Trump Whines that Pulitzer Won’t Rescind Awards for Stories on Russian Election Interference

Poor baby Donald Trump continues to be distraught by the audacity of the Pulitzer Board honoring accurate reporting by the Washington Post and the New York Times. These news organizations received the coveted awards due to their detailed coverage of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election that was welcomed and encouraged by Trump.

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On Monday the Pulitzer Board released the results of an independent review of the awards that was prompted by Trump’s wholly unfounded complaints. In their statement they said that…

“The Pulitzer Prize Board has an established, formal process by which complaints against winning entries are carefully reviewed. In the last three years, the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries, including from former President Donald Trump, about submissions from The New York Times and The Washington Post on Russian interference in the U.S. election and its connections to the Trump campaign–submissions that jointly won the 2018 National Reporting prize.

“These inquiries prompted the Pulitzer Board to commission two independent reviews of the work submitted by those organizations to our National Reporting competition. Both reviews were conducted by individuals with no connection to the institutions whose work was under examination, nor any connection to each other. The separate reviews converged in their conclusions: that no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.

Naturally, this announcement triggered another Trump temper tantrum. He gave a response to Fox News (of course) that was typically hostile, self-serving, tediously rambling, and littered with lies. He said that the Board had lost “any shred of credibility” and accused them of “running Cover” for “fake news” and the “Russia Russia Russia collusion hoax.” He wrapped up his rant saying that…

“The only way The New York Times and The Washington Post should get a possible Pulitzer Prize would be in a new category—disinformation, for helping to perpetrate a false story created and peddled by Crooked Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and certain lowlife Democrats.

“The truth is that the 2018 Pulitzer Prize was handed out for reporting that merely parroted political disinformation—disinformation that we know was fabricated by foreign operatives and my political opponents. […] Instead, they hide their supposed ‘independent investigations’ in a veil of secrecy, so the public cannot know the truth. I will continue doing everything possible to right the wrong caused by the 2018 Pulitzer Prize.”

Needless to say, the stories by the Post and the Times were not “created” by Clinton or any other Democrat. They were deeply probed and well-sourced articles that infuriate Trump precisely because they are true.

Following the original announcement of the awards in 2018, Trump lashed out at the Pulitzer Board and impotently demanded that the awards be rescinded. Never mind that there is abundant evidence of the Trump campaign’s numerous unsavory connections to Russia. Much of it is catalogued in the book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. Trump followed up that outburst with the threat of an equally preposterous lawsuit against the Pulitzers

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For the record, the award winning stories that are tormenting Trump actually revealed how deeply his interests, and those of his campaign, were intertwined with those of Vladimir Putin. When asked directly at a press conference, with Trump standing next to him, Putin admitted that he wanted Trump to win and had helped him do so.

Furthermore, the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller before Congress explicitly affirmed that his investigation did not exonerate Trump. To the contrary, he said that Trump and his campaign “welcomed and encouraged” Russian interference, and that there was evidence that Trump could be indicted, but for a ridiculous Justice Department policy of not charging sitting presidents. Mueller also found multiple incidents of obstruction of justice.

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Trump’s hysterical fury over the Pulitzer Awards is another example of his obsessive compulsion to distort reality into a fantastical reflection of his delusions. Unfortunately for Trump, he’s only fooling himself and the small and shrinking cadre of cultists who continue to cling to his messianic madness. It’s the same lunacy that causes him to invent numerous awards to himself:

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