Fox News Senior Political Analyst Says January 6th Hearings Could Help GOP By Thumping Trump

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump has so far conducted two sessions that have already produced devastating evidence of criminal malfeasance by the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host. And while Fox News refused to air the first session live, They did succumb to pressure and covered the second session.

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The revelations of Trump’s anti-American sedition disclosed so far include that many of his closest White House and campaign staffers tried in vain to coax him off the ledge of crazy election fraud claims that he knew were not true. His Attorney General, Bill Barr, called such claims “bullshit.” And both documents and testimony exposed Trump’s financial corruption wherein he repeatedly lied to his gullible cult followers in order to fleece them for donations that he said were intended for an “Election Defense Fund” that never actually existed.

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Unsurprisingly, most of the post-hearing commentary on Fox News was stridently hostile toward the Committee, its members, and its mission. Their primetime roster of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham, all either disparaged or belittled the proceedings. However, there were a couple of uncharacteristically honest moments that managed to slither out from the avalanche of Trump-fluffing propaganda. One of those moments came when Fox’s Senior Political Analyst, Brit Hume, told anchor Bret Baier that…

“What strikes me about this, Bret, is that if they succeed ? either by damaging him or staining him such that he is either unable for legal or political reasons to run again ? they might end up finding out that they’ve done the Republican Party a great service. Because I think a great many Republicans think they can’t win with Trump at the head of the ticket again.

“They’re afraid of his supporters and don’t want to come out against him directly. But they’d like him to go away. If the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidacy go away, I think a great many Republicans would privately be very glad.”

That’s a rare admission by someone on Fox News that Trump is actually an albatross around the red neck of a Republican Party that both hates and fears him. Hume is also conceding that Trump could be guilty of crimes that would forestall his becoming a candidate in 2024. And he is confirming that a significant faction of the GOP believe that Trump would lose – again – were he to be the Party’s nominee.

There is a reasonable argument to be made that Hume is right that dumping Trump would would be a boon to the GOP in 2024. However, that is not by any any stretch of the imagination a foregone conclusion. First of of all, it presumes that a different nominee would be less schizoid that Trump. And judging by their bench (Ron DeSantis, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, etc.), that’s a highly speculative presumption. Secondly, whatever non-Trump candidate would replace him would suffer from the fact that Trump’s disciples might tend to stay home if their messiah isn’t on the ballot.

Furthermore, the hearings now in progress have the potential to do serious damage to more than just Trump. The entire Republican Party has been shown to be complicit in his illicit behavior. And a great deal of that is being played out on television via these hearings, which have garnered huge ratings with an audience exceeding 20 million.

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In addition to Hume’s remarks, the Fox news audience was also treated to the opinion of Democratic consultant and Fox News contributor, Marie Harf, who said that…

“The testimony this morning paints a picture of a president who is hearing from all his top advisers – not all, many of his top advisers, the ‘normal team,’ as Bill Stepien called them – that his claims were outrageous. They were B.S. They were not based in any fact. And yet he went out to his supporters and told them they were true, encouraged them, lit this match. Encouraged people to believe these BS allegations. He asked them for money to help in his legal cases. He gave them a false sense of hope, and that culminated, as I think the Committee will get to, in what we saw on January 6th.

“So let’s take a step back from the process, from the inside baseball, who’s on the Committee and who isn’t. We saw a portrait of a president today who was increasingly at odds with reality. And that’s according to his own advisers, including people like Bill Barr.”

It will take a lot more of this type of truthful commentary to deprogram the brainwashed Fox News viewers. But the fact that these views are getting aired on Fox is validation of the Democrats decision to hold these hearings and to hold Trump and his cronies to account for their crimes. And they have only just begun.

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2 thoughts on “Fox News Senior Political Analyst Says January 6th Hearings Could Help GOP By Thumping Trump

  1. Hume may indeed be correct that NOT having Trump able to run in 2024, could be good for GOP…especially, since they’d blame it all on the Dems “witch hunt”, etc. So he’d be out of the running & they’d still be able to continue their ass-kissing & money-making off of Trump, with another topic for hating Dems & pitying Trump/GOP.
    That would be a bad side-effect, which would then be spun like cotton candy. (Fluffy stuff that’s so bad for you.)
    Hopefully, he takes the Party down with him, since they’re so willing to destroy democracy right along with him…to have the power they crave.
    Dems need to make sure whole thing isn’t boiled down (by Rethugs/media) to “they just hate Trump”, missing the BIG PIC… & huge fact that the whole Party [-2] CHOSE to lie/cheat/steal & corrupt our democracy WITH DJT!
    Dems need to pre-empt that, not respond afterwards. Need to paint the Party with same brush, since they’re all in this together & equally guilty in his sins against country/electorate.

    If Dem Party would be brave, bold, fearless & relentlessly outspoken about truth ~ you know, like Rethugs are with their lies ~ we may yet survive this inside attack on American democracy & principles. If the OG can’t muster up what it takes, then step back & let up & coming leaders in Party do it. They have the conviction & energy (& anger) to get the message, the facts & the point, out there & be heard. We really need that! Alot of that! Plus, inspire younger voters to GOTV!

  2. Hope you are right that the January 6 hearings Could help the GOP by Thumping Trump. But I’m reading that 100 or more are asking Trump. for his recommendation for election. We have a little while before November to go. Trump is a Crime Boss, always has been and always will be. He starts by brainwashing which he accomplishes by a con-job. He has plenty of practice. He has been a con artist his entire miserable life. Then he does a “divide and conquer” stirring up hatred between Republican and Democrat. You don’t believe me? Go on Quora and mention that you are a liberal, or better yet, that you are against Trump. Your replies will be flooded with hate. Don’t forget the violent insurrection. And Jan. 6 Committee mmbers have stated they cannot prosecute, only present evidence to the Justice System. Where are you, Merrick Garland?!

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