GUILTY Steve Bannon Only Has One Disappointment? And It’s Apparently that He’s a Flaming Moron

Justice was served Friday morning when Donald Trump’s former campaign boss and White House advisor, “Sloppy” Steve Bannon was found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress. It was a pretty open-and-shut case considering that Bannon didn’t even offer a defense for his having refused to comply with lawful subpoenas.

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Following the verdict, Bannon gave a statement outside of the courthouse, which has been his practice for the past few days that the trial has been in progress. And true to form, Bannon merely unleashed his incoherent rage in bursts of insults and nonsense. After disingenuously “thanking” the jury that convicted him for “whatever they did,” Bannon babbled…

“I only have one disappointment. And that is the gutless members of that show trial committee, the J6 committee, didn’t have the guts to come down here and testify in open court.”

REALLY? Who wants to tell Bannon that the members of the House Select Committee investigating the insurrection that Trump incited, had no obligation to appear before that court? They had no relevant testimony to contribute. They weren’t even asked to show up. The crime that Bannon was charged with was his failure to comply with a lawful subpoena. The evidence of that was obvious and undisputed. Bannon even bragged about it.

Bannon is actually lucky that Committee members weren’t witnesses at his trial. It would only have made things worse for him as they could have supplied more testimony and documentation of his obvious guilt. And yet, he somehow believes that their absence is his sole disappointment? Yeah, right.

Furthermore, Bannon’s hysterical post-verdict venting was a display of Olympic-grade hypocrisy. It was, after all, Bannon who “didn’t have the guts” to “testify in open court” at his own trial. Nor did he have the guts to testify before the January 6th Committee in support of his almighty messiah Trump. Why is that all of Trump’s most devoted disciples have been too scared to take the oath and tell the truth about him? Which Trump has whined about, despite being the reason for it.

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It was Trump who pretended that he could grant executive privilege to potential witnesses so that they would not have to testify. But why would anyone want to prevent testimony from those who they allegedly believed would exonerate them? Even so, Trump eventually released Bannon from that imaginary constraint by waiving the privilege that he didn’t have to begin with. And Bannon still refused to comply with the subpoenas. The only “gutless” party in this matter is Bannon.

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However, Bannon has good reason to be afraid. His partner in crime, Trump’s former White House trade advisor, Peter Navarro, has already confessed to allegations associated with Trump’s seditious coup conspiracy, and explicitly named Bannon as a co-conspirator. And although Trump issued him a pardon, Bannon could still be liable for tangential crimes related to his border wall scam that ripped off Trump supporters.

Bannon is now directly challenging Rudy Giuliani for the title of Dumbest Trump-Fluffing Blowhard. And if Giuliani doesn’t make any more appearances fondling himself in Borat movies, Bannon may actually take the lead.

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  1. Where did this scumbag Bannon come from? Did TUMP find him on skid row or what? Just from looking at him it looks like he hasn’t bathed in year or so. Who does he think he is? If him and TUMP so happen to share the same jail cell, they would stink up the place so bad that it would have to be fumigated and guys in Hazmat suits would have to do the clean up. I hope this SOB goes to prison along many others involved with the Jan 6 insurrection. I hope they all rot in prison.

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