Eric Trump Admits on Fox News that the Trump Admin Interfered with Justice Department Business

The old adage that, if you give them enough rope they will hang themselves, has never been more apt than when applied to the Trump family. On Monday the FBI served a search warrant on Donald Trump’s Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago. And the mindlessly defensive responses have revealed boatload of info about the criminal proclivities of the former First Family.

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For his part, Donald Trump released an utterly inane statement that that only served to make him look more guilty. That was followed by hour after hour of Fox News hyperbolically insisting that civil war was imminent and/or the the world was coming to an end, simply because Trump might finally be being held accountable for his crimes.

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Now Eric Trump is contributing to the mess with another appearance on Fox News wherein he does more harm than good for himself and his father. He told Jesse Watters that…

“I know the White House as well anyone. I spent a lot of time there. I know the system. This did not happen without Joe Biden’s explicit approval. The White House approved of this. Mark my words. It will come out.

“I love to see the Press Secretary out there today, ‘We had no knowledge of this at all.’ Give me a break. A field office wouldn’t take … they wouldn’t even think of doing this without the sign-off of the President of the United States. This is raiding one of the most famous houses on planet Earth. One of the most famous people – probably the most famous person on planet Earth. Give me a break.”

Let’s just set aside the absurd assertion that Donald Trump is the “most famous person on planet Earth,” or that that has any relevance to his being the subject of a criminal investigation.

The more salient point is that Eric is confessing that during his father’s occupancy of the White House, it would be unheard of for an investigation to proceed without the President’s approval. That is, in fact, a serious violation of legal protocol. The Justice Department is supposed to be an independent agency that is run without the interference of political motivations.

However, according to Eric, who is bragging about his in depth grasp of how the system works, the Trump White House didn’t observe any such independence. Which explains Trump repeatedly firing his own attorneys general when they wouldn’t obey his corrupt orders.

Eric also mentioned that he doesn’t believe the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, when she says that President Biden had no prior knowledge of the FBI operation at Mar-a-Lago. Which is precisely how the system is actually supposed to work. But Eric’s remarks indicate that was not how it worked during the Trump administration.

Fox News is just as ill-informed as Eric Trump. At the daily press briefing on Tuesday, Fox’s Peter Doocy engaged in the following exchange with Jean-Pierre…

Doocy: Is this administration weaponizing the Justice Department and the FBI against political opponents?
Jean-Pierre: Peter, the President believes in the rule of law. The President believes in the Department of Justice…
Doocy (interrupting): That’s a yes or no.
Jean-Pierre: It’s a yes or no for you. I’m answering the question. You may not like it, but I’m answering the question…
Doocy (interrupting): [unintelligible]
Jean-Pierre: No…no. I’m answering the question. And I am telling you we are not going to comment on a criminal investigation. The President has been very clear. I’ve laid out what his thoughts were back on January 7, 2021, about how he saw the Department of Justice. And I’m just going to leave it there. We’re not going to comment from here, from this White House, on a criminal investigation that is currently happening.

Once again, that is precisely how these matter should be handled. For Doocy to badger Jean-Pierre to improperly blab about ongoing investigations proves that he is unfit for the position of a White House correspondent anywhere in the media. Well, anywhere except for Fox News where knowledge and professionalism are considered character flaws.

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At least we can be grateful that people like Eric Trump and Peter Doocy so freely demonstrate their ignorance and unfitness for roles in public life. It’s just unfortunate that they continue to have sway over the deplorables who think that Fox is a real news network.

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