Trump’s Petty and Petulant Republican Party Plots Revenge Agenda if it Regains Power in 2022

If you were wondering what the Republican Party intends to do should they manage to obtain majorities in Congress later this year, they have helpfully provided voters with their roadmap for America’s future. It consists primarily of the wet dreams of their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, and his dystopian aspirations for autocracy and vengeance.

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Throughout the first half of the Biden administration Republicans have demonstrated that their only goal is to blindly oppose President Biden and the Democrats in Congress with knee-jerk solidarity. Never mind that Democrats have been offering broadly popular legislative solutions to the problems that Americans are most concerned about. So far the GOP has voted in lock-step against Democratic (and even some bipartisan) bills to mitigate inflation, halt price gouging by oil companies, increase the availability of baby formula, lower the price of insulin and other prescription drugs, restore privacy and reproductive choice rights, reduce child poverty, and protect citizens from gun violence.

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The Democratic record for the past year and a half has been one of principled service to the interests of the American people. For that they have been pilloried by Republicans who believe that their political interests, and those of wannabe dictator Donald Trump, come first. And just to make certain that the radical, self-serving GOP program isn’t misunderstood, they are announcing it publicly in explicit terms. As reported by CNN

“Trump’s fiercest acolytes have started to publicly push for hearings and probes into his baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 election — even as the select committee reveals an avalanche of testimony about how those lies incited a violent mob to attack the Capitol.” […]

“Aside from possible election-related inquiries, some of the GOP’s potential investigative targets include the origins of the novel coronavirus, particularly the laboratory leak theory that has gained steam in Republican circles; the bureaucratic decision-making behind Covid-related school closures and vaccine mandates; any business dealings involving President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter; the chaotic pullout from Afghanistan; and the border policies being overseen by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. […] there’s also been growing calls on the right for the GOP to use its firepower to rewrite the narrative on January 6.”

Seriously? The Republican Party is laser focused on Wuhan conspiracy theories and Hunter Biden? They think that’s a winning strategy for the midterms? Of course that can’t be all the GOP is planning. They will also be campaigning hard against Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ rights, and fair voting practices. And don’t be surprised if Hillary Clinton somehow makes it into their scammy schemes.

For his part, Trump is fully on board with this line of attack. He will be making his first return to Washington, D.C., later this month to deliver “a major policy speech” to the “America First Agenda Summit,” where it is reported that he will “lay out a vision for what his policy agenda could be in a second term if he runs for president again in 2024.” Does Trump know that 49% of Republicans don’t want him to run in 2024?

We can safely assume that the “vision” articulated in Trump’s address – like every other address he makes – will consist predominantly of whining and lying about having lost the 2020 presidential election, complaining about “fake” news, and casting childish insults at his perceived political foes, including insufficiently worshipful Republicans. It would be nice to see Trump greeted by thousands of protesters when he shows his orange face in the Capitol that he tried to plunder by violent insurrection.

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With this campaign contrived to foment fear and arouse anger in the Deplorable demographic, it’s hard to imagine how Democrats can’t prevail in November and beyond. But with the devotion of the GOP’s cult base, and the complicity of the right-wing propaganda apparatus (i.e. Fox News) nothing can be taken for granted. Democrats need to stay vigilant and engaged, and work as hard as ever to get out their message and their voters. The future of democracy literally rests upon it.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Petty and Petulant Republican Party Plots Revenge Agenda if it Regains Power in 2022

  1. Sorry, the Traitor Party does anything else?

  2. This Traitor, Fascist, Nazi. badly needs to be outlawed, banned, and dismantled, if they aren’t there is going to be chaos to the worst extremes. Something has to be done about these renegade criminals. Everything is so bought off and bribed by Big Corporations that we can’t do anything about it. The bought and paid for MSM certainly isn’t going to broadcast news that is detrimental to the Fascist, Nazi party. There are 2 DINO Senators that are aiding and abetting them. Oh, yes the Fascist, Nazi Supreme Kangaroo court will be right with them too.. All 6 of those in the court need to be impeached and serve time in prison too.. The USA has become one of the worst Nations in the World now. Throw Munchkin and Sin-Enema in prison too with life sentences. Both of them are despicable, criminals too. TRAITORS is what they are!!!!!!

    • And Sasquatch crossed with Shrek Ted Cruz hit the news again as he always tries to do. Roar and screech his views which mostly, to myself, have nothing to do with the law. But this time he aligned himself with Chief Justice Clarence Thomas whose wife Ginni is a Qanon. Thomas and Cruz are against gay marriage. I have friends who are in a gay marriage and are very happy. So some proven creep, Cruz, is going to try tear down their intimate relationship?

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