Fox News Legal ‘Expert’ Thinks that ‘Trial of Your Peers’ Means a Jury of All Trump Toadies

The Trump-fluffers at Fox News are clearly starting to worry about the fate of their Dear Leader Donald Trump. They are beginning to shift their propaganda from malicious mockery of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Trump, to outright contempt for the American justice system.

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There is no clearer sign that Fox News is worried about Trump’s legal peril than their frantic criticism of the courts that will hear his cases. They appear to be accepting the likelihood that Trump will be indicted and that he will have to face a judge and jury to account for his multitude of crimes that run the gamut from financial fraud to sedition.

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Mark Levin is a weekend Fox News host who was once an attorney. He served as chief of staff to disgraced Reagan Attorney General, Edwin Meese. His Fox program is a weekly hour of lies and hate in the service of Trumpism. And this weeks episode was a perfect example of just how low this shameless sycophant will go. In a segment devoted to absolving Trump of any wrongdoing, Levin unleashed a bizarre mangling of legal analysis, saying that…

“If you have a trial and the jury is made up of individuals out of a pool of overwhelmingly partisan Democrats who voted for the opposition – who either voted for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden – and you have a former president or his surrogates facing that jury, how in the hell are they gonna get a fair trial?

“This whole thing is rigged. It’s a disgrace. From this Committee, to the U.S. Attorney, to the Attorney General of the United States, to the so-called Justice process in Washington, D.C. Why don’t they hold it, if they’re gonna hold it anywhere else, in Utah, or Idaho, or some place like that? No, that would never happen.”

It’s hard to imagine that this cretin ever practiced law. He has no idea what the concept of a “jury of your peers” means. Apparently Levin believes that a defendant should be allowed to select his jurors based on their affinity for the defendant. That’s why the only place he thinks Trump could get a fair trial is in a place like Idaho. That’s not how it works. A jury of peers, in this context, means members of the community where the crime took place. It doesn’t mean a group of those who voted for you.

It isn’t a coincidence that Levin, in his criticism of the justice system, is parroting the language that Trump uses. He asserts, without evidence, that it is “rigged” and a “disgrace.” You could easily mistake his complaints for any random Trump rant about the 2020 presidential election that he lost. And despite Levin’s whining about this trumped up travesty of justice, you know that he would be outraged if a Democrat insisted that a trial be moved to a precinct of lefties in a staunchly blue state.

Levin followed up that perversion of legal principles with an interview of the Chair of the House Republican Conference, Elise Stefanik. Her grasp of the law was no better than Levin’s In the suck-up interview, Stefanik recklessly accused President Biden and his family of being criminals, despite not having a shred of evidence to back up that charge:

“You have the entire Joe Biden family profiting personally off of Joe Biden’s position when he was a sitting vice-president. That is unacceptable in America and imagine if the Republicans ever did that? Democrats would be investigating every aspect of that. And yet in this case they look the other way on all these shameful, shameless, and illegal controversies of Hunter Biden.”

Once again, neither Stefanik, nor any other Republican shill, can produce any proof of any crime by the Bidens. They just relentlessly repeat the allegation in the hope that it sticks and tarnishes their reputations. And the gall of her invitation to “imagine if the Republicans ever did that,” is mind-boggling, considering all of the documented financial improprieties of Trump, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka. They were actually prohibited by law from running any charities in New York after being found to have robbed their phony foundation to line their own pockets.

Stefanik went on to disparage the January 6th Committee, which she called (of course) a “witch hunt.” And she complained that Republicans had no ability to appoint members to the Committee, which is a blatant lie. They chose not to appoint any members so that they could later pretend that the Committee was partisan.

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There is an unmistakable stench of defeat in how Fox News and the Republican Party are reconfiguring their strategy to account for the likelihood of Trump indictments. They know that he’s guilty and they are scrambling to find a way to spin it. But the only thing that they are succeeding in doing is to make Trump look more guilty, and themselves more ignorant and desperate.

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