidates. And if there were any doubt about his devotion to the insurrection that he helped to incite on January 6, 2021, Brooks removed it during an appearance on Fox News Sunday:

Sandra Smith: Would you support any changes to the current gun laws on the books?
Brooks: Let’s, for emphasis, understand what the 2nd Amendment is about. The 2nd Amendment is designed to help ensure that we, the citizenry, always have the right to take back our government should it become dictatorial. That was a great fear of the Founding Fathers and, quite frankly, it’s a fear today. And as long as we enjoy uninfringed Second Amendment rights then we don’t really have to worry that much about the government ever becoming dictatorial. But the moment that we take from our citizenry our ability to take our government back is the moment that the ability of dictatorial forces increases to the point where perhaps they will try to implement a dictatorial government at the federal level.

Like every other right-wing 2nd Amendment fetishist and NRA-Theist, Brooks is misinterpreting what the amendment means. It had nothing to do with rising up against the U.S. government. It was intended to ensure that citizens could arm themselves, as part of a “well regulated militia,” to defend the U.S. against foreign invaders.

What Brooks is advocating is the violent overthrow of the U.S. government in the event that he and his neo-fascist confederates disapprove of the democratic will of the American people. In other words… Insurrection! He’s proposing that seditionists take up arms against the U.S. military and fellow citizens.

This is, unfortunately, not the only ultra-idiotic opinion about guns that is emanating from the radical right. For instance…

As for Brooks, his persistent advocacy of insurrection could result in his being prohibited from holding elective office. A recent ruling by a federal appeals court found that “Candidates who take part in an insurrection may be barred from holding public office under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.” Upholding that ruling would go a long way toward ensuring that Trump’s brand of treason and tyranny does not threaten the principles that actually did make America great.

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2 thoughts on “Insurrectionist Trump Toady Mo Brooks Warns that Guns Are Needed to ‘Take Back Our Government’

  1. Take the government back from who? That’s right from those who beat you in democratic elections. I’m sure Brooks thinks the only elections that are legitimate are ones they don’t lose. In other words he wants to implement a one party fascist rule by force. Fascism 101. You can’t get more anti-freedom, anti-American and anti-democratic than that. He and his ilk are the enemies of America! We have to hold these traitors accountable!

  2. A well regulated doesn’t kill children.

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